The Fethullah Gulen Movement: Infiltration on a Grand Scale

Fethullah Gulen: Infiltrating the U.S. Through Our Charter Schools?

* You gotta watch this: a video from Joels Trumpet at the end of this page, a speech by Sheikh Maulana Nazim Kibrisi, the leader of the Nashqbandi Sufi Muslims, known for their claims to moderacy. It was filmed in 1993 in Berlin, Germany. What is so interesting is that it was attended by the then sitting President of Turkey Erbakan as well as the present Prime Minister Erdogan. At least 50,000 Turks and Muslims were present for the rally. These Islamists made their intentions clear; they demand the subjugation of the West. The  Islamic conquest of Europe is a done deal for these headbangers.


With thanks to ACT! for America:

For some time we have been researching a Turkish-based Islamist movement that has a significant network here in the United States. Given Turkey’s history of secular, democratic government, and some of the remarks made by President Obama in his recent speech there, many of our members and other readers will likely be surprised by what we have found. I suspect that even many who are well-read on the issue of Islamism are unfamiliar with the Fethullah Gulen Community (FGC), a movement a February 2009 article in the respected Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst labeled “Turkey’s third power.” Indeed, the article noted in its Key Points: “Turkey’s Islamist Gulen movement, while a powerful political force, is largely an unfamiliar entity to the West.”

The FGC is named after Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish imam who now lives in the United States. He fled Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on charges that he was attempting to undermine Turkey’s secular government with the objective of establish an Islamic government. Since Gulen’s arrival here the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, but he successfully fought the effort in federal court because it was ruled he was an individual with “extraordinary ability in the field of education” – although he has no formal education training.

The FGC emerged in Turkey in the 1970’s. According to the Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst piece, Gulen stated that “in order to reach the ideal Muslim society ‘every method and path is acceptable, [including] lying to people.’” This public acknowledgement of taqiyya (employing deception to advance Islam) is highly pertinent to Gulen’s activities here in the United States.

A recent article in the Middle East Quarterly by Rachel Sharon-Kreskin titled “Fethullah Gulen’s Grand Ambition” sheds light on Gulen’s background:

Gülen was a student and follower of Sheikh Sa’id-i Kurdi (1878-1960), also known as Sa’id-i Nursi, the founder of the Islamist Nur (light) movement. After Turkey’s war of independence, Kurdi demanded, in an address to the new parliament, that the new republic be based on Islamic principles. He turned against Atatürk and his reforms and against the new modern, secular, Western republic.

Sharon-Kreskin documents how the FGC, in league with Turkey’s ruling party, Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP), has been successful in gradually moving Turkey away from its secular democratic governance, towards an Islamist state governed by Shariah law, and reorienting itself toward Iran. What’s more, other evidence suggests that Gulen’s ultimate goal may well be the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire so as to reinstate the Islamic Caliph. Clearly this has immensely serious ramifications for geo-political affairs in the Middle East as well as for the continued rise of radical Islam throughout the world.

What makes Gulen particularly dangerous is his strategic and tactical means to achieving this goal. He oversees a worldwide network of businesses, schools, foundations and media outlets, with an estimated budget of 25 billion dollars. Here’s what Gulen had to say in a sermon in 1999 aired on Turkish television:

You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it … You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey … Until that time, any step taken would be too early—like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside. The work to be done is [in] confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence … trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here—[just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.

Simply put, he is brilliantly and patiently employing taqiyya on a global scale, because this strategic approach is not confined to Turkey.

Here in the U.S. the FGC runs over 90 charter public schools in at least 20 states. This was brought to our attention by ACT! for America members who actually have relatives who teach in one of these schools, an illustration of the growing reach of ACT! for America’s “eyes and ears” across our country. For obvious reasons we cannot reveal the identity of our sources.

Our readers may be familiar with the numerous emails we have released regarding the operation of the Tarek ibn Zayed Academy (TiZA), a publicly funded charter school in Minnesota that is so blatantly Islamic in nature that the Minnesota Department of Education issued two citations against it and the ACLU is suing it. FGC schools appear to be very different, and reflect the Gulen’s exhortation to “move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers…”

Indeed, the fact that so little has been written about the FGC schools here in the U.S., as well as the accolades that have been accorded the FGC as a model of “moderation” by some in our government, would appear to confirm that the FGC and its schools are doing an excellent job of heeding Gulen’s exhortation and masking their true intent.

