Terror suspect claimed compensation payout for daughter’s bomb death

* The depravity of the Jihad-apes is  beyond comprehension: Another case of ‘He would never do a thing like that..’


By Graham Keeley in Madrid, Sunday Telegraph

According to the heart-rending account set out in his compensation claim, Abdennari Essebar was just another victim of the indiscriminate brutality of Islamic terrorism.

A Moroccan-born resident of Spain, his stepdaughter Sanae, 13, was one of dozens of Muslims killed in the al-Qaeda train bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004, which claimed 191 lives and left nearly 2,000 injured in Europe’s worst terrorist atrocity.

Awaiting trial: Abdennari Essebar is accused of terrorist activity

In his official statement to the authorities, Essebar, 41, told how he frantically searched for Sanae among the wounded in Madrid’s overflowing hospitals, only to learn that she had suffered fatal injuries.

Yet as officials in Madrid processed his claim for £267,000 – the standard award to parents who lost a child in the bombings – routine police checks devised to screen out fraudsters raised suspicions of a different kind. Leads thrown up during the frenzied manhunt for the bombers suggested that while Essebar might well have been a doting parent, he was also involved in the same kind of Islamic fanaticism that had claimed his stepdaughter’s life.

After investigations which included secretly tape-recording his telephone conversations, detectives arrested the former civil servant on suspicion of helping to recruit suicide bombers for the anti-American terror in Iraq.

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