Waleed Aly: Australia’s very own clone of Tariq Ramadan

Just in case you don’t know who Tariq Ramadan is: He is the grandson of the founder of the muslim brotherhood, Hassan al Banna.


The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Jihad

Daniel Pipes comments on Frere Tariq:


Waleed Aly is Australia’s very own clone of Tariq Ramadan. Slick and oily, he appears to be less primitive than Sheik Al Hilali or Sheik Omran or Feiz Mohammed.

As an indefatigable Da’wa-doctor, he is also a a master of kitman and taqiyya. On several occasions he was exposed as a disgusting hypocrite and bigot, and that puts him right in the spot where he belongs.

The Age, Australia’s version of the British rag Al Guardian, provides him with a forum for Islamic propaganda, which he eagerly abuses to advance Islamic causes and to smear those who expose the Islamic agenda.

Here he tells us about the ‘humanity of muslims’ in Rwanda that saved Hutu’s and Tutsi’s, who are now converting in droves to Islam. Then he’s spinning equivalence about the mafia and some Greek commies who shot a rocket into the American embassy last month. The Muhammedan thugs who paralyse France are ‘the children of North African migrants who rioted in Paris in 2005’- and he attacks Bat Y’eor, Daniel Pipes and of course Professor Raphael Israeli who just warned against having more like him.

‘Dehumanization’ causes jihad, he sez, and that is ‘very dangerous…’

Here’s your man in The Age:


Hatred in a head count
RWANDAN Muslims were once held in low esteem. They were traders in a land where farmers held prestige. Moreover they were socially and politically negligible, constituting roughly 5 per cent of the population, and largely confined to the unspectacular neighbourhood of Kigali. Then came the genocide of 1994 in which tribal violence between Hutus and Tutsis claimed 800,000 lives.

Churches became slaughterhouses. Some brave priests and nuns lost their lives trying to resist the genocide. Many others were complicit. Hutu Catholic pastors offered refuge to Tutsis, only to surrender them to Hutu death squads who massacred them in the pews, and even at the altar.

Meanwhile, Kigali was a sanctuary. Muslims, both Hutu and Tutsi, resolved that they would stand against the genocide. When Hutu militias surrounded the neighbourhood, Hutu Muslims refused to co-operate. They hid Tutsis — Muslim and Christian — in their homes and in their mosques. Now, Islam in Rwanda is booming. Masses of Christians, incapable of returning to the churches in which their families were slaughtered, sickened at the thought of praying next to those who massacred them and listening to priests who sanctioned it, have converted to Islam. Today, Muslims constitute around 15 per cent of the population.

* Fairytales or wishful thinking, Aly? Any evidence? Hmm, guess we’ll have to take your word for it. Unfortunately the word of a Muhammedan doesn’t count for much…

If we are to listen to visiting Israeli professor Raphael Israeli, Rwanda must now be heading for disaster. “When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems,” he contributed last week. For this, we are told the archetypal exhibit is France, where, thanks to a 10 per cent Muslim minority, “French people say they are strangers in their own country”. Violence flows from sizeable Muslim minorities as surely as breathing, apparently. But “if there is only 1 or 2 per cent they don’t dare to do it … they are drowned in the environment of non-Muslims and are better behaved”.

Sometimes a statement is so manifestly boneheaded it is difficult to know whether or not it is worthy of a response. So it is with Israeli’s unsolicited social commentary. “Greeks or Italians or Jews don’t use violence,” he blundered, as though the Mafia had never existed, and Revolutionary Struggle, an active Greek terrorist group, had not claimed responsibility for bombing the US embassy in Athens last month. Israeli either forgets or omits Dr Robert J. Goldstein, the American Jew convicted for plotting to blow up a Muslim educational centre with the stated aim being to “Kill all ‘rags’ — ZERO residual presence — maximum effect”. The capitals are Goldstein’s.

* Yes of course, Aly. You forgot to mention the KKK, the abortion clinic bombers and Tim McVeigh…

But stupidity can sometimes be dangerous, and one suspects Israeli’s comments are a case in point. Federal Liberal MP Bruce Baird was moved to issue a strong press release, denouncing them as “racist” and “obscene”. The Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council saw fit to repudiate them and cancel planned events featuring Israeli. The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies was more equivocal. It denounced the remarks on Friday, but the next day defended them in a letter to The Sydney Morning Herald, claiming Israeli had been misunderstood, Hilali-style.

* Right Aly, how do these pesky Jooozzz dare to apply Hilali-tactics. Did you expect them to come out leading the charge against the Muhammedan invasion?