During several discussions and emails with our sources inside FGC schools, I asked specifically if the schools promote Islam in the way that the TiZA school in Minnesota does. I was told that this was not the case in the schools these sources were familiar with. However, one particular school (and likely numerous others) appears to be in violation of state law because the school’s affidavit for its charter does not acknowledge that it is connected with a religious institution or group. In other words, those who chartered this school practiced taqiyya by hiding this fact. (Enterprising readers may want to research this with respect to FGC schools around the country.

What’s more, the schools appear to be a source of recruitment for outside school activities sponsored by the FGC, such as summer camps, which would be in keeping with the pattern of recruitment of members and followers that FGC employs worldwide, according to both the Jane’s and Middle East Quarterly articles.

As a further example of the use of taqiyya, the Jane’s article gives examples of how FGC’s Turkish language media outlet Zaman runs stories with information and headlines that are missing from the English language media outlet Today’s Zaman. This practice of two different messages, one to the indigenous Islamic population and one to the West, is common in the Islamic world, and has led many in the West, including political leaders and academics, to be misled as to the true intentions of Islamists.

In building a sophisticated and well-funded worldwide network, including a substantial presence here in the U.S., Fethullah Gulen is following in the footsteps and exhortations of Mohammed, who counseled patience and deception as a means of overcoming the infidel when the power of the infidel was greater than the power of the umma, the Muslim community. In a very real sense this is as or more sinister than the frontal assault strategy of Islamist organizations such as al Qaeda and Hamas, because, like the proverbial “frog in the kettle,” we are incrementally “boiled alive” without realizing it.

For years American Congress for Truth, and now its “sister” organization ACT! for America, have been ringing the alarm bells about what is variously known as “cultural jihad,” “creeping jihad,” “stealth jihad,” and “creeping shariah.” Much of Europe and Great Britain has been Islamized through this process, a process that invariably does not lead to peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims, but leads to Islamic self-segregation, increased Islamist militancy and aggression, and the eventual forced imposition of Islamic shariah law within the society.

The FGC charter schools in America may outwardly appear innocuous, but they are serving a greater and long-range objective of Fethullah Gulen. We in the West need to be less gullible and more discerning when it comes to the elements of “stealth jihad” within our midst.

Guy Rodgers is Executive Director of ACT! for America.


POLIGAZETTE: Caliph Erdogan


Erdogan continues to present himself as the next Caliph, or spiritual and political leader of ‘the Islamic world.’

This is exactly what’s wrong with Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan rejected attempts to call Turkey the representative of moderate Islam. “It is unacceptable for us to agree with such a definition. Turkey has never been a country to represent such a concept. Moreover, Islam cannot be classified as moderate or not,” ErdoÄŸan said, speaking at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies late Thursday.

ErdoÄŸan’s statements came only days before the visit of U.S President Barack Obama whose administration signaled a dramatic shift from George W. Bush in identifying Turkey as a moderate Islamic country. U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had praised Turkey as “a democratic country with a secular constitution” during her visit to Ankara in March. In his speech, “Alliance of Civilizations and Turkey’s role,” ErdoÄŸan pointed to the lack of dialogue between different religions and cultures, which has led to distressing incidents in the world history.

“The animosity, unfortunately, strengthens the scenarios that there is a so-called clash of civilizations in the world. Those, who defend such speculations, may go further to identify the terrorism with Islam which is based on peace,” he maintained, adding that the situation helps those who try to globalize Islamophobia.

ErdoÄŸan also wanted Western societies to be more open to cooperation and dialogue with the East. “It should be known that adopting a malicious and offending approach toward the sensitive issues of Islamic world by hiding behind some democratic freedoms like freedom of speech and right of free publication is unacceptable,” he said.

Drawing attention to the importance of mutual understanding and respect, ErdoÄŸan stated that he believes and respects Moses and Jesus, and accepts them as prophets. “I expect the same attitude from a Jew or a Christian toward my own prophet,” ErdoÄŸan noted. He underlined the importance of Turkey’s European Union membership in terms of establishing connections between the West and the East.

Now, this post won’t be part of the debate about whether or not “moderate Islam” exists. No. Far more important from a political point of view is that Erdogan is starting to behave like a new Califph rather than the as the prime minister of thesecular Republic of Turkey. He has no business talking about theological issues. It is his job to protect Turkey’s interests, not those of Islam.

It is truly unacceptable for Erdogan to give any speeches about what he thinks Islam represents, how he experiences his faith, etc. He is not an Imam, but a politician.

