No, Muslims Did Not Discover America

No, Muslims did not Discover America Before Columbus” and America is not “the largest Muslim country in the world” just because the fraudulent impostor Hussein Obama says so. But the Arabs, who have put him through university and bought him the presidency, have bigger plans: preparing the ground to make America Islamic.

US Textbooks: “Muslims Discovered America”

Infiltration Watch: the Saudis are perverting the teaching of fundamental facts in US schools. This is not only a sly attempt at rewriting  history, this is preparing the ground for an Islamic takeover.

This is Stealth Jihad

Saudi-Influenced Textbooks in American Schools

8 thoughts on “No, Muslims Did Not Discover America”

  1. Not only did they not discover America; they have discovered precious little else. Just for fun for you science majors, check around to see how many scholarly papers from followers of the great paedophile have been accepted by peer-reviewed publications in your lifetimes; hint – you won’t run out of fingers.

  2. Its funny that the jew gets outraged against muslim influence when they have been doing the same towards european peoples for a very long time. Both these people play the same game, manipulate the goy/infidel in their favor. We could do without them both.

  3. I my country of 9 ,3 million there are 20.000 jews and they own 90% of all broadcast media, advertising companies and newspapers together with pro-zionists. Its not just that they own these companys a majority of the people working for them are jewish to. Many jews have positions of power in goverment and industry but yet they continue to forcefeed the goy public how great muslim immigration is. They affect opinion in a way to make it impossible to counter the muslim invasion. This is not about blaming the jews for all missfortunes it is about fact and it applies to most european countries. Jews in europe are doing NOTHING of value to curb muslim immigration on the countrary, they have made a choice to stand on the sidelines and cheer on the muslim hordes ruining our societys, even tho they have the power to do something about it. The jews living in europe ow europeans for everything they have today and if you jews dont act in our favor on this issue you will find yourselfs surrounded with muslims and no friends anywhere on this continent. Take your pick!

    1. The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians. In fact, Algebra dates back to 1800 BCE with many cultures making advancements in Algebra long before Islam came along.

  4. The most important contributions of the Hindus in the second half of the first millenium were the decimal place system, the introduction of zero and negative numbers, and the development of algebra. The Arabs took over the preparatory work done by the Greeks and Hindus in algebra and owned it as their own.

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