Erdogan's Temper Tantrum in Davos Might Backfire

Sobering up? Crash-landing with Hurriyet Daily News:

* Newsflash: another Rice, anyone?

1. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. might withdraw its years-long efforts to prevent the U.S. President to use the word “genocide” in his message regarding the 1915 “incidents”- (calling the annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians “incidents” is adding insult to injury, but don’t forget: this is from a Turkish Newspaper)

2. A possible attempt in the U.S. Congress to recognize the 1915 incidents as “Armenian genocide” will pass easily as the Jewish lobby withdraws its support to Turkey’s arguments.

3. Israel could raise its voice in the argument that compares its struggle with Hamas to Turkey’s fight against the terror organization PKK. The Jewish lobby might withdraw its support to Turkey in its struggle with PKK in Europe as well as the U.S.

4. This incident might have a negative impact on Turkey-Armenia relations. The Armenian diaspora could garner the support of the Jewish lobby.

5. This might end Turkey’s “mediation” efforts in the world especially in the Middle East.

6. The Davos crisis might harm Turkey’s image of a “neutral country” in the UN Security Council.


5 thoughts on “Erdogan's Temper Tantrum in Davos Might Backfire”

  1. And hopefully put a complete stop the the Turks attempt to join the EU. But don’t bet on it the Dhimmie Left wing Moonbats that run the EU probably have their heads so far up their own fundaments that nothing would stop them from committing that suicidal act.

  2. Forming the EU was already suicidal – at least for Britain. The UK was better off when De Gaulle
    kept saying “non!”

  3. * 6. The Davos crisis might harm Turkey’s image of a “neutral country” in the UN Security Council.

    You can forget Turkey’s “image” being harmed in the UN Appeasement Council.

  4. Judaism is a sick religion it teaches you to have sex with the widow of your brother.

    Genesis 38:8-10

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