Its all about conquest:

Turkish PM at Islamic Rally

From Joels Trumpet

A video worth watching. This is led by Sheikh Maulana Nazim Kibrisi, the leader of the Nashqbandi Sufi Muslims, known for their claims to moderacy. It was filmed in 1993 in Berlin, Germany. What is so interesting is that it was attended by the then sitting President of Turkey Erbakan as well as the present Prime Minister Erdogan. At least 50,000 Turks and Muslims were present for the rally. Keep all of this in mind when you realize that this is who Obama is now trusting and engaging as his premeire ally in the region. This is who Obama is calling for the admittance to the EU. Following is the full transcript of the speech:

Kibrisi: Definitely, the Victory belongs to Islam. The flood of people here is a sign of the glorious rise of Islam. May they not think that this is the great sign. When the great sign appears, it will shake the world. Our forefathers made the world to tremble. While holding the flag of Islam, the world was made to tremble. Our gathering is a memento from our forefathers. Today is showing that the youth are starting to take care and protect the inheritance left over from our forefathers. Unfortunately during these last 70 years we could not be proper inheritors to the 600 year legacy of our glorious forefathers who were carrying the flag of Islam. We find indolence and degradation amongst us because we were not proper heirs. The ones who will change the indolence and degradation to dignity is you oh youth. Allahu Akbar. We are the grandchildren of the Ottomans. It will be the Ottomans who will make the world to tremble again. If the Ottomans do no come back, the unbelievers will never be brought to their knees. (Allahu Akbar) Instead of writing “Avrupa Mill Gorus Teskilati” (National Perspective Organization Europe) it would be perfectly fitting to write: “The New Ottomans National Perspective Organization Europe” (Allahu Akbar) May Allah bring our dear President (Necmettin Erbakan), those who are serving the youth, and all of you my young brothers, sons, and grandsons, together under the same flag. History is made up of recurrences. Certainly our glorious era will come. The day being born belongs to Islam. That day belongs to Hakk. Hakk has arrived, batil has lost. So do not lose hope. Oh believers, turn your hearts to Allah. As long as Allah is with us, we will not need America, we will not need the unbelievers of Europe, nor will we be servants of them, nor will we go on their path. (Allahu Akhbar). There is enough to benefit us. If we start to speak, it will continue to maghrib, isha, the next morning, the next week. However, this will be enough. Allahu Akhbar!


Arizona school linked to Turkish Islamic supremacist threatens parents

“I sent my kids to this school because I wanted them to meet regular Muslims and to see them as ordinary people,” she says. “But when I find that my kids are to be turned into genocide-deniers, that’s very disturbing to me.”

Fethullah Gulen, the “Turkish Khomeini,” is one of the world’s most accomplished stealth jihadists. Details here. “Hidden Agenda? Parents raise concerns that a Tucson charter school has ties to a Turkish nationalist movement,” by Tim Vanderpool for theTucson Weekly, December 31, 2009 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

No one can knock the numbers. In recent years, students at Tucson’s Sonoran Science Academy have secured stellar scores in math, science and other categories. The academy has earned glowing mentions in national magazines such as U.S. News and World Report, and in 2009, was deemed Charter School of the Year by the Arizona Charter School Association.

But some parents of children who attend the academy on West Sunset Road believe it harbors goals reaching far beyond academia. They suspect the Sonoran Academy of being part of a confederation of learning institutions secretly linked to, and advancing, the cause of Turkish scholar and Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen.

While most of those parents have resisted coming forward, fearing reprisal from an organization they say is known to target critics, one parent did agree to speak to the Weekly if we pledged to keep her identity hidden. The parent says she represents others at the academy who’ve become suspicious about the striking similarities of its educational programs to those of other schools around the United States which are operated by Turkish-born staff members.

She says teachers and administers freely circulate among these schools. At the same time, says the parent, the Sonoran Academy seems constantly to be bringing Turkish educators into the United States, and subjecting students to substitute teachers while the teachers await work visas.

According to this parent, all of these ties may lead covertly back to the Gülen movement, named for the scholar, who founded a network of schools around the world and now lives in exile in Pennsylvania. She says several Sonoran Academy parents believe the school has a hidden agenda to promote Gülen’s brand of Turkish nationalism, advance sympathy for that country’s political goals such as winning acceptance into the European Union, and discourage official acknowledgement of Turkey’s genocide against the Armenians during World War I.

