Australia: Rock-throwing Bikie Gets Off With Slap on the Wrist

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* Its his “culture”, you see. “Anger management” will fix it. Sure thing. Where would we be without understanding, compassionate judges? Just in thanks to Anderson…

  • Update: “The report of the psychologist says it’s a cultural thing that Turkish people resort to violence to protect the honour of their family,” he said.
  • Sheik Yer’mami wonders:what does it take to take their ‘honor’ away?Castration?


A BANDIDO bikie tried to use his Turkish heritage yesterday to justify throwing a rock at a Gold Coast mother who he believed had kicked his eight-year-old son.

Cem Jim Kusdemir, 31, who was born in NSW, yesterday appeared in Southport Magistrates Court with a psychologist’s report outlining his anger management issues, which related to his Turkish background.

The Nerang man walked free from court yesterday with a six-month suspended sentence but was also put on probation for two years, fined $1000 and ordered to pay $800 in compensation.

His probation orders include undertaking any courses, including anger management, and submitting to random urine and blood tests.

The court was told the psychologist’s report claimed the father-of-two believed it was the ‘Turkish way’ to fight.

Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said there were many Turkish people who were first-class citizens and the report was wrongly suggesting all Turkish people were violent.

“The report of the psychologist says it’s a cultural thing that Turkish people resort to violence to protect the honour of their family,” he said.

“He (Kusdemir) says he has been brought up to believe if any wrong is done to his family, he reacts with aggression and violence which is justified.

“If that is his view of the world, he needs some serious guidance.”

Kusdemir pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault, two counts of disorderly behaviour on educational grounds and one count of obstructing police.

The court was told he had gone to William Duncan State School at Mudgeeraba to collect his son on August 5 last year when he had an argument with another boy’s mother.

Police prosecutor Trudi Jobberns said Kusdemir accused the woman of kicking his son but the woman told him it was Kusdemir’s son who had kicked her son.

“The defendant became highly aggressive and yelled at the victim,” she said.

“He said: You had better move house cause I’m going to get you, you (expletive).”

Ms Jobberns said the woman retaliated by swearing at Kusdemir before he threw a rock at her.

The court was told that the following morning, Kusdemir was at the school to drop off his son when he abused a second woman who witnessed the previous assault.

Ms Jobberns said Kusdemir ‘got in her face’ and began a tirade of abuse.

She said the woman was scared and went to the school office where Kusdemir followed and once inside, pointed to his Bandidos cap, saying: “Do you know who I am? Look at it.”

Both women have since withdrawn their children from William Duncan State School.

“It is a clear example of a member of a motorcycle gang such as the Bandidos believing that through tactics of thuggery they can assault, harass, intimidate, threaten and put fear into others,” said Ms Jobberns.

Kusdemir’s representative, Brook Winter, said a hefty fine was appropriate.

However, Mr Kilmartin said a fine would not achieve anything.

He said he would have been more lenient if the first offence stood on its own.

“The court has to take into account you continued your bad behaviour the next day and made a number of threats to a second person,” he said.

He ordered $300 compensation for the first victim and $500 for the second.

A conviction was recorded for each of the offences.

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  1. * Cem Jim Kusdemir, 31, who was born in NSW …

    … used his “Turkish background” as a defence.

    Why import that “cultural thing” here? We don’t need it.

  2. Almost anyone can say there is fighting in their background. Everyone has family honour to defend…So PC to try to use background as a defence. He is in Australia now and Australian law should deal with him the same way it deals with anyoneelse.

  3. Actually, a 28 year old Australian was shot and murdered in the same area in January. This was for a perceived traffic infringement (ie road rage incident), and the culprit was given the PC description as “middle eastern”. One wonders if the thug whose picture is shown above has managed to make the news twice this year. Lets hope he is not released, but locals will have to put pressure on the courts to see the case through.

  4. The man who shot Omega on Australia Day is unlikely to be Cem in my opinion.

  5. The only “counselling”likely to work on this cowardly dog is with a cattle prod.He belongs to two subcultures(Middle Eastern,Biker)who constantly and intentionally confuse kindness and fair play with weakness.Like the Donkey, they understand only the carrot or the stick;and this creature appears to have been offered far too many carrots already.
    Another brave Islamic warrior goes free!.

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