"Be thankful for the Crusades because it stopped the Muslims from conquering Europe"

“I am not going to apologize for the Crusades because I am very thankful that the Muslim effort to reach a conquest of Europe was unsuccessful. Otherwise, we would be speaking Arabic on this program right now and we would be talking about the Muslim continent of Europe and potentially even of North America.”


Southern Baptist tells apologists for Crusades to get stuffed

Reverend R. Albert Mohler Jr., the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, cited a number of reasons why he would not sign the letter which pushed for peace between Christians and Muslims, saying chief among his concerns were the apology for the sin of Crusaders and the ambiguous definition of God.

“If the Crusaders didn’t fight in the Middle East, then Europe, and potentially America, would be speaking Arabic.”


* Yeah Baby: Here’s one clergyman who’s got it! Who wants to be a head banging cave dweller like these guys?..??

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5 thoughts on “"Be thankful for the Crusades because it stopped the Muslims from conquering Europe"”

  1. God bless this man for telling it like it is. Had the Crusades failed not only would there be even less peace in the world today (the Koranists would be battling the likes of China and other non-Europeans who would give as good as they get as well as one another to crown the most pious among them) but the planet would probably be at about the 13th century in terms of scientific, legal and economic achievements (at least in the non-Asian part of the planet-another reason why the Koranists would seek to destroy them). The application of Koranic principles leads to nothing short of moral, scientific and economic retardation. Thank you Crusaders from saving us from the endless continuation of the Dark Ages.

  2. LOVE IT. Finally someone agree’s with me.

    Love the art work, BTW, know where I could get a print?

    It has that “world traveler” look that I’m looking for.


  3. The Crusaders made many mistakes, but they, Jan Sobieski, Charles Martel (sp?) and other Christian warriors did the civilized world a favor. They, by the grace of God, prevented the invasion of europe by a demonic religion.

    So, yes, thank God for the good things the Crusades did.

  4. Technically the headline “Southern Baptists tells apologists for the Crusades to get stuffed” is incorrect. The word “apologist” does not mean “someone who apologizes for”, in the modern colloquial sense of the word “apology”. It actually means someone who *defends*, using the older, original sense of the word “apology”. (As in the title of the Platonic dialogue depicting Socrates’ defense at his trial”.

    Those among the early Church Fathers who defended Christian doctrine agains pagan attacks are known as “apologists”.

    Those of us who think that the Crusades were a great idea are the “apologists” for the Crusades.

    I’m not sure what would be the correct word here to describe people who are “apologizing for” the Crusades, but “apologist” isn’t it. Maybe “apologizers”.

    I’m not sure when the word “apology” went from meaning “defense” to meaning “admission of wrongdoing”.

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