“We found one document, in Turkish, that talks about the purpose of these charter schools,” says the parent. “They refer to them very explicitly as schools (belonging) to their movement. They’re calculating, and they say if they can have something like 600 schools, then every year, they can produce 120,000 sympathizers for Turkey.

“I sent my kids to this school because I wanted them to meet regular Muslims and to see them as ordinary people,” she says. “But when I find that my kids are to be turned into genocide-deniers, that’s very disturbing to me.”

Fatih Karatas is principal of the academy’s middle school. He calls such claims ridiculous.

“We don’t have any kind of connections or any kind of relations with that movement or group. A public school can not be affiliated in any way with other institutions or groups because of the regulations, because of the charters.”

He also says his school has a diverse staff, native to countries ranging from Turkey to Mexico, which he considers a benefit. “But we’re not promoting a certain ideology. … These are defamatory allegations that are not based on any proof or evidence.”

Still, the Sonoran Academy isn’t the first Turkish-American-run charter school in United States to be accused of links to Gülen. Parents at the Beehive Science and Technology Academy in Holladay, Utah, have also raised concerns that their school is linked to this movement. And according The Salt Lake Tribune, one Beehive teacher was fired when his lesson plan about World War II and the Holocaust prompted a discussion in which the school’s principal purportedly questioned that genocide. […]

However, Karatas suggests those who make such claims are flirting with trouble.

“I’m hoping that they know that these are defamatory allegations which may put them in trouble later on. These are excelling schools. … I hope they are aware of what they’re doing.”

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  1. What’s that barbarian idiot holding the Quran crying about?

    Man, not being able to rape infidel women and amass untold riches stolen from non-muslims has got to be kicking this caveman’s a_s!!!

  2. Muslims are like a big Mafiosi, it is the only way to keep ordinary Muslims in line. If the so-called moderates question the inherent absurdity of the people who speak for them they and their families are threatened. It is pure folly for Islamists to think that they can take over the civilised world. These people are in for a rude shock, then we will watch them squirm and obfuscate.

  3. Well, first of all, Fethfullah Gulen is crying in the first picture because he is filled with God’s love. Who gave life and joy in our lives but many people try to ignore God’s mercy. He said be kind to other’s, pray, count your blessing etc……

    In the video, people are standing up and saying ” God is great. God is great.” Because trully, God is great. God is the creator of all the beings.

    If you don’t understand Turkish or Arabic, it looks fanatic but once you understand their language, you understand that the only good things are mentioned……

    Before the election, the president was always attacked by saying “He attended Madrasa in Indonesia.” as if he attended some kind of islamic school or something but Madrasa simply means “school” in Arabic. It is really amazing how people manipulate words in American media. American people should realize that.

  4. I know these morons. In fact, I made the mistake of working for one of their schools in Turkey once. They are for all intensive purposes Islamic nazis. They hate Ataturk and his principles and try use their money to spread Islamism subversively. Gulen has schools around the world. If I’m not mistaken, his schools in Russian and Belarus were closed. I know that for awhile his university here in istanbul was closed due to some issues involving headscarves etc. The schools are the scariest because they seem to indoctrinate people. Nobody really knows where they get their money from.
    I keep asking myself when the army will step in and take these yoyos out. Its amusing to me that the MSM wasn’t covering the “gifts” the AKP gave out prior to the last elections.. bags of coal, refrigerators, tv sets etc. Yeah, this new party is “democracy in action”. They want to use the EU to force the Turkish military to back off. They’ve mangaed to infiltrate every part of Turkish society.. the education system, police, etc. Their latest gaff was to try to ban alcohol in the tourist areas. Sooner or later something will give. This place is like a pressure cooker.

  5. I know these people. All they want is God’s gratification. Their aims are peace in the world, intercultural dialogue, accept everybody in their faith. They are not “moron”, actually very educated and open-minded people. Also their charities help people around the world. I gave charity to their institution recently for Haiti earthquake. Yes, Gulen movement has schools all around the world to build a new, beautiful and peaceful world. None of their universities were closed. Two of their schools were in trouble in Russia because of politic pressures, not their mistakes. The money comes from their volunteers and businessman people. In Turkey, we came to the end of military pressure on democracy, why the old-minded people crying and shouting nowadays. The Turkish society want army do what they supposed to do. To do their job, not stroke to own government. The municipialities give help to the poor people because they need them. There was big economic crisis in 1997-2002 under the military-shadow in Turkey. Actually I want the Turkish army go to back to their post like in normal democracy. Also nobody wants to ban alcohol in touristic areas. One of the conspiracy teories…

  6. This is a misleading article. The picture you have on this website is not even Fethullah Gulen’s picture. You put wrong guy’s picture. Of course, Fethullah Gulen’s picture does not fit with the lies and stories you are telling. Here is his picture:

    See also below article to see how these guys are changing the truth:

    1. Dear namsala,

      If you find anything “misleading” you are welcome to correct it. The picture is directly from Fethullah Gulen’s official website, so I don’t know what you’re on about. The link you sent is a dud.

