"Poor Peoples Travel Agent" Aids & Abets Islamic Invasion of Australia

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 09 


Ian Rintoul denies it, but there is at least the possibility that this refugee advocate helps to lure illegal boat people here, only to blame government when the predictable drownings occur: 

REFUGEE advocate Ian Rintoul denies having any contact with people-smugglers, whom he describes as “poor people’s travel agents”.

And he blames Australia’s border protection policies for the probable loss of 20 or more lives from a boatload of refugees that went missing in Indonesian waters last Wednesday.

The Australian last week revealed that Mr Rintoul was in regular mobile phone contact with a passenger on the sinking vessel, who told him the engine had failed.

Only a ”possibility” that he’s responsible?

I’d say it’s a certainty. He was obviously aware that this boat was comning he should be charged as an accessory.  If people die, accessory to murder. All care and no responsibility… “As refugee activists such as myself become known and trusted, some asylum-seekers may come to us before they approach the authorities.”

I think Mr Rintoul needs to be put under a microscope.

4 thoughts on “"Poor Peoples Travel Agent" Aids & Abets Islamic Invasion of Australia”

  1. Ian Rintoul is a completed wanker, and should be charged for part of the manslaughter, but I’m very certain that the sly muslims and moonbats going to defend him and keep the media in dark.

  2. In an ideal, sensible world he would be tried for treason and locked away for the rest of his life.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal and sensible world.

  3. I have had access to this Marxist arse clowns Refugee Action Co Alition Committe for years.
    Its interesting that the vast majority of the members of this International Socialist fifth column are all using email addresses of state and federal government branches of the public service and the New South Wales Teachers Federation.
    His and organizations like this are simply satellite branches of the Marxist funded Australian Labor Party, simply facilitating what Rudd cant get caught doing just yet.

    Sorry about previous unfinnished post I hit the wrong key

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