UK: Muslim schools to conduct own inspections

Private Muslim schools have been given the power to police themselves, despite widespread fears over religious segregation

Telegraph/UK thanx to Mullah

* Lets put convicts in charge of the prisons!

* Let criminals police themselves and do away with cops!

* Let businesspeople pay their taxes as they seem fit!

(Yes! Pleeeazze!!!!) 

Any other suggestions? Britains New Labor will take it all on board…


Proponents say faith schools need specialist inspectors


In a controversial move, they have won the right to appoint their own Ofsted-style inspectors. A new independent watchdog has been set up to be more “sensitive” toward Islamic education.

The decision comes despite concerns some private Muslim schools are already failing to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.

Barry Sheerman, the chairman of the Commons schools select committee, told MPs last month local councils were finding it “difficult to know what is going on in some faith schools – particularly Muslim schools”.

But religious leaders defended the move, saying the curriculum and religious traditions in faith schools demand specialist knowledge.

* That’s right: without proper Muhammedan indoctrination you can’t produce a proper fanatic…

Under present legislation, most state and private schools are inspected by Ofsted, the Government’s standards watchdog. The Association of Muslim Schools and the Christian Schools’ Trust applied to the Government to set up a separate inspectorate for a small number of private faith schools.

Read it all

* Ministers attacked over rural school closures


Engineering: the degree of choice for terrorists?

According to an Oxford University paper, many terrorists have an ‘engineer’s mindset’

The Jihad needs Bombmakers:

According to a working paper from the University of Oxford’s sociology department, it shouldn’t be biochemistry students the Home Office should worry about vetting for national security. It’s engineers.


Stirring Outrage & Hate: Iran invites all Islamic ambassadors in the Netherlands to meeting on Wilders film

THE HAGUE, 01/02/08 – Iranian Ambassador Ziaran intends to invite all Islamic ambassadors in the Netherlands for a meeting on Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders’ film on the Koran.


Geert Wilders

Ziaran met this week with the LBM, a new umbrella of Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands. On NOS Journaal, the daily TV news of public broadcaster NOS, he said he would organise a meeting with the ambassadors of Islamic countries shortly on the already-controversial film that Wilders has said he plans to air in March.

LBM, chaired by former leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) MP Mohammed Rabbae called on Ziaran to issue a message to the Iranian people not to react violently to the film, in which Wilders wants to portray the Koran as a fascist book. Ziaran could not guarantee that the streets of Tehran would remain calm.

* The usual doublespek and threats: ‘we can’t control our youth’- ‘we can’t be responsible for violent reactions…’

According to De Volkskrant, Ziaran warned the Netherlands that the lives of its troops in Afghanistan may be endangered by Wilders. The newspaper yesterday quoted him as saying that the Afghans would “regard the Dutch troops as representatives of people who besmirch the Koran”.

* It is time to see Muhammedans in the Netherlands for what they are!


Al Qaeda Chief meets Virgins

CAIRO, Egypt – An Islamist militant website has announced the death of the Al-Qaida commander in Afghanistan, Abu Laith al-Libi who appeared in several online video messages, according to a U.S. monitoring group.


* Unfortunately we have no details yet as to how he was exported…


Suicide Bomber kills 6 in Afghan Mosque

By NOOR KHAN, Associated Press Writer

A suicide bomber blew himself up Thursday in a mosque in southern Afghanistan, killing a deputy provincial governor and five other people in another blow to President Hamid Karzai’s U.S.-backed government.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which came as U.S. officials were warning that the six-year mission to stabilize Afghanistan faces a crisis due to Taliban resilience and weakening international resolve.

Pir Mohammad, deputy governor of Helmand province, was attending noon prayers at the mosque in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah when the bomber struck, according to police chief Mohammad Hussein Andiwal.

At least 18 people, including two children, were wounded by the blast, Andiwal said.

* The blast didn’t damage the mosque…



Childrens Playground in Vienna 325 Years Later:


Holy Shiite!

Muslims ‘let down by race law’

* You really can’t make this up: just in from WoJ operative Mullah:

Anti-Muslim prejudice is dealt with less seriously than other forms of discrimination, a university study found.

The Guardian (who else peddles bullshit like this?)

The research conducted at Bristol University examined 30 years of Government legislation and legal rulings to distinguish the difference between prejudice towards race, ethnicity and religion.


* New ‘Race’ Discovered! Islamic Science on the move!

