Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan: "Islamophobia" a "crime against humanity"

* He says these things all the time. Here we have him earlier this year in Germany:


“Assimilation is a crime against humanity”

* ‘Humanity’ for the Koranimals of course means Islam, Muslims only. The Kuffar is the vilest of creatures (98:6). The Kuffar has to submit.

* Erdogan’s cult-member Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the OIC, spews the same venom since years…

* Anything for a fuck: Western women flock to Turkey, hotel sacks male staff

And he wants it outlawed, pronto, which will mean that those who dare to expose the Islamic roots of the global jihad and Islamic supremacism will pay hefty fines and spend long stretches in the slammer. Of course, it can’t happen here. Can it?

“Enmity with Islam ‘crime against humanity,’” by Thomas Seibert for The National (UAE), September 17 (thanks to JW):

ISTANBUL // In a sign of his simmering anger about what he sees as baseless accusations against Islam in the West, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, has called on the international community to declare the enmity against Islam a “crime against humanity”.Addressing Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, his Spanish counterpart, and about 2,500 other guests in Istanbul at a celebratory iftar meal on Monday, Mr Erdogan said: “No culture, no civilisation should belittle the other, despise the other or see the other as an enemy.” […]

In the Alliance of Civilisations, Mr Erdogan has emerged as a leading representative of the Islamic countries, said Semih Idiz, a foreign policy columnist with the daily Milliyet. As a politician with roots in political Islam and leader of a party that has many pious Muslims among its voters, Mr Erdogan is very sensitive to what he sees as western prejudices towards Muslims, Mr Idiz said.

“Islamic countries are watching closely what he does,” Mr Idiz said about Mr Erdogan’s role in the Alliance of Civilisations. “He is a sort of spokesman, representing the Islamic world in the platform.”

But at the same time Mr Erdogan had to take into account that he himself had to take “brave steps”, Mr Idiz said. After the murders of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink and of three Christians in the central Anatolian town of Malatya last year, the Erdogan government was criticised for not being outspoken enough in its condemnation of the killings.

In his speech at the iftar on Monday, Mr Erdogan stressed the need for a dialogue without prejudices.

“The principle mission of the Alliance of Civilisations is an effort to understand each other correctly,” he said. The fear of Islam that has spread in the West, a development he called a “paranoia”, makes it harder to reach that aim, he said.

“The fear called Islamophobia is a pathological state of mind, as the name says,” Mr Erdogan said in his speech, according to reports in Turkish newspapers and television stations. “We expect members of other civilisations to declare Islamophobia a crime against humanity, especially while we say that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity.”

Mr Erdogan has criticised the West for harbouring “Islamophobia” before, saying that Muslims felt “under siege”. But this time, the prime minister went further, accusing the West of trying to define values of a global civilisation all by itself.

“We think that civilisation is global, and that civilisation cannot be interpreted like an ideology that belongs to the West,” he said. After a first international forum held in Madrid in January this year, the Alliance of Civilisations will hold its second forum in Istanbul in April. Mr Idiz said the platform had become a vehicle to defuse tensions between the West and the Islamic world.

“We saw that after the cartoon crisis,” he said, referring to the anger in the Islamic world after the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed by a Danish newspaper in 2005. At a meeting in Doha in Feb 2006, members of the alliance discussed ways to calm the waters after the crisis….


Hugh’s comment:

“Mr Erdogan said: ‘No culture, no civilisation should belittle the other, despise the other or see the other as an enemy.’” 

— from the article above

Does Erdogan really want the Western world — no, make that the larger world of Infidels, East and West, North and South, to look deeply into what is written about non-Muslims in the Qur’an, in the Hadith, or to find out more about the behavior of Muhammad, the man whom Muslims take to be the Perfect Man? Does he want us to read Sura 9, and the hundred-odd other Jihad verses? Does he want non-Muslims to find out about how non-Muslims have fared in the many lands conquered by Islam, beginning with the Middle East, North Africa, and his own region, what was formerly Byzantium? Shall we just stick to the last century, to find out how Armenians, Greeks, Jews fared under the Turkish dispensation?

It is not we, the Infidels, who are schooled up in hatred or hostility. It is, rather, Islam that inculcates in its adherents the belief that the key division of humanity is between Muslims and non-Muslims, Believers and Infidels. This is something Infidels have come to understand only very reluctantly, and only after having been as suicidally generous toward Muslims — just look at the tens of millions who have been allowed to settle deep within Infidel lands, that is behind what Muslims themselves are taught to regard as enemy lines, the lines of Dar al-Harb — as they could possibly have been. And indeed, despite every conceivable provocation, including mass murder we Infidels continue to exhibit a remarkable generosity and tolerance, but there is a limit. And the limit is being reached, not only by the obvious practitioners of terrorism, but precisely by Erdogan and others who wish to deny us, in our own advanced civilization, the right to exercise our own freedoms, including the freedom to examine Islam, as a Total Belief-System, and the right to examine the 1350-year historical record of Islamic conquest, from Spain to the East Indies, and the subsequent mistreatment of non-Muslims under Muslim rule. He would have us prevented from finding out more about Islam, from finding out if it represents a threat, a permanent and perhaps mortal threat, as some believe, to the continued existence of our own, non-Muslim, legal and political institutions, to our own free and skeptical inquiry, to our ways of artistic expressin, to our easygoing social arrangements.

All that, if the Erdogans of this world can, even across national borders, bring down the curtain of Muslim censorship, as they have done in the lands where Muslims rule, on Infidels. That must not be allowed to happen. Our continued existence, our ability to withstand campaigns of Da’wa, the deployment of the Money Weapon (for mosques, madrasas, propaganda), and to be suitably alarmed by Muslim demographic conquest, depend on a complete and brisk rejection of this outrageous demand.

There has been nothing like it since the heyway of the Communists, and before them, the Nazis. This demand surpasses the worst fears, and the bleakest forecasts, of the most informed and most aware Infidels, even from just a few years ago.

A fantastic situation.

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  1. * Alliance of Civilisations

    Heading rapidly towards two things, neither very pleasant.

    Mystery, Babylon the Great, and her lover, the Antichrist.

  2. And this from Turkey. A country that is supposed to be the most ‘moderate’ of all Islamic countries. No wonder the military has to be so strong, just to keep them in check.

    I have not forgotten that Turkey pulled it’s approval for the U.S. to stage ground units out of it’s borders only a day or two prior to our invasion of Iraq. This was a material assist to our enemy. Can’t tell me that they did not know this.

  3. I have a strong beleive that this gentleman is the the antichrist that was described in the Danial and the revelations in the bible. He is slowly but surly is gaining reputations and power among muslim countries. It will be just few years before he (Ardogan the evil one) show his true evil colore.

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