Hijackers of Islam or Islam, the Religion of Hijackers?

*  How To Become An Islamophobe (…… without trying!!)

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It is not coincidental that many of the bastions of “Western Civilisation” are governed by leftist regimes at present. Islam is, to the Left, like a gift from above. They never have to engage with it, mere platitudes are quite sufficient, but they can use islam – and all the slurs we now associate with resisting islam – to berate those with whom they disagree!

Islam is the official religion of the United Nations, the only religion to have International Law framed for the express purpose of protecting it from any investigation and criticism. (Any suggestion that the word “oil” has any place in this discussion will be met with derision!

arselickerThere is a disturbing preoccupation amongst “leaders” of Western nations – and Australia is no exception – to take up the mantra that “islam has been hijacked”, and to advance it. For evidence, in Australia, one only need look at the millions of dollars given to the “Interfaith Initiative”, which informed people realise is merely a front for islamist propaganda, as one example. There are others, if you look. Saudi and Arabic-state investment in Australia is something that could bear….closer scrutiny….by the average Australian! The Halal industry?

The inclination to see only what suits, regarding islam, went from the foolish nonsense of a few confused people attempting to find cause and motive behind acts of terrorism, such as those of 9/11,  to the willfully dishonest manufacturing of “cause and motive” out of tenuous information and ‘research’ and on into official policy, all within a decade. Barely a shot was fired in defence of the society’s and cultures that were under attack and threat. The default position, almost unilaterally, has been to dignify and elevate the barbaric, at enormous cost to the civilised world and its peoples. Those peoples, coincidentally, have been bombarded this past decade with attitudes, opinion and ‘information’ designed to inculcate a deep self-loathing of their heritage, history and cultural achievements. It has reached into our academic world – from where our next generation of leaders will come – in the appalling form of “Whiteness Studies”, where loathing the white man is the entire premise.

The notion of a “hijacked islam”, which presupposed the existence of an ideologically-inferred but never seen “moderate Islam” was a purely defensive retort first uttered by muslims in the wake of the 9/11 atrocity. Indeed, the very phrase ‘moderate islam has been hijacked’ was first uttered by apologists in the wake of 9/11, when islam and all Muslims were feeling the condemnation and anger of an outraged world citizenry. The mantra was taken up by “western intellectuals” with disgusting haste and quite evident gusto.

3 thoughts on “Hijackers of Islam or Islam, the Religion of Hijackers?”

  1. Slaying Muslim converts to Christianity is nothing new, nor is it “extremist” Islam. It is “mainstream,” based on a statement of Muhammad: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Bukhari, vol. 9, book 88, no. 6922) In 1982 Ali Dasti, an 80-year-old Iranian scholar and writer, was incarcerated, maimed, and finally executed by Islamic followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, for writing his book “23 Years: A study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad” (Costa Mesa, CA, Mazda Publishers, 1994). Dashti was an Iranian Muslim who had the backbone to look squarely at Muhammad’s lifetime of war, execution of “nonbelievers,” and his aim to conquer the whole world as he knew it for “Islam.” Dasti wrote honestly about the Prophet’s brutality in dealing with Jews and Christians who would not “repent,” and the staggering eccentric and moral defects of the Koran, and much more.
    [see dddnews.com 3-29-06, Kenneth Kinchen

  2. Islam is a control system run for over 1,400 years by leaders whose aims are world conquest. The leaders of Europe knew this from the years circa 800 to 1683, when Islam was halted at the gates of Vienna.

    In the name of “Political Correctness”, journalists (who don’t even deserve the name anymore) ridicule politicians like Geert Wilders for stating the truth about Islam. We in the west have been lulled into a false belief that Islam is a religion. Ask anyone who has fled Muslim terror if that is so. Ask the people left behind after jihadist attacks if what happened is spiritual or religious. It is not.

    What Geert Wilders offers is a chance to re-invigorate European and western values and turn the tide against world-wide jihad. His is a fight in a very old and long war.

    May the west prevail.
    Kaffir and proud.

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