No Peace Offerings From the Religion of Peace

But but… Killing Homosexuals Is Part of Our Religion!

Barbaric Murder of Homosexuals in Iraq…

Barenaked Islam is back after being hacked, go there and cheer them up!

No sooner are U.S. troops out of Iraq, and the slaughter of homosexuals begins again

Islamic Yuman Rites means death to homosexuals:

Brushing aside high-level UN appeals for cooperation to halt murder and violence against gays and lesbians around the globe, Muslim and Arab countries on Wednesday stalked out of a Human Rights Council panel to tackle the issue. (al Reuters)

Thanks to the Religion of Peace, Jihad Watch

The United States of Islam (Canada Free Press)

“ We must conduct jihad against the West, who are aggressors against the Land of Islam “

The Specter of the Caliphate is haunting the progressive West.

You didn’t think this could happen in the U.S. of A:

University of Georgia:

Pamela Geller:

The Price of a Quran (Daniel Greenfield)

Is the Quran really worth the price of our freedom and lives of our sons and daughters overseas?

Women on the ‘Backfoot’ after Arab Spring (al-Arabiya)

After being on the front lines of the ‘Arab Spring’ women are being assigned their usual place in a Muslim society.

Iranian and Islamic Anti-Semitism (Andrew Bostom)

(Video) Two new videos that examine the Islamic world’s animosity toward Jewish people.

Dr. Andrew Bostom – Understanding the Islam in Muslim Jew-Hatred from CJHS on Vimeo.

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

“Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

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Malacca to amend laws to prosecute homosexuals

Woah; I thought we were “beyond tolerance?”

Didn’t our former High Court judge,  the homosexual activist Michael Kirby just tell us that   “toleration is a very condescending emotion and toleration’s over as far as I’m concerned…?”

Well, looks like the Malay’s didn’t get the message yet:

“In Malaysia, homosexuals are punishable under Section 377 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonement, a fine and whipping,” lawyer R Uma Devi said in a statement issued by Dotcom Solicitors.

The Star via ROP

ALOR GAJAH: Malacca will amend its state Islamic enactment to prosecute gays and lesbians by applying the same type of Syariah legal mechanism used against deviant Muslim sects.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said homosexuals and lesbians could be tried at the Syariah Court once the enactment was gazetted as Syariah law.

“We will revise the current enactment to specifically deal with homosexuals and lesbians in the state, including groups that promote such uncanny sex,” he said here yesterday.

Other offerings from Malaysia:

Mohd Ali, who is also Malacca Islamic Religious Department chairman, said the enactment had to be revised as there was no specific law at present to prosecute such groups.

“We will suggest the enactment to also cover bisexuals and transsexuals,” he said, adding that action could also be taken against any non-governmental organisation promoting and supporting such sexual practices.

“We don’t want such unsavoury culture creeping in and damaging the moral fabric of our society,” Mohd Ali said.

Separately, he called on Sisters in Islam to drop the word “Islam” from its name as he claimed the NGO had been frequently issuing contradicting and confusing statements on Islam.

Homosexuals & Pedophiles

72 Virgins and 28 Boys

It is common in Arabic poetry to glorify homosexuality, take their famous poet Abu Nuwas:

O the joy of sodomy!
So now be sodomites, you Arabs.
Turn not away from it–
therein is wondrous pleasure.
Take some coy lad with kiss-curls
twisting on his temple
and ride as he stands like some gazelle
standing to her mate.
A lad whom all can see girt with sword
and belt not like your whore who has
to go veiled.
Make for smooth-faced boys and do your
very best to mount them, for women are
the mounts of the devils

Jawa Report

For the three of you who don’t already know, Taliban fighters are overwhelmingly Pashtun.

Also, the report is so disgusting-funny (is there a word for something that is repugnant but makes you laugh hysterically?) that I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with some snarky commentary — but, really, what more could I add? I mean, anally contracted gonorrhea? You can’t make that sh*t up!