*In the study, Dr Nasar Meer, research associate in the Department of Sociology at Bristol, found that Muslims are let down by race legislation because being a Muslim is recognised as a lifestyle choice or a “voluntary identity”.

* Let me take a wild guess: Dr Nasar Meer is a raving Christianophobic, Judeophobic, Hindu-Sikh& Buddhistophobic Muslim, but more than anything he is a devoted slave of Allah who applies Islamic science in his research…?

Dr Meer says other religious identities – such as Sikh and Jew – have had race law applied in their favour in a way not extended to Muslim communities.
He said many Muslims view their faith as an “involuntary identity” as they are born into the religion.

* Really? But aren’t most of us somehow born into a faith, even no faith at all? And isnt it the Muslims who keep telling us that they have ‘chosen’ their religion?

He said: “We explored what legislation exists to help protect people with what we call an involuntary identity. People with an involuntary identity shouldn’t be disadvantaged by others’ views.
The legislation should offer them support and make sure they’re not discriminated against.

Muslims have been totally missed out of the protection offered by race-relations legislation because it treats Islam as a religion and not a race.”

* Here we go: religious vilification doesn’t cut the mustard for the good doctor, he wants Islam to become a ‘race’- what say you Yvonne Ridley? (Remember Yvonne Ridley is the ex-nun-come journo/ captive of the Taliban who ‘reverted’ to Islam, wrapped a scarf around her head and declared everyone who disagreed with her new found faith a ‘racist’- if it was only that easy!


Hateful, rabid scum: Ridley

Dr Meer said he has come across various examples of when hatred towards Muslims was dismissed but hatred towards other religions had not been tolerated.

Dr Meer’s study “The politics of voluntary and involuntary identities: are Muslims in Britain an ethnic, racial or religious minority?” is available online at University of Bristol, here


* It is revolting that Bristol University wastes resources, time & money to produce such garbage. A quick Goggle search and you know that this jackass doctor is a longtime agitprop for Muhammedan causes, nothing else.


Update: Ridley slightly unhinged, sacked from Muslim TV show


Oxford clergyman attacks Muslim plans for calls to prayer

* “I’m no Dhimmi”– sez Rev Charlie Cleverley, in defiance of the Bishop of Oxford, the Right Rev John Pritchard, who has backed the plans.


Stop Mosquing Around!

The clergyman who runs one of Oxford’s largest and most successful churches has attacked Muslim plans to begin calls to prayer from the city’s Central Mosque.

The Rev Charlie Cleverley, Rector of St Aldate’s, a thriving charismatic evangelical church in the heart of Oxford, claims non-Muslim residents will be driven away by the thrice-daily calls to prayer over the eastern part of the city.

In coming out against the proposals, Mr Cleverley, who previously worked at a church in a Muslim area of Paris, is going against the views of his own bishop.


*  Proposed  Oxford Mosque: Another symbol of Islamic conquest in the bilad-al Kufr, behind enemy lines, in the heartlands of the unsuspecting  infidels…

Times Online


More Resistance against Mosques in the U.S.

A Baptist church in Ohio is being accused of religious intolerance for allegedly thwarting a plan to build a mosque on nearby property.

The board of zoning appeals in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, insists its 5-0 vote against a variance request that would have permitted the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton to build the mosque was not influenced by the local First Baptist Church. The rejection, officials say, was based only on the expected sewage and traffic impact, the Dayton Daily News reported.

* Whatever it takes…

But the senior pastor of the 1,900-member church, Barry Jude, has made his opposition to the mosque clear.

“We just feel that Christianity is right and that Islam is wrong,” Jude told the Daily News. “Therefore, we take a stand to see (a mosque) not in our community. The wonderful thing about our American culture is that you have the right to speak out against something you don’t support.”

The paper says the issue “has touched on larger questions: Does the presence of a mosque locally evoke feelings of fear or even hatred? Are church officials saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking privately?”


The Guardian provides a forum for the fairy-tale of 'Islamic Science'

It’s time to herald the Arabic science that prefigured Darwin and Newton

In this era of intolerance and cultural tension, the west needs to appreciate the fertile scholarship that flowered with Islam


Jim Al-Khalili

Watching the daily news stories of never-ending troubles, hardship, misery and violence across the Arab world and central Asia, it is not surprising that many in the west view the culture of these countries as backward, and their religion as at best conservative and often as violent and extremist.

