Homo War's and War on Homo's

Homo Wars:

Homosexual activists, who  have demanded respect for so long,  don’t seem to realise how much they trash their cause with their  sniggering, personal, cruel and demeaning abuse of a woman who simply dares to say, as Miss California did last week, that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman.  Andrew Bolt:  snobbery and hypocrisy

War on Homo’s:

Curiously, the grievance theater by gay lobbyists and feminist libtards is inaudible when it comes to Islam and its adherents, who stitch up the anuses of young homosexuals when they don’t kill them instantly, like in Iraq, Iran, and many other places where people follow the prophets command, like here:


* Iraq: “They kill the gays, they beat them up… I have a lot of friends that have been killed – 15 or 16”

* Iraq: Shia Islamists Gluing the Anuses of Gays Shut…..

* Shiva sez:  “sick to the teeth when I hear the leftards whining about waterboarding”

  • However, the clerics like their little boyz, they always did:

Muslim Cleric Accused of Sodomizing Boy, 10

Jawa Report

(New Delhi, India) A 21-year-old Muslim cleric at the madrassa of Kali Masjid in Hazrat Nizamuddin, Mohammad Shehzad, was arrested earlier today for allegedly sodomizing a 10-year-old boy. Shehzad began teaching at the madrassa two weeks ago.

The police said the boy could only muster the courage to tell his mother about the incident Thursday. 

The boy’s mother along with few other locals then went to the madrassa and thrashed the cleric.

Shehzad was booked into jail. 

I suspect the requirements to become a Muslim cleric are fairly lax.


New York:

*  Pamela Geller still supports the rights of those who fail to support us:

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0115706a143e970b-500wiTo be fair, the rally was in favor of human rights v/s Islamic supremacism:

Sikhs came out in force!

3 thoughts on “Homo War's and War on Homo's”

  1. No, the requirements to become a muslim cleric are

    (1) perverted sexual desires for children and animals,
    (2) IQ < 8
    (3) a perverted sense of self importance and self worth
    (4) no self respect
    (5) the ability to murder at the drop of a hat
    (6) no knowledge of any written language
    (7) a allergy to soap and water

    No doubt Shezad was fullly qualified and an exceptional applicant at that.
    How many more Shezads are hiding in our midst?

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