Philippines: Bishop sez 'take it away, have it all' to Muslim 'rebels'

* Catholic bishop backs Islamic state in south

* With clerics like this, who needs mullahs?

Manila, 2 June (AKI) – A Catholic bishop on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao is backing Islamic rebels in their bid to establish an Islamic state.

Bishop Edwin Dela Pena of Marawi City, a town in the heart of the region dominated by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, said the government should take account of how an Islamic way of life may be lived by Muslims.

“It is about time that we give our brother and sister Muslims their aspirations for Mindanao,” he said in a statement posted in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ website on Monday.

Dela Pena added that an Islamic state within the Philippines would allow Muslims to move freely in an Islamic environment without creating problems for Christians.

* Dhimmitude: check, Jiziyah: check, public flogging, beheadings: check, stoning: check. All in the name of tolerance. This preacher  will have a great career.

“Christians are still covered by the civil law of the land while the Muslims are covered by Sharia law. More so, the Islamic state will also allow the creation of Islamic institutions inspired by the Koran,” Dela Pena said.

* Fake excuses, cowardice, ignorance, stupidity & cupidity go hand in hand with those who are too intellectually lazy to learn about the Islamic doctrine…

Christians are the majority in Mindanao, an island in the southern part of the Filipino archipelago once fully inhabited by Islam ethno-linguistic groups, collectively called Moros.

Christians moved to Mindanao and given land titles in a government-sponsored migration programme started by colonial power Spain and later the US.

The same program has also been carried out by most of the Christian-dominated Philippine governments that have held power since formal independence in 1946.

The MILF is the largest rebel group now advocating for a Bangsamoro – a Moro nation. The group is currently engaged in fragile peace talks with the central government.

The decades-long conflict is believed to have claimed more than 120,000 lives.

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  1. Good thing there weren’t idiots like this clown in the Phillipines in 1942-otherwise, the Japanese would still be there now running the place as a slave labor camp.

    But then again it would be an improvement of sorts over having the Koranists running the place. At least the Japanese are of this century.

  2. To bishop edwin dela pena:
    Get the hell out of my church and go grovel before your sand weasel friends. Judas had nothing on you.

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