Sheikh: Muslims Urged to 'Sub-due the World' via Child-Bearing

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Don’t say I told you so:

“We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women”

Sheikh Kayemba says that the Koran teaches that girls have to get married, produce children and subdue the world. Kayemba, who says he has 23 children so far, has also encouraged his fellow Muslims to produce as many children as possible. (Source)

Defending Pedophilia

“It behooves those who call for setting a minimum age for marriage to fear Allah and not contradict his Sharia.”

UNHRC Speech by David Littman – WUPJ: Violence against women 

Littman reminded “that when it comes to religion one has to respect sensitivities… and understanding…”

Haiti: Islamic 'Charity' Means More Mosques

Nothing for nothing. The greatest  gift is Islam.

What could be more important than spreading Islam? Was there ever a better opportunity to gain new recruits before the earthquake?

Islam is a mercy to all mankind, and those who oppose it cause wars for which they are responsible.

Sharia Finance Watch via Creeping Sharia

One of the largest Islamic charities in the United States, LIFE for Relief and Development, has used the ongoing crisis in Haiti to fund mosque expansion in Haiti.

Al Fatiha Mosque in Haiti

Haiti has almost no Muslims. Even Islamic sources, which are notorious for wildly overestimating Muslim population levels, put the figure at 3,000 Muslims in the Caribbean nation out of nearly 9.9 million people. Reports indicate that as much as $3 million will be used to “renovate” 5 mosques.

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha ila Allah,” — “God is greater, God is greater, there is no god but God.”

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For 250 years, Turkey's presence in Europe was invariably as an armed invader in Christian lands

Not sure where the author of this article took the 250 years from, because Mohammedanism has been trying to conquer Europe  for at least 1300 years now.

Allures of a Megalomaniac:

New Erdogan Slogan:

“Turkey is no longer a country who’s affairs are determined from abroad. Turkey is a country that dictates the affairs of the world…”

Kevin Myers: For 250 years, Turkey’s presence in Europe was invariably as an armed invader in Christian lands

In other words: jihad to make the world Islamic

How come every Muselmaniac knows what we are desperately trying to ignore?

President McAleese’s strong endorsement of Turkey’s membership of the EU is, presumably, government policy. But why? How is full Turkish membership of the EU in our interests, when the emigrants from both countries will be competing for jobs in mainland Europe?

Or is it simply an ideological issue, in which we faithfully follow the EU party-line as once good Communists adhered to the diktats from the Comintern?

The largely undiscussed reason to worry about Turkish membership of the EU is the most delicate: religion. But Turkey is eager to present itself as an agent of the Islamic world: they recently even proposed making an “Islamic car” (whatever that is) with Malaysia. When the Danish prime minister Lars Rasmussen was proposed as head of NATO, the Turkish PM, Racip Tayyip Erdogan, alleged that the Dane’s handling of the Mohammed-cartoons issue had made him unpopular in the Muslim world. So Turkey is already acting as an Islamic emissary, and on an issue of free speech that goes to the very core of European secularism. For in our culture, we can call Jesus Christ a sodomite son-of-a-whore without legal consequence. But I would not even jokingly use such language about Mohammed for fear of Islamic death-squads.


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The Fethullah Gulen Movement: Infiltration on a Grand Scale

Fethullah Gulen: Infiltrating the U.S. Through Our Charter Schools?

* You gotta watch this: a video from Joels Trumpet at the end of this page, a speech by Sheikh Maulana Nazim Kibrisi, the leader of the Nashqbandi Sufi Muslims, known for their claims to moderacy. It was filmed in 1993 in Berlin, Germany. What is so interesting is that it was attended by the then sitting President of Turkey Erbakan as well as the present Prime Minister Erdogan. At least 50,000 Turks and Muslims were present for the rally. These Islamists made their intentions clear; they demand the subjugation of the West. The  Islamic conquest of Europe is a done deal for these headbangers.


With thanks to ACT! for America:

For some time we have been researching a Turkish-based Islamist movement that has a significant network here in the United States. Given Turkey’s history of secular, democratic government, and some of the remarks made by President Obama in his recent speech there, many of our members and other readers will likely be surprised by what we have found. I suspect that even many who are well-read on the issue of Islamism are unfamiliar with the Fethullah Gulen Community (FGC), a movement a February 2009 article in the respected Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst labeled “Turkey’s third power.” Indeed, the article noted in its Key Points: “Turkey’s Islamist Gulen movement, while a powerful political force, is largely an unfamiliar entity to the West.”
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