Greeks "increasingly xenophobic"- really?


* Resisting the Muselmanic invasion can hardly be described as xenophobic. The Greeks, under attack for millenium, have every right to defend themselves, in fact it is a duty for every upright citizen to resist the Islamic invasion. Greece has always welcomed visitors and to blame their resistance to Islam as’xenophobic’  is plain rubbish. Especially in light of the fact that the Muslim Turks have overrun and occupied northern Cyprus and murdered, raped and abducted hundreds of thousands of  Christians  a mere 30 years ago,  and drove them out of their homes. For a few years now Greece has been systematically  invaded by the Islamo-fascists, and rabid lefties, Anarcho’s and their support groups have been assisting the Muzz to get a foothold. It is now time to reverse the situation and to repatriate the unwelcome  parasites. That takes political will and determination:

Several violent attacks against economic migrants have been reported around Athens city centre during the last month, most notably targeting the Pakistani community. 

“I can see migrants are the source of many problems,” says Maria Nafpliotou, an employee at a music store in the city centre. “Nobody is happy to see them living around here, but I doubt slaying them is a solution.”

* Check the media spin: happy to find a tart from a music store to smear “far-right organizations”,  the far left media would have you believe the “far right” wants to kill them all. In reality, it is the Muslims who are religiously obliged to “slay the disbelievers wherever they can be found”- what’s going on here…?

* Update thanks to Mullah:

AFP/Athens: Muselmanic Grievance Theater in Overdrive

An immigrant clashes with riot police during a demonstration outside the Greek Parliament in Athens on Friday. Hundreds of Greek police fired tear gas at hundreds of Muslim immigrants in Athens

 Muslim leaders who condemned the unrest also warned the state must act quickly to reverse the sense of marginalisation.

Thousands of Muslims from Arab nations, Africa and the Indian subcontinent now live and work in Athens, often scraping by with meagre wages and in squalid accommodation.

* Why would anyone promise them anything? What rights do Greeks or any infidels have in Muslim countries? Is there nobody who has the courage to tell these masters of spin to shove it once and for all?

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She says this as she looks out into Omonia square at a demonstration called last week by a group of far-right organisations going under the name ’Residents committees against the invasion of aliens in our country’.

The hundreds of demonstrators flew the Greek flag, played music by Wagner as did the Nazis once, and sang radical marching tunes. ’Blood, Honour, Golden Dawn’ went one slogan, Golden Dawn being the name of the most notorious fascist group in the country. The demonstrators attack foreigners, journalists or just anyone who dared show disapproval of the demonstration.

Police stood passively between the extremists and leftist counter- demonstrators, restricting themselves to calming down the angry mob now and then. Their casual way of dealing with the neo-Nazis was unmistakable.

Such demonstrations are not common in Athens, and could be dismissed as isolated events were it not for growing signs over the past few months of an imminent wave of xenophobia in Greece.

”The debate about deterioration of migration into a crisis is increasingly taking place in a very negative climate,” says Spyros Rizakos, legal representative of the NGO Aitima based in Patra city 250 km southwest of Athens. Thousands of refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia live there in inhumane conditions. (Who asked them to come? Whose responsibility are they?)

”Nobody discusses what drives thousands of people to such abject conditions, and what the responsibility of the Greek state is for that,” Rizakos told IPS. (None. Zilch. Nada. Niente. Greece has no such ‘responsibility’, none whatsoever/ed)  ”We illegally do not implement European directives for reception and integration, and have effectively shut the majority of migrants out of asylum procedures; this country is literally a workshop of social exclusion for foreigners.”

Following widespread social unrest in Athens, beginning with the riots last December, authorities have become more insensitive to human rights issues, Rizakos says.

During the last few months a connection made by mainstream media between the constant arrival of thousands of migrants and an increase in criminality in some districts of the capital they concentrate in has prepared the ground for tougher measures.

”The truth is that the situation around the city centre has deteriorated immensely during the last few months,” Georgia Dusia, human rights activist with the leftist organisation Network for the rights of Refugees told IPS. ”We sometimes fail to accept the reality on the ground out of sympathy and pro- migrant views, but it is better to be aware and to acknowledge reality. There are places in this city cut out of society. People are scared, politicians capitalise on the situation, and we need to respond to that.”

The Ministry of Interior has announced plans to move thousands of irregular migrants to detention facilities. Many squatting in rundown buildings in the Athens city centre will be moved to a disused military facility in Aspropirgos, west of Athens.

And a large number of Afghans have abandoned a makeshift camp next to Patras port following the announcement of plans to transfer them to a new ’closed’ camp which will be policed on a 24-hour basis.

It was also decided at an emergency meeting this week of officials from the ministries of interior, foreign affairs, defence, the merchant marine and island policy, and of the police and coast guard, to set up a new coordination body for the protection of national borders.

One of the first measures will be to involve the military in detaining migrants, and strengthening surveillance of borders against arrivals. This will be done with a budget of 200 million euros up to 2013, 148 million of which will come from the European Union, for policing equipment and new technologies.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how everyone who actually has to deal with Mohammedans becomes a xenophobe, but not xenophobic generally, just toward Mohammedans, no?

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