I am on a mission to dismiss a crude and inaccurate historical hegemony and present the positive face of Islam. It has never been more timely or more resonant to explore the extent to which western cultural and scientific thought is indebted to the work, a thousand years ago, of Arab and Muslim thinkers.

What is remarkable, for instance, is that for over 700 years the international language of science was Arabic (which is why I describe it as “Arabic science”). More surprising, maybe, is the fact that one of the most fertile periods of scholarship and scientific progress in history would not have taken place without the spread of Islam across the Middle East, Persia, north Africa and Spain. I have no religious or political axe to grind. As the son of a Protestant Christian mother and a Shia Muslim father, I have nevertheless ended up without a religious bone in my body. However, having spent a happy and comfortable childhood in Iraq in the 60s and 70s, I confess to strong nostalgic motives for my fascination in the history of Arabic science.


A learned man, this doctor Khalili. What may drive him to peddle these often debunked Arabic fairy-tales?

One commenter, the first one on the blog, doesn’t buy any:

January 30, 2008 2:13 AM

Utter nonsense, Arabic science was by and large a simple rebranding exercise of existing bodies of work from India and China, coupled with looted classical research and researchers taken with the expansion of Islam. Time and time again Arab claims do not stand up to scrutiny – the concept of zero ‘borrowed’ from Buddist Mathematicians etc.

If only their application in plagiarism was matched in genuine scientific inquiry and the development of their society.

* How true!


* The Myth of Islamic Contribution to Human Civilization


"I'm the Slime" Frank Zappa & The Mothers Compilation


What got into Newsweek?

Newsweek discovers the jihad

Why can’t we call the enemy by its name? We’re going to have to in order to win.

By George Weigel

What kind of campaign is this? Six-plus years after 9/11; while the Taliban attempts an Afghanistan comeback; as Islamist terrorists cause mayhem in Algeria and occupy huge swaths of tribal Pakistan; despite “United 93” and “The Kite Runner,” a library-full of books, presidential commissions, congressional hearings, and four election cycles—despite all of that, a strange, Victorian reticence about naming the enemy in the contest for the human future in which we are engaged befogs this political season.

Such reticence is an obstacle to victory in a war we cannot avoid and in which we must prevail. For if there is one thing certain in this season of great uncertainties, it is that the war against jihadism will be staring the next president of the United States in the face at high noon on Inauguration Day, 2009.

That is what we are fighting: jihadism, the religiously inspired ideology which teaches that it is every Muslim’s duty to use any means necessary to compel the world’s submission to Islam.



Pakistani jihad leader: “We want to eradicate Britain and America…We pray that Allah will enable us to destroy the White House, New York, and London” 


Pakistani Taliban Emir By’atullah Mahsoud: We Will Destroy America and Britain, But Won’t Use Nuclear Bombs,” from MEMRI

Following are excerpts from an interview with By’atullah Mahsoud, the Emir of the Pakistani Taliban, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on January 25, 2008. Throughout the interview, the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto was not mentioned, and it seems the interview was recorded earlier.
To view this clip, visit


From Iran, the land of the peacful nukes:

Thug-In-Chief: “I advise you to abandon the filthy Zionist entity which has reached the end of the line”


* Every day this poisonous midget is telling the world that he wants to wipe Israel off the map, and everyday there is another Muhammed worshipping follower of this maniac coming out of the woodwork telling us he didn’t say it, ‘wrong translation’ or some other stupidity.


‘Filthy’ Israel’s days are numbered – Iran

HARDLINE president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has renewed his verbal attack on Israel, saying its days are numbered and predicting that the “filthy Zionist entity” will fall sooner or later.

* Ever met an Islamic ‘softliner?’

“I advise you to abandon the filthy Zionist entity which has reached the end of the line,” Mr Ahmadinejad today told world powers in a speech in the southern city of Bushehr carried live on the state television.

“It has lost its reason to be and will sooner or later fall,” he said.

* Iran abandoned reason & sanity when it allowed the Mullah’s to topple the Shah 30 years ago…

“The ones who still support the criminal Zionists should know that the occupiers’ days are numbered.”

The Islamic republic considers Israel its arch enemy, along with the United States, and its hostility towards the Jewish state has deepened since Ahmadinejad became president in 2005.

Mr Ahmadinejad has drawn the ire of the international community by calling for the Jewish state to be wiped off the map and describing the Nazi holocaust a “myth”.

His latest comments come as Iran faces a third round of UN sanctions over its controversial nuclear drive.



