Islam Propaganda @ CNN

CNN, sharia financed and infested with Muslim agit props, shamelessly promotes Islam along with the most bizarre and bigoted Muslim views. As if there was not enough dreck on air, John Esposito,  Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s whore at the center for Muslim-Christian understanding at Georgetown University,  jumps into the fray with his bit of obfuscation:

CNN and Time Promote Accusation That ‘Bigotry’ is Driving Mosque Debate

CNN’s American Morning and Newsroom programs on Thursday brought on Time magazine’s Bobby Ghosh to highlight his “Is America Islamophobic?” article and help promote his accusation that “hate speech” and “bigotry” have “come out into the mainstream” during the course of the debate over the proposed New York City mosque near Ground Zero.

(CNN carefully omits the fact that its former Baghdad bureau chief is a Muslim agit prop)

During his American Morning appearance, anchor Kiran Chetry hailed Ghosh’s article, which is the cover story of the upcoming August 30th issue of Time, as “a very thoughtful piece.” Anchor Ali Velshi, (an Ismaeli Muslim, carefully edited out of his CNN biography) who conducted the second interview of the Time deputy international editor, went further than his colleague: “Okay, you’re American- Time magazine is required reading….Bobby Ghosh…wrote the Islamophobia piece that I think everybody is going to have to read because if you are in this country, it’s part of the dialogue that we are involved in at this point.”

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CAIR, Prof Esposito & Neo Nazis to host "Interfaith Conference" in Geneva

…and its all paid for by the Saudis. I think I should have an Escort Service in Geneva, would be better than sitting here blogging away…

Jawa Report:

Islamic group sponsoring international “interfaith” conference promotes anti-Jewish libels, hosts former neo-Nazi leader

islamic microphoneWhores for petro-dollars…. Esposito picture thanks to KGS/TT

More than 100 “religious” leaders appeared at a “interfaith” conference in Geneva this week to promote “religious dialogue”. Conference attendees included such American Muslim notables as CAIR national board chairman Larry Shaw and Georgetown professor John Esposito.

What is troubling, however, is that the sponsor of the conference, the Saudi regime-backed Muslim World League (MWL) was the subject of a report issued two weeks ago by the Anti-Defamation League that noted the the monthly journal published by MWL recently featured a cover story about the Jewish control of the media. As the report states:

The May 2009 issue of The Muslim World League Journal, which is distributed worldwide, features a shocking cover story propagating conspiracy theories about Jewish control of media. The phrase ‘Control of World Media’ appears on the cover next to a large blue and white baseball cap – adorned with the Star of David – sitting atop a globe.

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Jihad and the Growing Surrender of American Counterterrorism

by Jeffrey Imm/Anti-Jihad League of America

In the “stealth Jihad” war of ideas over the past year, one American institution after another has signaled its willingness to surrender to the advocates of Islamic supremacism — our homeland security, our military, and ourlaw enforcement. Islamic supremacist groups have “guided” such American government organizations to create a“terror lexicon” that excludes “Jihad,” to promote “progress” over “liberty,” to blackball those who would confront the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacists, to “train” our law enforcement, and to openly promote engagement with Islamic supremacist organizations as part of counterterrorism tactics.

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WaPo: KABUL – A suicide bomber struck a US convoy in southern Afghanistan yesterday, killing two American soldiers, and military officials announced the deaths of two other international troopers – one American and one Briton – the day before. Obama yesterday summoned his top commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, for a 25-minute meeting aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen. (In three months, the  Obamessiah has 25 minutes for his top general, how generous…/ed)

Infiltration Watch: Georgetown Prof John Esposito still whoring for Allah

The Georgetown professor cozies up to terror supporters, even while telling the rest of us that we have nothing to fear from Islam. H/T Counter Jihad

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5b4c6fc970b-800wiAll the Islamo-propaganda Arab money can buy…

“Esposito’s academic standing provides him an opportunity to defend radical Islam and promote its ideology – including defending terrorist organizations and those who support them, advocating for Islamist regimes, praising radical Islamists and their apologists, and downplaying the threat of Islamist violence and involvement with Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups in the U.S.,” the report declares.

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DownUnder Jihad News from Militant Islam Monitor:


Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police, Simon Overland, cookie of the month:

Our Dhimwit hero distinguished himself after the recent terrorism raids in Melbourne by rushing to reassure the victims (who thanks to his sensitivity training, he identified as the Islamic community) and making a plea for Australians to be more understanding: Read it all>>

John Esposito, Slave of Islam: "West must respect the Muslim veil"

No we don’t.

We don’t respect polygamy, wife-beating, child marriage, FGM, stoning of adulterous women, beheadings, arm-and feet amputations, Koran riots, cartoon riots, pope riots, teddy bear riots, rape-jihad on infidel women, suicide bombers, hijackers, honor-killings and all the rest either.

We cannot, and will not respect a violent cult that comes with a religious mandate for genocide on Jews and Christians, we don’t respect a cult that seeks our submission by paying the jiziya or forcible conversion, we cannot  respect those who demand we accept the terror regime  of the sharia to subjugate us.

72150150CF020_Muslims_DemonDefending the freedom sack:

Regular readers know that  the slick John Esposito,  director of the “ Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding” in Georgetown is a paid whore for the Saudi royal family.  Which means the Sauds pay him big bucks to promote  Islam in America. Documents Link Saudi Ruling Family to al-Qaeda…

Which, in turn, means that a man on the payroll of the world’s most oppressive Islamic regime is engaged by the Washington Post and Newsweek to provide their readers with objective facts about Islam. This perverse state of affairs is, alas, par for the course in today’s mainstream media.

* The burka, a symbol of repression, has no place in a free society

Esposito: “West must respect the Muslim veil”-

… but no call for Muslims to respect us…


Modernity should not be defined solely from a Western, liberal, secular-centred point of view. Our world today is one of multiple modernities, in which societies are increasingly multicultural and religiously and non-religiously pluralistic. Western societies should respect the rights of Muslim women who choose to wear the veil.”

John Esposito in the Gulf Times, 25 June 2009

Esposito sees 'devils' all around him!


Johnny Esposito, Georgetown professor sock-puppet for Sowdi ‘prince’ Alwaleed bin Talal (who donated a paltry twenty million dollars for the business of  ‘interfaith & outreach’ programs between Christians and Muhammedans) sees devils all around him: take a close look and tell us who’s missing!

* From Campus Watch

* Interesting quotes

Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz commenting on the state of Middle Eastern Studies, Feburary 27, 2005. (link to source)

Jehuda Reinharz

“My problem is not the anti-Zionism or even that many of them are anti-American, but that they are third-rate…The quality of the people [in Mideast studies] is unlike any of the qualities we expect in any other field.”


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