John Esposito, Slave of Islam: "West must respect the Muslim veil"

No we don’t.

We don’t respect polygamy, wife-beating, child marriage, FGM, stoning of adulterous women, beheadings, arm-and feet amputations, Koran riots, cartoon riots, pope riots, teddy bear riots, rape-jihad on infidel women, suicide bombers, hijackers, honor-killings and all the rest either.

We cannot, and will not respect a violent cult that comes with a religious mandate for genocide on Jews and Christians, we don’t respect a cult that seeks our submission by paying the jiziya or forcible conversion, we cannot  respect those who demand we accept the terror regime  of the sharia to subjugate us.

72150150CF020_Muslims_DemonDefending the freedom sack:

Regular readers know that  the slick John Esposito,  director of the “ Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding” in Georgetown is a paid whore for the Saudi royal family.  Which means the Sauds pay him big bucks to promote  Islam in America. Documents Link Saudi Ruling Family to al-Qaeda…

Which, in turn, means that a man on the payroll of the world’s most oppressive Islamic regime is engaged by the Washington Post and Newsweek to provide their readers with objective facts about Islam. This perverse state of affairs is, alas, par for the course in today’s mainstream media.

* The burka, a symbol of repression, has no place in a free society

Esposito: “West must respect the Muslim veil”-

… but no call for Muslims to respect us…


Modernity should not be defined solely from a Western, liberal, secular-centred point of view. Our world today is one of multiple modernities, in which societies are increasingly multicultural and religiously and non-religiously pluralistic. Western societies should respect the rights of Muslim women who choose to wear the veil.”

John Esposito in the Gulf Times, 25 June 2009

11 thoughts on “John Esposito, Slave of Islam: "West must respect the Muslim veil"”

  1. This veil is women’s liberation”

    Yeah “liberation” from identity, respect, individuality, rights, beauty, noble purpose, slavery etc…

    I could go on and on but this freaking mega-cult is such a pathetic ideology…but my pity for Muslim women supporting & promoting & defending their own sub human classification in Islam quickly turns to bitter pointless sarcasm, that makes me want to pretend this is all a bad bad dream.

  2. Esposito and his ilk think that they are curators of some global anthrapological museum. With Muslims as some sort of exhibition that must be left alone. Sorry Bucko but reality tells us to help these people come to terms with the civilised world. They are having problems with the world and it’s natural evolutionary process. So we have to educate them into the right way to live and respect everyone else around them before it becomes a big problem. There are intelligent members of Islam who do not want to live within a stone age mentality but they are bullied and threatened into silence.

  3. What has the 60’s generation come to? We were a revolutionary generation and now we make excuses for the oppression of women? The idiot Esposito should be run out of town on a rail.

  4. You have it all wrong. John Esposito does not promote Islam.Actually, he promotes the American interest. Yes, the American interest. his book “unholy war: Terror in the Name of Islam.” is not a defense of Islam, but rather a defense of the American government position. He actually promotes anti-Islamic bigotry in America, by attacking so-called “radicals” or “extremists” within the Islamic world.

    1. “He actually promotes anti-Islamic bigotry in America, by attacking so-called “radicals” or “extremists” within the Islamic world.”

      You must be a “moderate”, Syed….

  5. You people who run this webpage should know that, or you probably already know that, but do not want to admit it!!!!

  6. Not everyone thinks like you Syed..most do not make the convenient distinction between islam and radicals..They are all the same to me. You are all brainwashed members of the same cult. I hope you one day see the light.

  7. Don’t you just love Federal elections! SHERIFF Howard won his elections on race, religion, illegal immigration and fear, and some of Pauline Hanson’s race policies. Now his “altar boy” Tony Abbott who learned his political craft from his master John Howard, Abbott, now deals the same cards, division, racism and self interest.

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