Infiltration Watch: Al BeBeeCeera's Zainab Badawi

Islam, nothing but Islam!

It’s Islam, Stupid! — Redux (thanks to PI: Commenter Fabio Barbieri replies to my entry It’s Islam, Stupid!)

Islamo Agit prop Badawi

On the same day as you published this (Sunday 25 July) I saw a long (half-hour) BBC interview with Eileen Gittins, the founder of the print-to-order company Blurb. (Print-to-order companies are internet-based businesses that allow anyone to publish a book and make as many or as few copies as they can sell or pay for. The best-known is Lulu.) The interviewer was Zeinab Bedawi, a Muslim of the same kind as Aygül Özkan, dressed in subdued chic, gracefully made up and coiffured, and with not the shadow of a veil in sight. From the beginning, Ms.Bedawi was visibly hostile, and her questioning was clearly aimed at showing, either that there was something unethical – as in the case of old-fashioned vanity publishers – about print-to-order, or that it would lower the level of communication.

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Jihad and the Growing Surrender of American Counterterrorism

by Jeffrey Imm/Anti-Jihad League of America

In the “stealth Jihad” war of ideas over the past year, one American institution after another has signaled its willingness to surrender to the advocates of Islamic supremacism — our homeland security, our military, and ourlaw enforcement. Islamic supremacist groups have “guided” such American government organizations to create a“terror lexicon” that excludes “Jihad,” to promote “progress” over “liberty,” to blackball those who would confront the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacists, to “train” our law enforcement, and to openly promote engagement with Islamic supremacist organizations as part of counterterrorism tactics.

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WaPo: KABUL – A suicide bomber struck a US convoy in southern Afghanistan yesterday, killing two American soldiers, and military officials announced the deaths of two other international troopers – one American and one Briton – the day before. Obama yesterday summoned his top commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, for a 25-minute meeting aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen. (In three months, the  Obamessiah has 25 minutes for his top general, how generous…/ed)

Infiltration Watch: Georgetown Prof John Esposito still whoring for Allah

The Georgetown professor cozies up to terror supporters, even while telling the rest of us that we have nothing to fear from Islam. H/T Counter Jihad

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5b4c6fc970b-800wiAll the Islamo-propaganda Arab money can buy…

“Esposito’s academic standing provides him an opportunity to defend radical Islam and promote its ideology – including defending terrorist organizations and those who support them, advocating for Islamist regimes, praising radical Islamists and their apologists, and downplaying the threat of Islamist violence and involvement with Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups in the U.S.,” the report declares.

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DownUnder Jihad News from Militant Islam Monitor:


Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police, Simon Overland, cookie of the month:

Our Dhimwit hero distinguished himself after the recent terrorism raids in Melbourne by rushing to reassure the victims (who thanks to his sensitivity training, he identified as the Islamic community) and making a plea for Australians to be more understanding: Read it all>>

No, Muslims Did Not Discover America

No, Muslims did not Discover America Before Columbus” and America is not “the largest Muslim country in the world” just because the fraudulent impostor Hussein Obama says so. But the Arabs, who have put him through university and bought him the presidency, have bigger plans: preparing the ground to make America Islamic.

US Textbooks: “Muslims Discovered America”

Infiltration Watch: the Saudis are perverting the teaching of fundamental facts in US schools. This is not only a sly attempt at rewriting  history, this is preparing the ground for an Islamic takeover.

This is Stealth Jihad

Saudi-Influenced Textbooks in American Schools


All's well, go back to sleep: "Fears of an Islamic revolt in Europe begin to fade"

The Islamic Guardian sees the Islamization of Europe through rose colored glasses:

Five years ago bombings and riots fuelled anxiety that Europe’s Muslims were on the verge of mass radicalisation. Those predictions have not been borne out.

  •   Sunday 26 July 2009

Strange. Just a few days ago we had a completly different report from Fox News:

 “Yet Molenbeek remains disconcerting. Belgian police assigned three plainclothes officers to watch over a FOX News team shooting street scenes one morning in Molenbeek. When FOX News returned in the afternoon as more people were out and about, the police said it would be safer not to get out of the car. It wasn’t even dark yet.”

