Bunglawussi "Witch-Hunt" Watch: Damian Thompson continues witch-hunt of MPACUK

In the Bunglawussi-world everything  and everyone opposing the spread of Islam is a ‘bigot/Islamophobe/racist/Nazi/fascist” and speaking out against the thugs from MPACUK means you are engaged in a “witch-hunt”- everyone is Islamophobic on “Islamophobia Watch:”

We realise this site is in danger of turning into Damian Thompson Watch, but we have to register the fact that the Catholic Herald editor has made a further contribution to the mounting witch-hunt aimed at framing MPACUK as a violent organisation. This time Thompson takes issue with MPAC’s call to expose the Muslim “researchers” who forged receipts in order to assist the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange in compiling its Hijacking of British Islam report which claimed to reveal the sale of hate literature in British mosques.

Thompson, of course, thinks it’s perfectly OK for Policy Exchange to publish false accusations against the Muslim community, but MPAC’s call for the exposure of those responsible for fabricating the evidence is “a threatening post on the MPAC official website which is apparently encouraging someone to dispense Islamic justice to Muslim traitors. ‘Protecting our community’, MPAC calls it.That’s a handy little euphemism, isn’t it?”

Update:  The raving Islamophobes at Jihad Watch have thrown their weight behind Thompson: “Sounds like MPACUK is publicly denouncing these Muslims for apostasy – and we all know what happens to apostates in Islam.”

* Alright then, here it is from Jihad Watch:

UK: BBC’s “favorite” Muslim organization launches “witch-hunt” against Muslims who helped expose hate literature in UK mosques

By asking all Muslims to “expose them,” in order to “protect our community” — not Britain in general but rather the Muslim community living in Britain, that is, the umma. This is the price Muslims who help infidel governments must pay: will the infidel government reciprocate now by offering them protection, or at the very least recognizing MPAC for what it is?

“MPAC launches a witchhunt against ‘Zio-Con’ Muslims” by Damian Thompson for the Telegraph, December 28:

The Muslim Public Affairs Commitee (MPACUK) is appealing to its supporters to track down the Muslim researchers who worked with the think tank Policy Exchange on a project to expose the sale of hate literature in British mosques. 

Under the heading “The Hunt for 8 Sufi Zio-Con Frauds”, the MPAC website claims that the researchers were members of “Sufi underground cults” who teamed up with the Zionists to discredit Islam. And it adds:

Who are they, what are their backgrounds … MPACUK will dig deeper and expose every last detail of the Sufis who tried to destroy their own community.

Sounds like MPACUK is publicly denouncing these Muslims for apostasy — and we all know what happens to apostates in Islam.

If you know who they are – please write in and we will expose these men and women for all the Muslim community to see. Write in now and let us do what the incompetent idiots in the Mosque should be doing, protecting our community. 

Let us do what, precisely? I wonder if this sinister announcement of a manhunt will persuade the BBC to stop sucking up to MPAC, whose spokesman Ashgar Bukhari says that any Muslim killed fighting Israel goes straight to paradise. Probably not.[…]

What we have here is a threatening post on the MPAC official website which is apparently encouraging someone to dispense Islamic justice to Muslim traitors. “Protecting our community”, MPAC calls it. That’s a handy little euphemism, isn’t it?

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

“Write in now and let us [MCPAK] do what the incompetent idiots in the Mosque should be doing, protecting our community.”
— from the article above

So what does “protecting our community” mean to MCPAK? It means making sure that nothing of what really goes on in mosques, the hate-filled rants, the hate-filled literature (I’ve picked it up myself, stuff that someone forgot to hide during one of those smiling evenings of Mosque Outreach). They want to make sure that no Infidels find out. It’s simply, at the local and capillary level, the same thing that the O.I.C. is attempting to do at the international level by attempting to have freedom of speech curtailed in the West, under the guise of preventing “Islmophobia.”

Everywhere, it’s the same story. Because if the Infidels find out too much about Islam, and about not only the texts (a click away on the Internet) and tenets, but also about the attitudes and atmospherics of Islam, then they might begin to bethink themselves, and shake off their lethargy, and decide to protect themselves from the permanent menace — because the texts are immutable, and cannot be dispensed with, or “interpreted” away — of Islam.

