Ever wondered why Australia ended up with so many Muslims?

Andrew Bolt:

Time to hold some politicians and policies to account:

IMMIGRATION authorities warned the Fraser government in 1976 it was accepting too many Lebanese Muslim refugees without “the required qualities” for successful integration. The Fraser cabinet was also told many of the refugees were unskilled, illiterate and had questionable character and standards of personal hygiene.

Cabinet documents released today by the National Archives under the 30-year rule reveal how Australia’s decision to accept thousands of Lebanese Muslims fleeing Lebanon’s 1976 civil war led to a temporary collapse of normal eligibility standards. 


Here is an older, but very interesting link:

How Middle Eastern criminal gangs began establishing no-go areas in Sydney

5 thoughts on “Ever wondered why Australia ended up with so many Muslims?”

  1. I imagine Gough and Al (Grassby) would have been just as accommodating – islamisation has
    been a bipartisan goal as far as I can tell. The immigration authorities would be telling us to
    “celebrate diversity” now, instead of warning of the dangers. Iron does not alloy with clay.

  2. Nope, looks as if it was largely the Fraser Government in 1976, following the civil war in 1975;
    Gough & Al had lost government by then. Anyway, I don’t hear much common sense from
    either party when it comes to muslim immigration – just more jizyah and reference groups.

  3. What has always puzzled me is that it was the Christian population that was getting invaded yet we extend a hand to the slime and shit which was partially dealt with yesterday.

  4. Geoff,

    I will claim that our main enemy are the muslim supporters from within our midst. However we now have a major problem because the muslim appear to be over-represented in the immigration department. To make matters worse, in countries where there is a muslim majoritiy australian embassy staff do not make the judgement on immigration applications into our country. I will try and dig out the ratio of muzzs to decents being employed in the immigration department over the last thirty years. the plot could be very interesting.

    Why do we keep extending our hand – well most of us dont. It is just the PC idiots who have sneaked into executive levels of government that do – and it is time to get rid of them through the ballot box.

    The Saudi dollars are there – check on financing of islamic building projects – I would also love to get an investigation into the finances of people like the gold coast mayor!!! . However, as usual, the muzz can cover their tracks quite well.

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