The study, obtained by Fox News, found that Pashtun men commonly have sex with other men, admire other men physically, have sexual relationships with boys and shun women both socially and sexually — yet they completely reject the label of “homosexual.” The research was conducted as part of a longstanding effort to better understand Afghan culture and improve Western interaction with the local people. Continued below>>>

Vanderbilt Muslim professor admits that Islam mandates death for homosexuals Is Professor Awadh A. Binhazim some kind of Islamophobe?


Koran 76:19

And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

Sheik sez: My own experience in Islamic countries is that men who were married could not be homosexual, even though they obviously were.

Homosexuals & Pedophiles, continued:

In one instance, a group of local male interpreters had contracted gonorrhea anally but refused to believe they could have contracted it sexually — “because they were not homosexuals.

Apparently, according to the report, Pashtun men interpret the Islamic prohibition on homosexuality to mean they cannot “love” another man — but that doesn’t mean they can’t use men for “sexual gratification.” …

The report also detailed a disturbing practice in which older “men of status” keep young boys on hand for sexual relationships. One of the country’s favorite sayings, the report said, is “women are for children, boys are for pleasure.”

Nothing says “not gay” louder than anally contracted gonorrhea.

Also, NAMBLA, like Code Pink, now supporting the Taliban as freedom fighters.

Oh yeah, hey Taliban. Tom Cruise called. He wants his closet back.

Andy Dick also wants to know why you never cuddle anymore after exchanging anal gonorrhea?

Yup, no commentary from me. None whatsoever.


And from Islamization Watch, we got this:

Another Example of Backwards Islamic ‘Culture’

By Warner Todd Huston

U.S. troops in Afghanistan are having a hard time understanding what is a strange Afghan cultural practice to them. The practice can be summed up in the ages old Afghan phrase, “women are for children, boys are for pleasure.”

Yes, that phrase means what you think it means. It has been well known for a long time that some parts of Afghanistan have an odd sexual practice ensconced in its culture. Men have sex for pleasure with boys often eschewing women. Sometimes these men even claim to be disgusted by the idea of sex for pleasure with a woman. Yet none of these Afghani men think of themselves as homosexual because they don’t “love” their male sex partners. They just love the sex.

This fact had become well known by Americans back in the 1980s when we were assisting the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviets. CIA operatives, social psychologists and cultural experts working with the government and Army personnel learned this strange habit long ago. But now that we are back in force in Afghanistan we are encountering this practice again and it is causing no end of confusion for U.S. forces — especially medical personnel.

According to Fox News, American doctors are trying to teach Afghani men that they are getting sexually transmitted diseases from the anal sex they are having with each other. The docs are telling these men that they must stop the practice.

The problem is, though, that these Afghani men refuse to take the doctor’s advice because they say it is their cultural practice. In fact, they say that the Koran tells them to do this.

The Fox report includes this statement by an Afghani that surely reflects his cultural bias on the issue. The report mentions that the U.S. medical personnel was trying to tell these men that sex with women will keep them from getting these diseases. The Fox News report said, “when it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked, ‘How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.’”

So why do I peg this to a backwards Islamic practice? Because the problem here isn’t just a weird interpretation of Islam isolated in one small corner of the earth it is Islam itself that is the problem.

Certainly we don’t necessarily see this homosexual practice in every Islamic culture, though it does exist in larger numbers than one might think. But the root of the problem is wrapped up in what the Afghani man above said about women. “They are unclean,” he told the U.S. doctors. This idea that women are “unclean” is ubiquitous throughout the religion.

This disgusting devaluing of women doesn’t just happen in Afghanistan, though it seems to be especially virulent there. This devaluing of women is rampant throughout the Islamic world. Islam hates its women. Islam beats its women. Islam rapes its women. Islam murders its women. From every corner of the earth Islam is anti-female.

So, it is no surprise that in at least one Islamic culture even having sex with women makes Islamic men sick.

