Indonesian Jihadists get slap-on-the-wrist jail terms for schoolgirl beheadings

No surprises here:

Abu Bakr Bashir, the mastermind behind Bali one and two was out out in no time. Amrozi, brother Ali Imron, Samudra and Mukhlas have been sentenced to death but none of them has been executed. Instead, at least one of them was seen downtown Jakarta a while ago having Coffee at Starbucks. Will they ever be executed? Unlikely.

Islamic law mandates a lesser penalty for the killing of a non-Muslim than for the killing of a Muslim. A Christian who took revenge on some Muslims in Sulawesi recently was executed immediately. Westerners, Australians, caught with even minuscule amounts of drugs are dragged through the courts, which are no more than a corrupt circus designed to clean them out, totally. Excessive prison terms and execution await those who are naive or foolish enough to engage in the drug trade. What strikes me though is that our government officials talk as if we had to respect ‘their laws’ when we see such corruption and contempt not only for their own laws, but even more so for ours.


Here we are:

‘Moderate’ Indonesia, where a court just handed out appallingly light sentences to Islamic jihadists who beheaded three Christian schoolgirls:


“Indonesian militants get jail terms for beheadings,” from Reuters, with thanks to all who sent this in:

JAKARTA, March 21 (Reuters) – An Indonesian court jailed three Muslim militants on Wednesday for the beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls from religiously divided Central Sulawesi province.
Judges found the main defendant, Hasanuddin, guilty of masterminding the beheadings of the Christian girls in 2005 in Central Sulawesi’s Poso region and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

A separate bench sentenced Hasanuddin’s accomplices, Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano, to 14 years in prison.

Chief judge Binsar Siregar said Hasanuddin asked his accomplices to put the severed heads in plastic bags and place them outside Christian houses.

Hasanuddin scrawled a warning on a piece of paper saying: “A life for a life. A head for a head”, and put it in one of the bags, the judge said.

* Following you can see this despicable attempt by Reuters to justify it:

The attacks were aimed at avenging the killings of Muslims during the 1998-2001 inter-religious violence in Poso.


Charles from LGF has a take on this one as well:

Publius Pundit notes that there are currently Westerners under death sentence in Indonesia for drug smuggling.

10 thoughts on “Indonesian Jihadists get slap-on-the-wrist jail terms for schoolgirl beheadings”

  1. That is one hideous picture! How much more hideous is the mind of the perpetrator?

    How many of these beheadings from around the world will there be? How many have already happened that we don’t know about?

    And yet I read a muslim poster says on a ‘blog says mutilation isn’t allowed in islam.
    Indonesia is not a land of the just. But I think we all knew that.

  2. It takes a certain kind of sick mother to do something like that. That is why I favor killing rather than capturing jihadists. The savage beasts have no right to live in this world.

  3. Those bastards are savages, Islam has to be put to a stop, the world can’t just sit back and watch this barbaric insanity

  4. Those who commit such horrible crimes, regardless of their religious backgrounds, should be punished. As we know, fanatics on all sides are making the world a land of tears. Good people everywhere, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc. should all stand against the violence and bigotry that is being perpetrated by certain individuals.

  5. Well, It is halal to kill a kafir, infedels!
    Wheter they’re woman or kids, who care
    And if they’re hot, rape them first! Don’t waste a good chance pal

    Islam Rocks!!!

  6. I am so sick of Islamic Idiots doing hideous crimes in the name of their religion. I think these bastards should be executed in the same manor their crimes were commited. No mercy for muslim is there a good one out there???

  7. Mamad,you’re making the rest of the muslims look horrible.of course there are good muslims out there.just because of some extremist assholes doesn’t mean we’re all bout you go rape yourself Mamad.

  8. mamad,no,you can’t kill a non muslim for being a non muslim.why?cause you just can’t.

  9. mamad, By all rules governing intelligent beings you do not kill anyone for having a different belief system,!!! And you have just demonstrated why people like Haziq and Zul have an uphill battle to convince the majority non-muslim population that muslims are normal people. mamad, if you cannot learn to accept others, and especially non-muslims, as your equals then you are worth nothing and you will be dealt with as such, There is no more room in any religion for mindless fools like you. The world is infinitely larger than islam!!!! Three brave schoolgirls murdered for fun by people like you mamad – guess who the criminatl is!!!!!

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