Pauline Hanson and the Islamo-Christians

Andrew Bolt knocks Pauline Hanson over an article in the Herald Sun

in which she already cops a lot of flak over this:

PAULINE Hanson has invented a new religion where Muslims and Christians can pray together.

The former One Nation leader, who is having another tilt at politics, said she was wary of allowing Muslims to settle in Australia.

* Many of us are wary of Muslims settling in Australia

But she would welcome some Muslims, she said.

“There are Christian Muslims – there is no problems about that,” she told ABC radio yesterday.

“But if people believe in the way of life under the Koran, that concerns me greatly.”

* It does, Pauline. It concerns us all. But you have to learn about the Dhimmi’s, the poor wretched Islamo-Christians, like the Copts in Egypt and all those who still remain, who somehow managed to survive, in Islamic countries in slave-like conditions.

But Roland Jabbour, chairman of the Australian Arabic Council, said Ms Hanson had damaged Australia’s reputation.

“I think her comments are a reflection of someone who is totally ignorant,” he said. “It would be a sad day if she ever succeeded in gaining a seat in Parliament again.”

* Not at all Roland. Not at all.  Perhaps you should worry about ‘the image of Islam’ and less about Australia’s reputation. The great majority of Australians are no longer ignorant and want a reversal of Islamic infiltration.

* Andrew: Why be an ankle biter? You no longer believe in a fair go?

Germany: “In the name of the people: Beating allowed”

Cross out the ‘people’ and replace that with ‘Koran’: 

Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society

A recent ruling in Germany by a judge who cited the Koran underscores the dilemma the country faces in reconciling Western values with a growing immigrant population. A disturbing number of rulings are helping to create a parallel Muslim world in Germany that is welcoming to Islamic fundamentalists.

The reactions were fierce: In the middle of the storm, Christa Datz-Winter, a judge on Frankfurt’s family court, was speechless. But Bernhard Olp, a spokesman for the city’s municipal court, was quick to jump in. Olp reported that the judge had been under emotional stress stemming from a murder that had been committed in her office 10 years ago, and that she was now planning to take a break to recuperate. He also mentioned that she was “outraged” — not about herself or her scandalous ruling, but over the reactions the case has triggered.

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Professor For Sale: Western definition of “jihad” must be corrected — Italian “expert”

With thanks to Jihad Watch
From the ‘petro-dollars go a long way’ department:

Its not only the MESA-nostra that controls Middle Eastern studies in the US, its not only that creatures like Tariq Ramadan are permitted to spread their poison in Britain’s honored institutions of higher learning,  the John Esposito’s in Georgetown university who are all cashed up to confuse, to undermine and to prepare the ground for the spread of Islam.

The unholy alliance of left wing lunatics with totalitarian Islam attracts many, one of them an Italian professor, an ‘expert’ who tells us that ‘Jihad is nothing but inner struggle:’ 

“Western definition of “jihad” must be corrected — Italian expert,from the Kuwait National News Agency:

KUWAIT, March 29 (KUNA) — The definitions of “jihad” and “holy war” as presented by Western media need to be corrected if a true and undistorted image of Islam is be presented to the world, said Italian professor of Islamic culture Valeria Paicentini on Thursday. Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the visiting professor said, “Our media is distorting a lot Islam’s aspects and features … and this misunderstanding media has created can only be countered by looking closely at the true meanings of such terms as ‘jihad’ and ‘holy war’ in Islam.” It is a common misconception that “jihad” means “military action”, when in fact it translates to “effort” of which just one aspect is to do with taking action to defend oneself, she said.
The best way for Muslims to clear up this “misconception” would be for them to act upon the definition of jihad as spiritual struggle, and to take steps to counter actively the Muslims all over the world who are acting upon the “misconception” that jihad involves warfare against unbelievers.

Ironically, she said, “holy war” was a term introduced by the Vatican to “counter the Islamic wave” it feared would spread throughout Europe.

Sure. The Vatican invented those statements of Muhammad about fighting unbelievers until they convert or submit, and until Islam is dominant in the world.

Fortunately we have Sheik Yousef Al-Quaradwi’s statement here, who doesn’t beat around the bush and tell’s it how it is:

Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: “Civil Jihad” Won’t Abrogate Military Jihad 


At the fifth conference of the International Al-Quds Institute, held in Algeria, institute head Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi was asked whether his recent call for “civil jihad” in Palestine would influence people to give up the original jihad.

Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi answered, “We are not abolishing the military jihad with the civil jihad, but appropriate statements must be made in the appropriate setting. In another place I call for military jihad and even for martyrdom operations. In the eyes of some people, my blood is permitted because of this. But at the Al-Quds Institute, I call for civil jihad.”

Madness in Black

With thanks to Shiva from the ‘Illustrated P.I.G’



Alleged “brothel” owner abducted by female seminary students, forced to “repent” publicly, wear burqa 


Students in black burqas had seized a woman and several of her relatives from her home late Tuesday during an anti-vice campaign in the capital, taking the law into their own hands and embarrassing President Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s military-dominated government.The students are disciples of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, vice principal of the Jamia Hafsa seminary and a cleric at the adjoining Lal Masjid mosque. The mosque has a reputation for preaching hard-line Islam as well as links to an outlawed militant group accused in sectarian attacks on Shiite Muslims.


The seminary’s vice principal, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, warned of a “holy war” if the teachers were not released by 4:00 pm


Veiled female students of an Islamic seminary “Jamia Hafsa” hold bamboos as they chant slogans during a protest demanding the released of their teachers,




With no sign of police intervention to force her release, the woman, known as Aunty Shamim, was presented to reporters at the Jamia Hafsa seminary in Islamabad to meet Ghazi’s demand that she stop “spreading obscenity” in return for her freedom.

“I apologize for my past wrongdoing and I promise in the name of God that in future I will live like a pious person,” said Shamim, only her eyes and part of her nose visible beneath an all-enveloping burqa.

However, she said she had “threatened to become a Christian” over her treatment by the students.

“I don’t think Islam allows anyone to beat a woman and drag her through the streets like a dog,” she said, shortly before she was driven home in a car along with her daughter, daughter-in-law and 6-month-old granddaughter.

Critics say the government has not lived up to pledges to regulate Pakistan’s thousands of religious schools, even in the capital.

Some of the schools promote extremism and are a recruiting ground for jihadists fighting U.S. and NATO forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

The mosque’s students are already occupying Islamabad’s only children’s library in protest at plans to demolish the mosque for illegal encroachment on government land.

On Wednesday, authorities had detained two of the seminary’s female teachers and two male students for warning Islamabad stores not to sell “un-Islamic” music and movies.

The detentions triggered protests by hundreds of stick-wielding students, some of whom commandeered two police vehicles, clubbed a plainclothes officer and seized two policemen.

The police detainees and the two officers were released only after hours of negotiations.The incident has added to the pressures on Musharraf, who faces fierce criticism for suspending Pakistan’s top judge and growing skepticism in the United States _ his main sponsor _ about his efforts to combat Taliban and al-Qaida militants in the region along the Afghan border.

On Wednesday, pro-Taliban militants attacked a northwestern town in revenge for the police shootings of two men accused of trying to recruit teenagers from a nearby school for holy war, while Thursday saw a suicide attack on an army training base in an eastern town that killed one soldier.

The actions of the seminary students in Islamabad is “evidence of growing Talibanization in the country,” the liberal daily paper The News said in an editorial Thursday. “What’s disturbing is that this isn’t happening in some remote tribal region, but in the heart of the federal capital.”Amir Omar, a police officer at the station near the mosque, said police will move against those responsible for Shamim’s kidnapping.

He didn’t elaborate.

But Bint-e-Abdul Waheed, a spokeswoman for the seminary students, said their campaign will continue.”Shamim has given us information about some places where bad deeds are done. God willing, we will act against them if the government does not,” Waheed said.

Places of Worship? Ethiopian Muslims Beat Christian Evangelist to Death in Mosque

With thanks to LGF:

Our friends in the House of Saud have been spending billions to promote the Wahhabist strain of supremacist Islam in the Horn of Africa, and their efforts are bearing fruit in atrocities like this: Ethiopian Evangelist Beaten to Death by Militant Muslims.

