The Witch Hunt Against Geert Wilders

Shame on the Netherlands: Wilders to go on trial January 2010

It’s the Dutch government that should be on trial….for cowardice, corruption and treason. But the Dutch people are getting the picture and showing increasing support for Wilders. If there were a general election tomorrow, he would win.

“The Dutch government is faced with a dilemma…a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives...convict Geert and destroy free speech or acquit Geert and face a never-ending flurry of Muslim violence…”


The best defence is offence:

Geert Wilders wants radical imams to testify. Geert Wilders is considering to call “radical imams and other idiots’ as witnesses in the process of his January 20th trial, he says on Saturday in the De Telegraaf newspaper The Freedom party leader wants to make his trial the ‘trial of the century .’ “I want Islam on trial and not me.” More>>

Appeasement and dhimmitude: the Dutch authorities are hoping that if they throw Wilders to the wolves, they will stem the tide of the jihad and Islamization in the Netherlands.

Free Speech Death Watch Update: “Breaking: Geert Wilders on trial Janary [sic] 2010,” from Klein Verzet, September 12, via JW:

Breaking news from the Netherlands. Dutch biggest newspaper calls it the trial of the century (NL), because the government today announced it is going to trial Geert Wilders on January 20th (See also: the earlier court rulling that made it possible). The timing is remarkable, because it’s just before the municipality elections, a busy time for the politician.

Busy or not, Geert Wilder [sic] will have to defend himself in criminal court for speaking out against Islam.

So via multiculturalism and political correctness, Sharia norms are now being enforced by the Dutch secular authorities.

The charges brought against him are: racism and hate mongering (no actual hate crimes have ever been connected to him, his political movement or his speeches).

Renowned criminal trial lawyer Bram Moszkowicz will represent him durring [sic] the trial. It’s still unknown what his defense will look like. But in today’s paper Wilders says he might call radical Imams and other idiots to the stand in support of his defense.

“I find it horrible that I’m prosecuted” says Wilders. “This is a political trial and it’s sad that I’m prosecuted as a criminal for only voicing my political opinions. I hope free speech will prevail. [But] I am convinced that the trial can only lead to my acquittal”….

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Bunglawussi "Witch-Hunt" Watch: Damian Thompson continues witch-hunt of MPACUK

In the Bunglawussi-world everything  and everyone opposing the spread of Islam is a ‘bigot/Islamophobe/racist/Nazi/fascist” and speaking out against the thugs from MPACUK means you are engaged in a “witch-hunt”- everyone is Islamophobic on “Islamophobia Watch:”

We realise this site is in danger of turning into Damian Thompson Watch, but we have to register the fact that the Catholic Herald editor has made a further contribution to the mounting witch-hunt aimed at framing MPACUK as a violent organisation. This time Thompson takes issue with MPAC’s call to expose the Muslim “researchers” who forged receipts in order to assist the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange in compiling its Hijacking of British Islam report which claimed to reveal the sale of hate literature in British mosques.

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Witch-hunt against BNP hits Australia and New Zealand

“Leaked list outs Aussie fascist supporters”

* No,  it outs you as a nitwit, Moses!

British National Party leader Nick Griffin.
* Gee, that was quick! Just wondering who has such an interest to smear those who are still upholding values of basic human rights and refuse to submit to Islam…?


Australian residents outed as right-wing extremists on a leaked membership database for the controversial British National Party say they are unashamed and reject any suggestions they are racists.

The party, which is shunned by many of those outside Britain’s ultra-conservative sphere due to its hardline, racist views – including that foreigners should be sent home – has been thrown into chaos after miscreants leaked its membership list on to the internet.

* Which race is Islam again, Asher?

It includes the name, address, age, phone numbers, occupation and hobbies of 10,000 BNP members, including children, school teachers, police, clergymen and goverment employees. Several names were marked “discretion requested” because many do not want to publicise their support for BNP policies.

Of the 10,000 members listed, 15 were based in Australia. ‘

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