Israeli’s comments matter because they are not as marginal as they are mad. His latest book, The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe, argues that an increasing Muslim demographic in Europe threatens that continent’s political and cultural integrity. “Every European with a right mind has every reason to be frightened,” he told The Jerusalem Post in January. This is an unoriginal appropriation of the “Eurabia” conspiracy thesis of Jewish writer Bat Ye’or: that Europe is evolving into a post-Judeo-Christian civilisation increasingly subjugated to the jihadi ideology of Muslim migrants.

In Europe, prominent intellectuals such as the historian Martin Gilbert have given this theory enthusiastic endorsement. In the US, it enjoys the ardent advocacy of public figures like Daniel Pipes, who has argued that the US should consider the internment of American Muslims as an option in the war on terror. Pipes is regularly consulted as an “expert” on Islam and Muslims, and was recently hosted in Australia by the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council.

* Gee Aly, a kuffar can’t possibly be an ‘expert’ on Islam, you have to be a member of the cult in order to understand it. Where did I hear that one before?

The fundamental danger at the heart of this discourse is that it is incapable of understanding Muslims as human beings. Every nuance of human psychology to which we refer when understanding criminal or antisocial behaviour is suddenly deemed irrelevant.

* Ah yes: The ‘humanity’ of Muslims! On display in 30+ jihad-theaters daily around the world! Aly, I’m starting to feel real fuzzy already!

Thus, the children of North African migrants who rioted in Paris in 2005 are understood solely as expressing their religious bigotry. Forget that the religiosity of these communities is almost non-existent. Forget that their ghettoes have formed over generations of unemployment and assimilationist exclusion from French society. The Muslim identity of the culprit explains all. They are equated with the London bombers, although their story has more in common with that of the Macquarie Fields riots that erupted in Sydney in 2005.

* ‘The children’ are grown men, Aly. I saw them with my own eyes. They are the soldiers of Allah. I heard them shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ when they were smashing up shops and cars and when they burned buses and businesses.

Such dehumanisation can be deadly. Bruce Baird asserted that Israeli exhibits “the same ideology that has underpinned the thousands of years of hatred targeted at Professor Israeli’s people, culminating in the Holocaust just 65 years ago”. That is not as far-fetched as it sounds. When you deprive people of their humanity, anything is possible. Today, we have Efraim Eitam, an MP in Israel’s National Union-National Religious Party bloc, demanding the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians in the West Bank. We have Rabbi Yousef Falay, who last year recommended that Israeli troops kill all Palestinian males over the age of 13 to ensure “no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation”.

* ‘Dangerous and Deadly’ Aly? Are you threatening your host country? ‘Thousands of years of hatred?’ Now where did that come from? Nah, don’t tell me: Could it be from the Koran where the Jooozzz are depicted as the ‘sons of monkeys and swine’ and ‘the vilest of creatures?

Yeah, tell me more Aly. I would like to know a little more about that hatred and where that comes from.

Israeli would probably repudiate such views. What may not occur to him and his supporters is that he gives them their foundation.

* Self-preservation is the first priority of any human being, Wally. What’s your message? You telling us to go back to sleep and don’t rock the boat?

Well, those who read the Age might just fall for it…


* Uhh, look what have we here: A letter from professor Israeli himself. Lets see what he has to say, shall we? 

Robbers of Reputation

By Raphael Israeli

We can do no better than to seek the insights of Shakespeare if we want to truly understand the importance of a man’s reputation. In Othello, Iago says to the Moor that he who steals his purse steals trash, but he who robs him of his good name makes him poor indeed.

I was invited to Australia as scholar-in-residence at The Shalom Institute because of my carefully built reputation over a lifetime as an academic, an author and a man who is cautious with his statements, but who bases his conclusions on the reflection of the meaning of data.

My books have been published throughout the world. I guard my reputation jealously through hard work and meticulous research. Yet the Australian Jewish News’ misrepresentation of remarks attributed to me has endangered my reputation, and now I am portrayed as a racist and an extremist.

But worse, much worse, than this is the way in which some of those who invited me to this country, and other Jewish community leaders have sought to distance themselves from me. When interviewed by media about my alleged remarks, some  community leaders didn’t ask whether or nor I’d been misquoted or misrepresented, but simply denied me thrice, telling the world that they vehemently disagreed with me and my statements. They were obviously more concerned about any damage that might be done to the reputation of the Jewish community, or to their relationship with the Islamic community, than they were about the truth.

