Texas Takes Aim at anti-Christian, Pro-Islamic Textbooks

Long overdue. A lot of damage has already been done. Time to STOP  Mohammedan indoctrination.

In other places, deliberate misinformation about Islam continues:

“Muslims against Crusades”, Anjem Chaudrey’s mob, activates children to demonstrate  against the popes visit to the UK

What religious book mentions Jesus more than 100 times? The Quran

It is highly doubtful that the Koran mentions Jesus 100 times, but even if that was the case, it wouldn’t  make Mohammedans Christians. The writer of this article,  a Brett Buckner at brett.buckner@yahoo.com is either a complete and utter moron or a “revert”.     Read more:  Anniston Star – What religious book mentions Jesus more than 100 times The Quran


A few days ago I posted about the Hartford Common Council dropping Islamic prayers from the Monday meeting, after being pressured by non-Muslims. Now in Texas we see of another example of America turning against Islam. This time it is in the classrooms, which is obviously great news for our side.

Texas education board to consider rule on Islam’s portrayal in textbooks

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Nepal: School textbook banned for "feminine" depiction of Muhammad

But not only in Nepal:

in Texas the Saudi-funded Islamic activists have final say in shaping public-school lessons on religions….

Look who’s teaching Johnny about Islam

Serious, this is infiltration on an unimaginable scale.  By Paul Sperry/Read it all

Madame Moe?

Of course, depictions of Muhammad are verboten to begin with, but given women’s status in Islam, maybe that’s why making Muhammad in any way “feminine” is taken as that much more of an insult. “Nepal bans school book after Muslim outcry,” fromIndo-Asian News Service, June 21 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

The Nepal government Monday banned a school textbook after growing outcry by Muslims over an ‘objectionable’ illustration depicting Prophet Mohammed as a woman-like figure and containing ‘erroneous interpretations’ of Islam.

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No, Muslims Did Not Discover America

No, Muslims did not Discover America Before Columbus” and America is not “the largest Muslim country in the world” just because the fraudulent impostor Hussein Obama says so. But the Arabs, who have put him through university and bought him the presidency, have bigger plans: preparing the ground to make America Islamic.

US Textbooks: “Muslims Discovered America”

Infiltration Watch: the Saudis are perverting the teaching of fundamental facts in US schools. This is not only a sly attempt at rewriting  history, this is preparing the ground for an Islamic takeover.

This is Stealth Jihad

Saudi-Influenced Textbooks in American Schools