Canuckistan: Muslim Gatekeepers or Barbarians at the Gate?

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Andrew Bolt

Canada’s National Post reports on an unusual choice of gatekeeper:


It’s well known that Khaled Mouammar wants Ottawa to remove Hamas and Hezbollah from a list of banned organizations and replace them with the Israel Defence Forces.

It’s well known that the president of the Canadian Arab Federation recently called Jason Kenney, the Minister of Immigration, a “professional whore” for supporting Israel and criticizing the presence of Hamas and Hezbollah flags at a recent protest, prompting Mr. Kenney to say he would review the CAF’s federal funding.

But it is less well known that Mr. Mouammar spent the 11 years prior to February, 2005, sitting as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, deciding whether refugee claimants from such North African countries as Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Somalia should be allowed to stay in Canada.


An eyewitness:

Tonight at the U of T [Israeli Apartheid Week] event, two Jewish students were assaulted by the Palestinian “Security” team for being “disruptive” (asking a legitimate question “does Israel have a right to exist”) The Palestinian “security” smacked a student in the head and grabbed him by his neck, while another “security” officer told a second Jewish student to “Shut the F**ck up or he’ll saw his head off”…All of this was done in a crowded lecture room with over 100 witnesses!!

I was there, there are no pictures, filming and taking pictures was prohibited (they seem to have a problem with the general public hearing what they say) it was reported to the police who chose (as usual) to do NOTHING…

This is a DISGRACE.

Please send complaints to 51 division police and to U of T president David Naylor and (politely) demand that they do something about this!


Be sure to see the assaulted student’s statement here.

3 thoughts on “Canuckistan: Muslim Gatekeepers or Barbarians at the Gate?”

  1. Yes – and this is the situation in Australia. We know, from personnal experience, that the intermediate F.S. office positions, responsible for selection and refjection of immigrants , have a heavy muslim weighting. This is part of the reason why the muzz pop. growth is so high.

  2. Infiltration jihad is a legitimate form of jihad but it is probably one that is not well recognized by westerners..recently on another site I found the 15 types of jihad currently being waged against Britain…… extra type of jihad is forest fire jihad.
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  3. I have been in conflict with Islamic supporters and Lefitsts at the University of Victoria, B.C. Canada. If you want to further info check my name on Google. There are many items there.

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