Aid to Palestinians Fosters Culture of Dependency

Aid to Palestinians Fosters Culture of Dependency

A disturbing article in today’s New York Times (url at the end of the post) details what many have long known: that aid to the Palestinians, despite the embargo, is higher than last year; that the Palestinian territories were the third-largest recipients of aid from the United Nations, after Sudan and the Congo, and that the money does little good, and may actually be doing a great deal of damage, in terms of fostering a culture of dependency and eroding independent institutions. It’s really sad–the Palestinians have invested so much in a great p.r. machine, and the result is aid that will keep them as dependent on foreign aid as the Sudan. And perhaps as miserable.
–Wendy in Washington, D.C.

Read it all in The New York Times


JERUSALEM, March 20 — Despite the international embargo on aid to the Palestinian Authority since Hamas came to power a year ago, significantly more aid was delivered to the Palestinians in 2006 than in 2005, according to official figures from the United Nations, United States, European Union and International Monetary Fund.

While the United States and the European Union have led the boycott, they, too, provided more aid to the Palestinians in 2006 than 2005. Washington increased its aid to $468 million in 2006, from $400 million in 2005.

The whining cries of ‘crippling sanctions’:

In other words: The culture of death has been rewarded with bucket loads of jiziyah. The perverted and infiltrated ‘world-bodies’ like the EU and the UN are over-eager to pay tribute, to buy off and support our enemies, those who want to destroy  us, Israel and themselves. They siphon the wealth of their own civilized nations in order to support a cult of genocidal maniacs.

It won’t work.

2 thoughts on “Aid to Palestinians Fosters Culture of Dependency”

  1. This has to be the biggest waste of money in world history. I can’t think of a less deserving rabble than the palestinians-they contribute absolutely nothing to the world but take a great deal. We’d be better off to call them parasitians because they have a great deal in common with other creatures who take and take and give back nothing good in return-lice, tapeworms, locusts. Parasites one and all.

  2. What can I add but 100% agreement to the above?

    We are WASTING our money. I wish that it were possible to SUE our governments for gross misappropriation.

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