WTF? What is an Islamic prayer doing in a U.S. legislature session?

Attack of the CAIR Press Release II: Outraged Florida GOP Leader Left House Floor Before Islamic Prayer, Returned Just After it…

                    ….and CAIR goes apeshit!


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 *  This is the second press release on  Rep. Adam Hasner in two days… A leader seems to emerge from amongst the rabble….

WASHINGTON, April 27 /PRNewswire/ —A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy group today said that Rep. Adam Hasner, the head of Florida’s House Republicans, left the floor of the legislature just prior to an Islamic prayer opening the session and returned to his seat just after the prayer ended.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) cited the apparent walkout as an additional reason for Hasner to step down from his leadership post.

In 2007, Hasner sponsored a screening of the anti-Muslim film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” for state legislators.

If anyone feels like lending some support to Adam Hasner, here is his contact info.


(Part I) Attack of the CAIR Press Release: Demand Florida GOP Leader Resign for Hosting Geert Wilders Event…

Jihad Watch:


Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Florida House Majority Leader to step down for co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas jihad terror funding case, and an organization that has had several of its officials convicted of various terrorism-related offenses, as well as one whose co-founder and principal spokesman have made Islamic supremacist statements, is now demanding that an American politician be punished for exercising his right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly — in co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliamentarian who has aroused CAIR’s ire by speaking truthfully about Islamic jihad violence and supremacism.

“CAIR: Hasner must step down,” by Adam Smith in the St. Petersburg Times “The Buzz” Blog, April 26 (thanks to Pamela, who has more details, including CAIR’s press release):

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on GOP leaders to demand that Rep. Adam Hasner step down from his leadership post for co-hosting a Florida “Free Speech Summit” criticized as an anti-Islam event. Featured speaker Dutch politician Geert Wilders reportedly said: “ Islam is not a religion. Islam is a totalitarian political ideologue. Islam heart lies at the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is a book that calls for hatred, that calls for violence, for murder, for terrorism, for war, and submission…We should stop pretending that Islam is a religion… the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam .”

Hasner is defiant:

Hasner responded: “I am not going to allow the right to free speech [to] be stifled by a group like CAIR that has legally documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a radical organization that is on record as stating they want to destroy America from within thru the imposition of Sharia law.”

Step down? Hardly. Hasner ought to run for President!

“It is unconscionable that a top leader of an American state legislature would host a gathering at which the faith of millions of Americans is denigrated and their rights denied,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper . “Republican Party leaders in Florida and nationwide must demand that Representative Hasner step down from his leadership post because of his support for Geert Wilders and his Nazi-like message.”…

Yeah, yeah, CAIR and its stooges among “conservative” bloggers love to tar every freedom fighter as a Nazi, but the only real Jew-hating, totalitarian, genocidal force in the world today of any power and significance is the Islamic jihad.

Pamela Geller is also speaking at the Florida Free Speech Summit. She has the text of Wilders’s talk here, with video here, along with video of an excellent address by Lord Pearson at the same event here.


5 thoughts on “WTF? What is an Islamic prayer doing in a U.S. legislature session?”

  1. There needs to be a list made and propagated all over the U.S.A of elected officials that are taking the stand against Islam. We need to rally in support of these modern day heroes, and let people know who live in their state & district to be all the more vocal on their behalf…to keep these courageous candidates in office!

    In fact it would not be a bad idea to do this whatever Nation you live in.

  2. I write from Malaysia which is a nation of many races and religions like the United States. It is in this multifarious structure that our greatness lies.

    Hasner should be lauded and be earmarked for the next President of the USA. Men with nerves of steel like him made US great. Hopefully more will join him in his endeavours to uphold the dignity of Man in the US.

    Once the citizens of USA forget or ignore the very fundamentals under which the Founding Fathers founded the United States of America, the world wiill be at the mercy of lunatics and hate crazed religio -fanatics.

    Only the US has the WILL , the might and the power to save the rest of the world and to protect the rights of one and all. That duty has been entrusted to the people of USA who have come from all over the world as a God given duty.

    Rise up America and give your stength to this valiant man and to Geert Wheeler.

  3. A “prominent national muslim civil rights and advocacy group”??
    Intentionally lower cased, just as I find it impossible to honor ZERO with a title – but I digress. Alert: this group’s attorneys REPRESENT ZERO now in his case to prevent release of his ACTUAL birth certificate, and previously.
    Gathering a list of those who are at the front for US is a good idea, however short it will be. However! perhaps more important would be the list of those who are infiltrating our government and will impose Sharia. Start with Se. Ellison, who swore on the Quran. ANYONE ASK HIM TO WHAT IS HIS FIRST ALLEGIANCE? Now there’s a another in Virginia, Esam Oneish – listen and note CAIR.

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