For Islam to come from the 13th century into the 21st Century it must learn to treat its women with respect.


Fitzgerald: One More Look at Awadh Binhazim, Or, A Door Left Ajar In Tennessee

At Jihad Watch, less than a week ago, on January 28, a YouTube video of Awadh A. Binhazim, Ph.D., was put up.

The tape shows one Awadh A. Binhazim being subject to questioning by a persistent questioner. The tape received a good deal of comment (a heinzian 57, at last count) here. Many rightly deplored what they described as Binhazim’s attempts to avoid stating what, in the end, he was forced to admit. That is, – under a questioner’s relentless refusal to give up, and that questioner’s insistence on receiving a straight answer to the question “does Islam proscribe capital punishment for those who are practicing homosexuals and do not renounce their homosexuality?,” Awadh Binhazim, Ph.D., Professor of Pathology at Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Adjunct Professor of Islam at the Divinity School, Vanderbilt University, Adjunct Professor of Africana Studies at Tennessee State University, most reluctantly and begrudgingly, finally answered: “Yes.”

But despite being put up just a few days ago, I think that tape is worth a rewind, and then replay, stopping here and there along the way to observe those few minutes of meretriciousness on display. And together we can observe, and analyze, the usefully distinct stages of Awadh Binhazim’s effort to dodge and weave as best he can. He clearly is perfectly aware of what Islam teaches. He did, after all, attend a madrasah as a child in Kenya, then was a student of Islamic studies in Saudi Arabia, and for years has been an “explicator” of Islam to the Infidels, whenever he can inveigle an invitation, or invite himself, to present – why, practically as a public service – his exposition on Islam. He has even offered to give “free courses” on Islam – in short, a solid Muslim citizen, ready to mislead here and there and everywhere, even as he conducts his Da’wa for the Unwary. Awadh Binhazim is not one of those Muslims who is a bit hazy on what Islam teaches, someone who can claim “he didn’t know.” He knows.

Remember that Awadh A. Binhazim begins by saying that there is no room in Islam for questioning. The rules are laid down. You are not to challenge them, not to ignore them, and not to ask if, morally, they make sense. You are only to ask what those rules – on What Is Commanded and What Is Prohibited – and to slavishly follow those rules. What Islam says, Awadh A. Binhazim agrees that he, and all other Muslims, have a duty to accept. That’s a useful admission, though of course he will now dodge and duck and try not to be held onto, as he attempts not to answer a simple question about Islam, capital punishment, and homosexuality.

But the questioner would have none of it.

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Copenhagen: the whole neighborhood was taken hostage- and then the gay pastor ran away…

Islamization Watch/Denmark– a case study

Bruce Bawer gives a glimpse of the kind of thing that will be happening in the United States before too long, unless there is some drastic change in numerous policies:

Sigmund, Carl & Alfred

Human Rights Services:

Few people outside of Denmark have heard of Tingbjerg.  It’s a residential neighborhood in northwestern Copenhagen.  About 6500 people live there, down from about 10,000 in the 1970s. Today the great majority of those residents are Muslims. As the neighborhood has become increasingly Muslim, it’s also been increasingly plagued by gang violence, burglaries, car-burnings, vandalism, and other offenses.  Over the years, the members of Tingbjerg’s non-Muslim minority have come to feel increasingly vulnerable and ill at ease in their community.   Many have moved out.

Among the latter is Ulrich Vogel.  He is German and gay – and until recently he also happened to be the pastor at Tingbjerg Church.  But now, after seventeen years in that position, he’s fled – moved out of the church residence, gone underground, taken sick leave, and begun psychological treatment.