      I am not aware of any official statement by Fethullah Gulen that renounces violent jihad against unbelievers. Therefore, our articles about the movements goals are accurate.

  7. I have searched everywhere in Mr. Gulen’s website and I (as i expected) weren’t able find any picture like the one you have but i was able to find an official statement from Mr. Gulen on violent jihad. Here is the statement :
    “Our guilt is the guilt of a nation. It is the guilt of education. A real Muslim, who understood Islam in every aspect, cannot be a terrorist. It is hard for a man to stay as a Muslim if he becomes involved in terror. Religion does not approve of killing a man to reach a goal. ”

    You can find accurate and unbiased information about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen movement on the following website:

    1. Will this man destroy Turkish secularism?

      Fethullah Gülen: the Turkish Khomeini?

      Building his empire in Philadelphia. Is he planning to return to establish Sharia rule in Ankara? “Fethullah Gülen: the neo-Ottoman dream of Turkish Islam,” by Geries Othman for AsiaNews, May 6

      Ankara (AsiaNews) – Atatürk’s secularism and the social order guaranteed by the military appear to be teetering in Turkey today. This is due to the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan, backed by a moderate Islamist party, but especially to the fact that despite the secular constitution, religion appears to be taking root in society. This trend in turn is supported by one of the best known and more controversial figures in today’s Turkey, Fethullah Gülen, who is seen a the most important modern Muslim theologian and political scientist today.
      Son of an imam, Gülen was born in Erzurum in south-eastern Turkey, in 1938. A great disciple of Said Nursî, a mystic of Kurdish origin who died in 1960, he is in favour of a conservative and orthodox vision of Islam without rejecting modernity which he believes must be addressed.

      In the 1970s he organised summer camps in Izmir to teach Islamic principles, setting up the first student or ‘light’ hostels. Still tolerated by the state he began building his first schools, then a university, mass media, groups and associations to breathe life into “modern Turkish Islam” whereby religion and nationalism could be one.

      Because of some statements, Turkey’s National Security Council condemned in 1998 for ”trying to undermine the country’s secular institutions, concealing his methods behind a democratic and moderate image.” For this reason he has been living in voluntary exile in the United States since he was sentenced in absentia.

      From his headquarters in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), he continues to build his empire, which includes a network of more than 300 private (Islamic) schools in Turkey and 200 abroad (from Tanzania to China, Morocco to the Philippines and former Soviet Republics with large Turkic minorities), a bank, various TV stations and newspapers, a 12-language website and many charities, a virtual business empire worth billions of dollars….

      Officially his movement has about a million followers, including tens of thousands of public sector employees in Turkey who are protected by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (one of Gülen’s best known sympathisers).

      In 2006 a Court in Ankara acquitted him from charges of creating an illegal organisation for the purpose of overthrowing Turkey’s secular state and replacing it with one based on the Sharia. But despite that and his large following, he has been criticised by a large number of secularists who believe that underneath a veneer of humanist philosophy, Gülen plans to turn Turkey’s secular state into a theocracy.

      Secular Kemalists have compared him to Khomeini and fear that his return to Turkey might turn Ankara into another Tehran. The governments of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are also weary and suspicious of his “Turkish schools promoted by Islamic missionaries.”

      At the basis of Gülen’s teachings is the notion that state and religion should be reconnected as they were in Ottoman times and that Turkey should play the role of beacon for the Balkans and the republics in the Caucasus. Through him a “neo-Nur” philosophy is integrated into Turkish, if not pan-Turkic nationalism, which explains his success among ethnically related Turkic peoples in post-Soviet Central Asia….

  8. Dear sheikyermami

    “If you find anything “misleading” you are welcome to correct it. ” This is exactly what you said. Most of the stuff in this article is not correct. And i see that u haven’t changed picture either.

    Additional information about Gulen movement and Fethullah Gulen can be found at following links from NY Times and Foreign Policy:

    1. Be specific.

      “Most of the stuff” doesn’t cut it. It makes you look silly.

