Don't laugh: Condoleeezzzzzza Rice among Glamour's Women of the Year

Rice Glamour: if only she could play the fiddle like her pretty double!

*  Lest we forget: Rice, this dumb twat, came out all agitated during the first Koran rage episode with “Disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be tolerated in the United States”she walzed in on the illustrious Gaddafi trying to shake hands and allowed him to snub her, only to turn around and stupidly declare that the “United States is too great to have permanent enemies”.

It emerged later that she offered to pay Gaddafi reparations for the damage Reagan did when he bombed Gaddafis palace… (in response for Gaddafi’s diverse terrorist attacks on the West…) She pestered Israel relentlessly to concede territory to the “Palistanians” -peace in our time- and made America the laughing stock all over Arabia and the world.

But hey, nothing can stop the nutroots from Glamour Magazine to lift this hopelessly overrated affirmative action case to the position of “Woman of the Year”– goodnight America!

Article from: Agence France-Presse

Kidman, Condoleezza Rice among Glamour’s Women of the Year

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Australian actor Nicole Kidman and a Yemeni girl who broke tribal rules to get a divorce were named today among Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year”.

Dr Rice and Kidman were among several high-profile figures on the list of 10, also including Hillary Clinton and Chanel luxury brand chief executive Maureen Chiquet.

Dr Rice “put women’s issues on the front burner of US foreign policy,” said the magazine devoted to celebrities and fashion.

The magazine also awarded its prize to human rights lawyer Shada Nasser and Nujood Ali.

As a 10-year-old bride in Yemen, Ms Ali took the stand in court, aided by Ms Nasser, and was granted a historic divorce.

“Together Nasser and Ali are committed to saving other little girls from early marriage,” Glamour said.

The awards will be given out later today and featured in the magazine’s December issue tomorrow.

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  1. Dunno what got into that Rice lady, she seemed to start off with promise and she is supposed to be very intelligent. But it wasn’t long before things nosedived (literally) and she became little more than a brown-nose.

  2. I’ll be glad when this idiot leaves, although her replacement’s likely to be even worse.

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