So let me explain what happened when I was interviewed by the Australian Jewish News’ journalist. He wanted to speak to me, because I’m a Professor of Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and I have written a number of books about Muslim communities. My next book is about the Third Islamic Invasion of Europe.  (the first was the Arab conquest of Spain and Portugal; the second was the Ottoman invasion in the 16th Century; and the third is happening today with unchecked immigration and virulent Imams whipping up anti-Western sentiment and antisemitism).

The journalist asked me whether European nations should limit Muslim immigration, bearing in mind that France is now 10% Muslim and this is a pattern being followed in other nations. I said that limitation of unchecked immigration was becoming part of European policy. He asked whether this should be the case in Australia. I said that it should be the case where-ever Muslim immigration causes a problem. He pressed me. “Should Australia limit Muslim immigration?” and I replied, “Yes, if it’s a problem”.

Suddenly, having stated precisely what your Prime Minister and Treasurer have already said, and what is happening in a number of nations, I am branded a racist, an extremist, and a purveyor of hatred.

I am old and savvy enough to know the danger of reckless statements. But it is difficult to protect oneself against the misrepresentation of one’s words, not in their substance but in their context and in the fashion they were extracted from me, when they become a front page story, regardless of the damage to a man’s reputation.

What distressed me to my very core, however, was the way in which the Jewish Board of Deputies rushed to defend their reputations in the media, making  damaging statements about me and cancelling my many speaking engagements without doing me the courtesy of checking  thus depriving audiences in Australia and New Zealand of any insights I might have been able to share concerning my research into the question which is uppermost in Jewish Australians’ minds.

Guarding the reputation of the Australian Jewish community is of great importance; but so is dealing in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have been denied the support of my fellow Jews, on which I should have been able to rely. And worst of all, this incident is being viewed and considered around the Jewish world by those who might follow in my footsteps, and Jewish Australia’s reputation has been sadly diminished.

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  1. Incredible that Jeremy Jones who has worked diligently to close down the adelaide institute website and curtail the anrtisemitic activities of a tasmanian woman, should show such lack of spine in his interview on Ausralian TV.
    of course the politically correct way to limit islamic immigration, is to require applicants to hold high standards of education including the english language. John Howard ia already doing this.
    Boumedienne was talking about Europe and its greed for oil and middle eastern contracts, when he talked about the conquest throught the wombs of Muslim women. in the sixties.
    Is it paramount that any business conducted with the infidel should be accompanied by promoting Islamic conversion as a trading condition?
    Australia has little need for such poison laden business, so it does not have to yield to the offers of such poison fruit.

  2. I am sure all the Age readers fell for Aly, hook,line and sinker!

    This paper has become a disgrace: not only because it is left, but because it is unbalanced.

  3. Gramfan,
    Dual Citizenship
    It’s easy for politicians to say something but we have to show them they have support.
    I have a database of like minded people.
    My group will be sending letters to Kevin Andrews, Minister for Immigration. Who else would you suggest?

  4. farmgategirl

    glad you stopped by. I found this ‘blog which has some useful suggestions re your prevous post.


    I have no doubt that this dual citizenship issue is directly aimed at “you know who”.

    As to who else,, off the top of my head:

    Definitley high profile members of the Labor party!

    Bronwyn Bishop can make a bit of noise when it suits her. She has already called for “no hijabs” in school.
    Ruddock, Downer and Abbot are still around and worth sending to.
    Petro Georgiou as he can be a bit “iffy” now and then.
    Christopher Pyne as well for starters.Barnaby Joyce?
    I’ll think about it a bit more.

    Anyone else got some good ideas? Please add.

  5. am very poor student muslim and i want to complete my graduation in australia are they any muslim

  6. By the way, with regards to the quote from the Filipino general you have at the top of your website, it’s very obvious that you do not know about the history behind the conflict.

    I suggest you read up about the history of Moros – what you find will surprise. Read what the Filipino historian Karen Chin has to say about the conflict – she is Chinese and Christian but was born in the south.

    Trust me, far from the terrorists which you think they are, the facts will prove that they are the victims.

    I challenge you to read up and get yourself educated.

  7. Muslims are ALWAYS the victims.

    Whether they murder children in Beslan or fly jets in skyscrapers in NYC, whether they bomb Bali 1 +2 or Madrid, Moscow or London, Muslims are the victims. Whether they kill their own or they kill infidels in the south of Thailand, the Philippines, Darfur or Nigeria, Muslims are the victims. Since Muhammad went on jihad 1400 years ago. Its all ‘defensive warfare’- right?

  8. i like Walled Aly.
    this website is foolish and clearly preaching hate. many things on here cant even be backed up with evidence because its all bull.

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