      What makes you object to the picture? Don’t like to see your idol as a whiny poser?

  9. You are just a time consuming puppet. A puppet that will be put in trash when no longer needed. You know all of these crap that you have on this page is a huge lie, you just don’t want to accept it because this is what you get paid for.

  10. Who is “nazim08”? Also, I’d like to know the etymology of “sheikyermami”? Is it supposed to mean “shake your mammy” (that’s all I could get out of, but I suspect that was your intent? Furthermore, I’d like an update – what’s the latest scoop on Gulen? Finally, do you happen to know is the residency case (“green card”) was a court case, or an administrative (purely Homeland Security) case? Piece – oops, Peace!

  11. This writer has it all wrong. Fethullah Gulen and its movement is working hand in hand with the Vatican, CIA and Zionism. There is no stealth or threat for Christians onthe contrary they have adopted late Pope John Pauls Interfaith dialogue strategy. They are the main weapon of the Vatican to mislead Muslims into Christianity.

    Muslims beware. Some openly accused Gulen of being the 7th Cardinal. he has not denied it.!?

  12. oh the first pics are of fethullah gulen. he looks like Deniro crying in the movie Analyze That. Fake Tears

  13. * Fethullah Gulen is the honorary president of the Rumi Forum.

    [The principal goal of the Rumi Forum is to promote peace in the world and contribute to a peaceful coexistence of the adherents of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and races. For that to be achieved, we believe that everyone must be respectful to the environment and to all creatures’ right to exist, believe in the sanctity of human rights and democracy and use all means at hand to make this coexistence possible.]

    There’s a surprise – “peaceful coexistence” (a New Age of harmony?)

    People will get their age of “peaceful coexistence” (on allah’s terms?),
    followed by sudden destruction, on God’s terms:

    While they are saying “Peace and safety!” then in a moment destruction falls upon them, like birth-pains on a woman who is with child; and escape there is none. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

    1. Ah yes, Rumi and the peaceful Sufis!

      They really know how to wrap the poison up to make gullible, naive kafirs eat it. But lets a closer look, lets smell it:

      Here is Al-Ghazali, evidently with no intention of departing either from Sufism or Muslim orthodoxy, writing about jihad war and the treatment of the vanquished non-Muslim dhimmi peoples:

      [O]ne must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a year…one may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them…If a person of the Ahl al-Kitab [People of The Book – primarily Jews and Christians] is enslaved, his marriage is [automatically] revoked…One may cut down their trees…One must destroy their useless books. Jihadists may take as booty whatever they decide…they may steal as much food as they need…

      As usual, read the whole text, there’s always more…..

  14. I’d rather support the efforts of Falun Gong. Their continued existence is proof that no ideology is stronger than the force of indigenous culture and history.
    Meet the West, Islam.
    You will lose every ounce of confidence in your demon Allah you ever had.

  15. The Gulen movement looks to be as accountable and transparent as FIFA, that secular clique of bloated plutocrats.

  16. They are sincere in wanting a secular Islam. There is a problem, however, in achieving it. Their understanding of the term is different than ours (and both are a bit confused!).

    The Western secular belief system or Secular Humanism is a combination of political and economic ideals associated with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is commonly associated with science and technology but only because we have had a century and a half-long struggled to seemingly connect them. There is no connection, however. Those ideals cannot be supported by science. For example, if “democracy” is superior to all other forms of government, why is it that no one can define precisely what it is and distinguish it from a republic and simply the parlamentary system? Also, “In unity there is strength” has had to be replaced with “praise diversity,” but we need to praise it only in order to limit the damage to unity that it causes. In other words, we are good at rationalizing. All ideologies rationalize, including the secular one.

    Gulenic Islam can adopt secular political and economic ideals even though they are not in the Koran, but it cannot adopt the kind of science Islam needs in order to catch up with, much less surpass, the West without rationalizing a consistency between science and the legands in the Koran. Science must reject whatever cannot be shown or duplicated, and it is not possible and not consistent with science that Mohammed flew to Heaven to confer with “gods,” or that Christ will return or even that the Kaaba is “sacred.” There are no sacred books or spiritual beings in science, and technology can only be based on science.

    For Gulenism to adopt science, it will have to turn Islam into a divided and liberalized faith such as we in the West with the Methodist, Prespateran, Lutheren, and Unitarian churches. Its science and technology will suffer just to the point it cannot (or refuses to) manage that.

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