Iran: A ‘duty’ for Muslims to attack the West, says editor

Tehran, 29 Jan.(AKI) – Hossein Shariatmadari, managing editor of ‘Kayhan’ (Universe) one of Iran’s most influential newspapers, has issued a strongly worded editorial inviting Muslims to topple moderate Islamic governments and attack US, European and Israeli interests.

Read it all


Iran to limit execution in public


* Public hanging: not good publicity for the sharia state…

The head of Iran’s judiciary has issued an order that no executions be carried out in public without his permission.
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi also banned the publication of photographs or films of executions.

Human rights groups say Iran executed nearly 300 people in 2007 as it tries to improve security and reduce what it calls immoral behaviour.



Arbour Awful:

UN human rights chief backs plan that supports elimination of Israel

UNITED NATIONS – Louise Arbour, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, has thrown her support behind a major pan-Arab human rights charter that commits to the elimination of Zionism.


Just another day at the office for the UN Human Rights commission. “Arbour backs plan that seeks end to Zionism: UN human rights czar supports controversial pan-Arab charter,” by Steven Edwards for The Ottawa Citizen via DW


Israeli Arab Muslim Hate-Preacher Indicted


By STEVE WEIZMAN –JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli court on Tuesday indicted an Israeli Muslim leader on charges of racism and incitement to violence over a 2007 speech in which he allegedly called for a new Palestinian uprising to stop Israeli renovation near a disputed holy site.

Sheik Raed Salah, leader of a radical branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement, led violent protests against work adjacent to the hilltop, where the Al Aqsa Mosque compound was built over the ruins of the biblical Jewish temples.
At a rally in east Jerusalem last February, Salah’s followers threw rocks and bottles at police, who responded with stun grenades.

Full article here


Danish Cartoons to Become 'Historic' Objects

Copenhagen’s Royal Library is planning to exhibit the dreaded Danish cartoons of blasphemy.

Well, sort of.  Just for safekeeping…

They’ll be unavailable to the public, like a rare book or something extremely dangerous.


Danish Muslims are bitter and upset, and feel slighted. All those riots and killings and threats, and Denmark still wouldn’t cave in. Waaah.

Kasem Said Ahmad, a spokesman for the Danish Muslim Society, which led the campaign against the cartoons said: “We will not be holding any demonstrations as we got nothing from the Danish courts when we tried to sue the newspapers. We will ignore all provocations in future.”


We shall see. Full story & link to LGF

The Hidden War on Australia takes you inside the secretive online world of Islamic extremists with a special report on how they are using the latest technology to drive propaganda campaigns, cheering Australian troop deaths and mocking our political leaders.


Just wondering: what took the MSM so long to finally get onto this… ?



As always, the mosques play a major part in the jihad against Australia:

Natalie O’Brien | The Australian

Mosque group ‘in a line to jihad’

THE Islamic group accused of trying to seize control of Sydney’s Sefton mosque is part of a movement described as a recruiting ground for al-Qa’ida in a new terrorism intelligence report.

The group attempting the takeover has members who follow the Tablighi Jamaat stream of Islam, described this week bythe private US intelligence group Stratfor as an “indirect line to terrorism”.

Members of the Tablighi movement have recently been linked to a terrorist cell in Spain that was planning a bomb attack in Barcelona.

During a series of raids last week, Spanish police seized bomb-making materials and arrested 14 men who were said to be members of the Tablighi.

The Tablighi are influenced by a fundamentalist branch of Saudi Arabian-based Islam known as Wahabism. The sect has been linked to two July 7 London bombers, and failed shoe bomber Richard Reid is also known to have attended Tablighi meetings.



Australian police chief calls for terror case blackout 

Better late than never: but with Australia’s judiciary in lofty ivory towers, obsessed with making political statements, Keelty will need the full support of the newly elected KRudd government, which is equally lofty when it comes to holy cows like ‘human rights’ for suspected terrorists: 

CANBERRA (Reuters) – Australia’s top police officer was under fire on Wednesday over calls for a blackout on media cover of terrorism investigations and trials following the controversial arrest and release last year of an Indian doctor. 

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty late on Tuesday said the public right to be informed about terrorism investigations should come second to the ability of security forces to operate against suspects in secret.

“I am not saying public institutions be immune from public accountability…but I am saying a public discussion about them should be delayed,” Keelty told the Sydney Institute think tank.