On Monday afternoon Tedase and two female coworkers were conducting street evangelism on Merkato Street in Jimma, Southern Ethiopia. Merkato Street runs by a Wahabbi Mosque. As the team was walking by the Mosque, a group of Muslims exited the Mosque and began to run after them to confront them. Tedase’s female coworkers ran away from the mob but Tedase continued on. The Muslims caught up with Tedase, pulled him into the mosque, and savagely beat him to death. Sources from Jimma reported that Tedase was beaten with a calculated intention to kill him. This was no accident or case of mob frenzy getting out of control. His body was later taken to the hospital for an autopsy and he was buried Tuesday, March 27.

Our sources also reveal that Jimma Christians were conducting an evangelism campaign, and news of the outreach was spreading among Jimma residents as well as militant Muslim groups in the area. The Muslims that belonged to the Wahabbi sect purposefully beat Tedase to death as a message to Christians that they are ready to combat evangelism.

New Catmeat Mufti in Denmark: Women risk becoming a victim of an attack if they don’t adapt themselves, and wear a hijab.

Hmmm, perhaps the ‘right kind’ of burka is not so bad after all…?

Yes, lets all wear head scarves to please our Muslim masters, no doubt the nutroots would agree: In America there are already places where infidel women wear the hijab out of ‘solidarity’- in other places (Egypt, Iraq, Iran, even in some places in Malaysia and the Gulf states) infidel women are severely punished if they go uncovered.

Thanks to Sir Henry Morgan, who send this in:

Denmark: Women should stop tempting men

Every tenth man is sex-crazy. Women risk therefore becoming a victim of an attack if they don’t adapt themselves, and wear a hijab. That’s according to the new Danish imam, Mostafa Chendid, of the Islamic Society in Denmark (Islamisk Trossamfund). He thinks women must stop tempting men.

“Let me mention America. Every half a minute there’s a new rape there. When a women struts about, then it tempts the man.” The headscarf serves to protect her, Chendid emphasized to Weekend Aviser in a longer interview.

Click on the link and read it all…

Sometimes, it’s a man who kills himself in order to kill others — and his story is as important as any other story we can ever tell.

CNN: Removing Our “Chosen Ignorance” About Suicide Bombers, from the ‘missing the point’ department:

Utterly reeking with pomposity and self-importance, CNN’s Baghdad bureau chief gives us a look into the mindset of the mainstream media, in which the suicide bomber’s story is just as important as anyone else’s: Perry: A Baghdad bomb site everyone should see.

Watch Frank Zappa and ‘the slime from the video…’- its definitely not ‘out of context’…

Back in the bureau, the tape is edited into video so CNN anchor Kyra Phillips can start going live on the story. Her job is to simply tell the story of what happened to the world, so we can remove what I call “chosen ignorance.”

Everyone in the world should know what that room looked like. Once they see it, no one can ignore the reality of this situation. Kyra starts her live shots, showing the small snippets of video from the scene, and holding up a small ball bearing from the suicide bomber’s vest. The live shots go on for hours — as they should. Her voice is the voice for those who can no longer speak. …

All over the world, members of the news media choose to stand in horrible rooms or dangerous regions to act as megaphones. We tell the story of people who cannot tell their own. It’s not all refugee camps and starving kids. Sometimes, it’s a man who kills himself in order to kill others — and his story is as important as any other story we can ever tell.

* Yes. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Especially when the Islamonazi’s tell us ‘Freedom go to Hell’- in the perverted world of CNN, victims of Islamic terror and the terrorists are ‘equally important’…

The result of politically correct indoctrination and moral equivalence

Reality: Left is the victim of a home-made bomb filled with nuts and bolts.

On the right you have the leftovers of a true believer who is now lining up for the 72 virgins. Yes, in death we’re all the same…

Italy: Commie-Polit-prop Removes ‘The Battle of Lepanto’

President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the communist Fausto Bertinotti, has had removed a painting showing a scene from the Battle of Lepanto from the hall in which he receives visitors to this lower house of parliament.

Confronted with the matter, Bertinotti says it is a gesture of peace and dialogue, the painting’s title being “Naval battle between Christians and barbarians”, but an anonymous insider reveals it was done to avoid offending Muslims. 

The Battle of Lepanto took place on October 7, 1571. The Holy League, comprised of the Papal States, the Republic of Venice, Spain, Genoa, and others, defeated the Ottoman Turks in a decisive sea battle that significantly diminished the jihadists’ chances to subdue all of Europe. Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote (before Pierre Menard wrote it, that is), lost a hand in the battle, earning him the sobriquet el manco de Lepanto.

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