Muslim Colonization of Europe

You can read the whole thing on the bottom of this page…

Muslim women in Marseille  
Muslim women go shopping in Marseille. Photograph: Michel Gangne/AFP/Getty Images

A district of derelict warehouses, red-brick terraces, and vibrant street life on the canals near the centre of Brussels, Molenbeek was once known as Belgium’s “Little Manchester”. These days it is better known as “Little Morocco” since the population is overwhelmingly Muslim and of North African origin.

By day, the scene is one of children kicking balls on busy streets, of very fast, very small cars with very large sound systems. By night, the cafes and tea houses are no strangers to drug-dealers and mafia from the Maghreb.

For the politically active extreme right, and the anti-Islamic bloggers, Molenbeek is the nightmare shape of things to come: an incubator of tension and terrorism in Europe’s capital, part of a wave of “Islamisation” supposedly sweeping Europe, from the great North Sea cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Marseille and the Mediterranean.

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Australia: Why the residents of Camden don't want to be added to the list of Sydney's "Occupied Territories"

The Daily Telegraph / ANI

A re-emergence of Christianity and Western Values in Camden?

camdenprotestCamden Residents protest the stealth jihad and the Islamization of Australia

CAMDEN will become a breeding ground for terrorists if an Islamic school teaches its agenda of war and violence, a court heard yesterday.

Residents from the town, calling themselves ‘‘ Camdenites’’, pleaded with the Land and Environment Court to take their fears seriously.

‘‘ They will teach war and how to kill,’’ local Judith Bond said. ‘‘ It will be a breeding ground for terrorists.Islam is a national security threat.’’

Ms Bond was one of 18 Camdenites to have their video evidence played to the court yesterday, with another three taking the stand in person.

Ms Bond said they had to uphold Australian values— the school would emphasise values of violence and teach sharia law and terrorism.

The churches refer to the supremacist nature of Islam, its desire for world domination, its inability to function with Australian law and that the Quranic Society is incompatible with the Australian way of life and our freedoms.

This is a strong step forward. For the first time, the proposed school is being argued against on the actual issues. The arguments about traffic and environmental concerns were at best a stalling option.

Muslim Infiltration Watch: Tim Blair

In Sydney: 

Worshippers at one of the state’s largest hospital chapels have been ordered to get rid of crucifixes and Bibles and pull down religious pictures and symbols for fear of offending other religions. 

In Melbourne: 

Professor Kirk said [the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology] provided separate Muslim prayer rooms for men and women at four locations, comprising eight rooms. 

Netherlands: Muslims insist on separate hospital rooms

Labor’s “….rich tapestry of cultural diversity and Multiculturalism” on display:

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Beware the 'Stealth Jihad'- an impassioned plea by Joseph Farrah

Joseph Farah recommends reading Robert Spencer’s new book as matter of national security

By Joseph Farah/World Net Daily

>>>>>> Click here to view the Presentation <<<<<<

It would have been impossible to imagine in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks that they would actually stir sympathy for Islam – even radical Islam.

Yet there is no question, eight years later, that is exactly what happened.

Though accurate statistics are elusive, Islam is growing in America – both through immigration and conversion.

Islam has more effective lobbying groups in America than ever before.

There are efforts to be more “inclusive” of Islam in government, schools, academia and business.

There is more “sensitivity” to Islam in entertainment.

And there is an almost suicidal eagerness to assume the best about Islam, its adherents and its intentions.

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Bunglawussi calls Robert Spencer's 'Stealth Jihad' "latest exercise in Islamophobic paranoia"

Muslim Fifth Column seeks to ‘advance the seditious program they call Sharia’

*  Since he cannot attack Spencer on substance, the Bunglawussi resorts to name-calling. Spencer, like all of us, is guilty of “Islamophobic Paranoia”- but this kind of smear has long lost its appeal. Let the people  decide:

“In Stealth Jihad, Robert Spencer has performed an invaluable public service. He has ‘connected the dots’ on the enemy within, the Fifth Column that the Muslim Brotherhood and its foreign enablers have established in America – and other nations of the West – to advance the seditious program they call Sharia. This book should be required reading for every government official – and everyone else committed to the survival of our country in the face of this ominous threat.”

Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, gives his enthusiastic approval to the latest exercise in Islamophobic paranoia from Robert Spencer.

Jihad Watch, 10 November 2008

EXPOSED: The Islamic plan to conquer the U.S. — not by terrorist acts, but by stealth

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