“Not subjugated, not quashed, not silenced, just delayed until the full gamut of the judicial process has been exhausted,” Keelty said.

* Go for it mate! You deserve a ‘fair go!’ 



Jihad News


Eyes on “secular” Turkey:”

“We are all defenders of the secular state,” says Turkish PM as he moves against headscarf ban


From the ‘War is Deceit’ Department:

TURKISH Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he wants a ban on the Islamic headscarf in universities abolished “as soon as possible” despite harsh objections from secularists, Anatolia news agency reported.

“Wearing headscarves is a human rights issue” and “Turkey will be much mure secular if only our women are whacked under a burka”

Turkey’s elusive democracy is vanishing fast under the Islamic onslaught. But the NYT would have you believe its all cool….


Turkish military quiet on head scarves 


PM wants university headscarf ban lifted asap
Article from: Agence France-Presse


TURKEY – Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan has warned the European Union against becoming a “club of Christians” as he pushes for Ankara’s membership in the grouping.



Alarm in Turkey over violence against Christians

A spate of recent attacks has highlighted the threat religious minorities face, mostly from marginal ultranationalist groups.
By Ayhan Simsek for Southeast European Times

* This is -of course- absolute bullshit. These groups are not ‘ultranationalist’- they are simply good, believing Muhammedans who kill unbelievers because they are UNBELIEVERS… That’s what Muslims do…


The EU has faulted Turkey for not providing adequate protection to Christians and other minorities.

* Did they really? We haven’t heard much about their indignation, have we?

Adriano Franchini, a 65-year old Catholic priest, had just celebrated Sunday Mass at Izmir’s St. Anthony Church when a teenager scumbag approached him, expressing faked an interest in converting to Christianity. As the priest spoke with him, the young man — actually a fervent nationalist -brainwashed soldier of Allah,- flew into a rage and stabbed him in the stomach.

Franchini survived. But three Protestant missionaries targeted in an attack earlier in the year were less fortunate. They were tortured for hours before being killed by a group of young men jihad apes, in the eastern city of Malatya. In 2006, another Catholic priest — Andrea Santoro — was shot to death by a 16-year-old while kneeling in prayer.

Read it all…


“JIHAD, JIHAD, JIHAD”- Cleric warns of more Beirut unrest

By SAM F. GHATTAS, Associated Press Writer

BEIRUT, Lebanon – A top Shiite cleric warned Monday that violence in Beirut could spin out of control, a day after seven protesters died in rioting and clashes in the city’s southern suburbs that were reminiscent of Lebanon’s 15-year civil war.



Another honor killing in Jordan

Jordan quashes ‘honour crimes’ law

* This is the second honor killing in a month

Jordan’s Parliament has rejected the senate’s recommendation to uphold a law providing stiffer penalties for men who kill women in so-called “honour killings”.

“Sixty of the 85 deputies present in parliament voted to reject this temporarily because the amendments (made by the senate) were superficial and did not deal with the root of the issue,” Islamist deputy Adab Saoud told AFP.

Islamists and conservatives said the laws violated religious traditions and would destroy families and values.

Gotta uphold that honor, boys…


UK: “Corruption is okay when Arabs are involved”

UK intelligence agency urged dropping of investigation into Saudi arms deal

LONDONISTAN – Britain’s head of overseas intelligence warned that Saudi Arabia likely would stop sharing vital information on terrorism if prosecutors pursued an investigation into alleged corruption in an arms deal, lawmakers disclosed Tuesday.

* Because the Saudis are such valuable friends and allies, you see. Surely that’s worth their skimming off a bit, innit?

From the ‘Gimme more’ department



A Visit to a Gaza Rocket Factory

By Ulrike Putz in the Gaza Strip

No matter what Israel does, the rockets from the Gaza Strip just keep coming. Young men like Abdul are the reason why. He studies by day, but at night he builds bombs for the Islamic Jihad. He and his fellow militants can produce up to 100 per night.

Spiegel Online


Qaradwi gets his hemorrhoids treated in the UK, after all…


Just a few questions for al-Qaradawi: First, having previously traveled to France for medical care, why is it that you find yourself dependent on the West for advanced care? Why not Riyadh? Or Cairo, Dubai, or Islamabad? Second, having defended the execution of homosexuals, suppose while you’re getting medical care in the West, a gay doctor saves your life. Would you rather he didn’t? Should he still have to die?

“Row over Islamist cleric’s visa,” by Jamie Doward for The Observer:

* Now back to Global Warming…