UK: Another Victory for the MCB

* Amazing stuff: now they’re suing the networks after the guests who speak out…similar to attacking bloggers over the comments. Litigation Jihad accelerates the Islamization of once great Britain:

BRITAIN TERRORISMBunglawussi jubilant:

BBC apologises to MCB over Charles Moore’s slurs

The BBC has offered £30,000 and an apology to the Muslim Council of Britain after airing accusations that it encouraged the killing of British troops.

The corporation offered the settlement after a Question Time panellist accused the council of failing to condemn attacks on British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Charles Moore, a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, made the comments on the programme in March during a debate about Islamic protests at a soldiers’ homecoming parade in Luton. He claimed that the council thought it was a “good thing, even an Islamic thing” to kill troops.

* Of course they do. THEY can say that. But the kuffar must not say that; what’s the world coming to, you Islamophobe, you!

The council, an umbrella organisation representing about 500 Islamic bodies in Britain, said that his claims were a “total lie” and threatened the BBC with legal action. It pointed to a 2007 interview with its secretary-general, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, published in a national newspaper, in which he categorically condemned attacks on British soldiers.

Last night Dr Bari said: “These kinds of statements are very damaging, and we received many complaints from our Muslim supporters who said they were extremely offended by the comments. In fact when a British man called Ken Bigley was kidnapped in Iraq, we sent envoys there to plead for his release. This is accusing us of encouraging terrorism abroad.”

The council’s lawyers are now considering the BBC’s offer.

Times, 30 May 2009

Taliban cell sent to bomb Britain

An imam was involved. Why didn’t he instruct the plotters about the true, peaceful Islam? Was he a misundrstander of Islam?

“Taliban target Britain on ‘orders’ from al-Qaeda,” by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, May 29 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

One thought on “UK: Another Victory for the MCB”

  1. Do the following points seem familiar?
    * demonization of those who object to the deconstruction of their society
    * the formulation of ‘heresy laws’ to prevent free speech and to criminalise dissent
    * controlling the media and the education system
    *effectively engaging in gerrymandering by importing voters from the Third World
    * cow and demoralise any opposition by making people believe that the intolerable situation is somehow inevitable.
    * demonising any political organisation which doesn’t toe the line

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