3 thoughts on “Death-cult Propaganda from Hamas:”

  1. Absolutely disgusting. Makes one think that the only way the world will finally be freed of this evil called Islam is through genocide. Yes that’s harsh but these crazies are bent on carrying out genocide themselves-against infidels and even against themselves. There’s no way these insane ones can be cured of this Islamic madness except through death.

  2. Absolutely outrageous.
    For the first half of the video, I thought it was a public service-type announcement. Of course, my western eyes could only see the sad child looking without understanding at his lunatic mother as she prepares for murder-suicide.
    But then half way through, the video takes a sharp turn and the child is proud and understanding of what mommy-dearest did and wants to follow in her footsteps to his final reward.
    The Islamist mind cannot be understood.

  3. Yeah I agree 100% with you islamforlosers, Islam is a very dangerous and dirty cancer that most be stopped for all our sake, all humankind sake, for our children sake, this insanity has to be put to a stop. We don’t have much of a choice to put it to a stop because it is us or them, give them exactly what they want is what I say.

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