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Oslo Attack on Homosexual Couple: "This is a Muslim district"

Mugger to Gays: — This is a Muslim district

On the evening of Sunday 9th of August 2009, a gay male couple was attacked on their way home from a concert and dinner in the center of Oslo and were walking hand in hand along the road just next to where they live, in the Grønland district of east-central Oslo. A man followed them, shouted “this is a Muslim district” and kicked one of them hard from behind. Anders’ boyfriend used his mobile phone to call the police, and the attacker quickly fled the scene. According to the Oslo police, the case in now under investigation. More from Fjordman on the Gates of Vienna

International Coverup on Serbian-Organ Harvesting;

‘Pro-American’ Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci Oversaw the Scheme

Islam’s European Conquest: Is America Next?

Islam will dominate the world
AmericanThinker – John Griffing
Counter Jihad

“Islamic lands that were occupied by the enemies will once again become Islamic…We proclaim that we will conquer Rome, like Constantinople was conquered once, and as it will be conquered again.

Ali Al-Faqir, the Jordanian Minister for Religious Endowment

Britain, birthplace of parliamentary democracy, has fallen to Islam.  Oxford, once home to the likes of C.S. Lewis, now houses a giant Eastern Islamic Studies Center.  If this were the only Islamic addition to Oxford, the mood would be less somber, but when Oxford citizens are forced to awake every morning to the Muslim call to prayer with the full consent of the Church of England, nothing short of conquest has taken place.

Homo War's and War on Homo's

Homo Wars:

Homosexual activists, who  have demanded respect for so long,  don’t seem to realise how much they trash their cause with their  sniggering, personal, cruel and demeaning abuse of a woman who simply dares to say, as Miss California did last week, that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman.  Andrew Bolt:  snobbery and hypocrisy

War on Homo’s:

Curiously, the grievance theater by gay lobbyists and feminist libtards is inaudible when it comes to Islam and its adherents, who stitch up the anuses of young homosexuals when they don’t kill them instantly, like in Iraq, Iran, and many other places where people follow the prophets command, like here:


* Iraq: “They kill the gays, they beat them up… I have a lot of friends that have been killed – 15 or 16”

* Iraq: Shia Islamists Gluing the Anuses of Gays Shut…..

* Shiva sez:  “sick to the teeth when I hear the leftards whining about waterboarding”

  • However, the clerics like their little boyz, they always did:

Muslim Cleric Accused of Sodomizing Boy, 10

Jawa Report

(New Delhi, India) A 21-year-old Muslim cleric at the madrassa of Kali Masjid in Hazrat Nizamuddin, Mohammad Shehzad, was arrested earlier today for allegedly sodomizing a 10-year-old boy. Shehzad began teaching at the madrassa two weeks ago.

The police said the boy could only muster the courage to tell his mother about the incident Thursday. 

The boy’s mother along with few other locals then went to the madrassa and thrashed the cleric.

Shehzad was booked into jail. 

I suspect the requirements to become a Muslim cleric are fairly lax.


New York:

*  Pamela Geller still supports the rights of those who fail to support us:

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0115706a143e970b-500wiTo be fair, the rally was in favor of human rights v/s Islamic supremacism:

Sikhs came out in force!

Today's Obamination

Today’s sermon:

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” Patrick Henry 


Shock: Nominee to Obama’s Council on Faith-Based Partnerships is Anti-Catholic, Leftwing Zealot

Of course, of course. Why wouldn’t he be?

President Barack Obama’s controversial appointee to the White House faith-based advisory council — a professed gay Christian who has called the pope a “discredited leader” — continues to rile conservatives. 

Knox comes to the administration from the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual advocacy group. His recent comments to a San Francisco-based gay newspaper have prompted much of the concern. 

Last month, the Bay Area Reporter quoted Knox as criticizing the Knights of Columbus for supporting California’s Proposition 8, a voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Knox told the newspaper that the Knights of Columbus “followed discredited leaders,” including Roman Catholic bishops and Pope Benedict XVI…

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a recent Catholic convert, said the Knox appointment is part of Obama’s “intensely secular” and “anti-religious” agenda. 

“Why would you put an anti-religious, left-wing zealot on a faith-based council?” Gingrich asked on Fox News last week. “It’s a perfect pattern for this administration.”

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