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More Bunglawussi witch-hunt watch:

“Harry’s Place is Islamophobic Cesspool!”

The witch-hunt of Asghar Bukhari

MPACuk Comes Out For Political Violence/Harry’s Place

A London-based think tank has revealed that the co-founder of a Muslim communal organization whose spokespeople are used by mainstream media outlets has glorified terrorism and attacks on Israel.

The Center for Social Cohesion (CSC) reported that last week Asghar Bukhari, co-founder and spokesman for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC UK), said on the social networking site Facebook that any Muslim who died fighting Israel was a martyr.

Responding to comments by another contributor on a discussion entitled ‘Has Europe come to terms with Islam?’, Bukhari said, “Muslims who fight against the occupation of their lands are mujahadeen and are blessed by Allah. And any Muslim who fights against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise.”

The Muslim leader went on to justify jihadism, saying, “The concept of jihad is a beautiful thing, and logical to those with a sincere heart. It tells the human being to stand up and fight against those who bring evil and oppression on this earth, and by standing up – roll back that oppression until the people are free from it.”

CSC called into question the media outlets’ use of MPAC UK and their portrayal of it as a mainstream Muslim organization. “The leadership of MPAC UK has been shown before to have expressed opinions which border on glorification of terrorism,” said Robin Simcox, a CSC researcher.

“Concern has previously been expressed to the BBC and other media about their continuing use of Bukhari and his organization. Despite this, they are regularly treated by the BBC and other mainstream media as representative of mainstream Muslim opinion,” Simcox said.

“Bukhari’s incitement and likely illegal public comments should be a matter of grave concern to broadcasters and others who have repeatedly given him and his organization a platform,” Simcox added.

The think tank has reported the incident to the police.

Jerusalem Post, 22 December 2008

The article is in fact almost a straight reprint of a (pdf) CSC briefing.

Predictably Damian Thompson and Melanie Phillips have seized on this, with the latter calling for Asghar to be prosecuted.

Read MPAC’s reponse here. They rightly accuse the CSC of “wasting police time by reporting Asghar Bukhari for supposedly contravening the new law banning ‘glorification of terrorism’. MPACUK – who actually care about stopping terrorism – expect our taxes to be spent trying to prevent anyone from blowing us up on tube trains (not dealing with politically-motivated malicious reports against media spokespeople from Muslim groups!)”

Once again we have a witch-hunt against mainstream Muslims, the origin of which can be traced back to the Islamophobic cesspool that is Harry’s Place.

Update:  See also ENGAGE’s letter to Damian Thompson, challenging him over his support for the CSC.

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  1. Islam at it’s best. The ‘authentic’ law that states the penalty for leaving Islam is death is a major reason for so much internal warfare. Units waging ‘irregular’ warfare come from the local population. Worldwide, these ‘units’ are common throughout Muslim controlled and contested areas. Not only do they fight everyone else, they fight each other.

  2. What the Multi Culti, PC, leftwing, Moonbats in the MSM and Western Governments do not realise or rather do not WANT to realise is that Islam LIES its integral part of their religion to LIE to non Muslims . Old Mo himself told Muslims to LIE and to make Hudna when you are weak and to attack when you are strong again. So you cannot negotiate with Muslims they LIE you cannot have treaties with Muslims they LIE you cannot be friends with Muslims they LIE.

  3. To Peter Barry I say, is it just you and me who understands that whenever a muslim is talking to an infidel the chances are that he is lying, as permitted in islam. I am so sick of my own government and the bbc for their continued ignorance of the problems we are facing in the West. Every time I hear the phrase from a muslim that it is not permitted in islam to kill ‘innocent’ people, I know full well that the only innocent people they are referring to are muslims because us infidels are not innocent in their eyes. And yet the stupid bbc continues down this line of interviewing until I want to throw the radio across the room. We on these websites must continue to spread the truth about the god-forsaken muslims.

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