Australia: just don't mention Islam!

Australia opens the floodgates wider:

The boat surge continues

The Press Council warns Andrew Bolt that he cannot call these arrivals “illegal immigrants”.


It looks as if we get our instructions from the U.S.:

Just when you would think that the far Left Obama booster organization could not get any more ridiculous, it sinks to ever lower levels of absurdity. The latest example involves MoveOn’s push to render the phrase “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” hate speech.  


Australia: the federal government’s plan to deport an Afghan asylum seeker by force for the first time has been stopped by the courts…

Andrew Bolt

Magistrates are either more just than most, or different in another way

About two-thirds of rejected refugee claims from boat arrivals are being overturned in the Federal Magistrates Court because of a lack of procedural fairness.

The great court rigmarole is back in full swing, and you know who will end up paying.

The land belongs to those who can defend it

Italy: Illegal welfare seekers ‘revolt’ at Sardinian detention centre


The best one-liner I have come across in a long time: “The land belongs to those who can defend it”- prick up your ears, Australia!

The land belongs to those who can defend it. Unless Europe grows a pair and implements measures discouraging illegals from entering and severely punishing those who did so, it will cease to exist as Europe.

Cagliari, 11 Oct. (AKI) – The airport in the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, was closed on Monday after illegal immigrants held in a nearby detention centre staged a revolt. They seized control of the centre and dozens managed to escape onto the airport runway.

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Strangers in the Land by Fuad Ajami

* There is an update by Hugh Fitzgerald, please scroll down to read it!

The Islamic Invasion

Published: July 29, 2009

A departure and a return:

In the legend of Moorish Spain, Boabdil, the last Muslim ruler of Granada, is said to have paused on a ridge for a final glimpse of the realm he had just surrendered to the Castilians. Henceforth, the occasion, and the place, would be known as El Último Suspiro del Moro, The Moor’s Last Sigh. The date was Jan. 2, 1492.

More than five centuries later, on March 11, 2004, there would be a “Moorish” return. In the morning rush hour, 10 bombs tore through four commuter trains in Madrid, killing more than 200 people and wounding some 1,500, in the deadliest terror attack in Europe since World War II. This was not quite a Muslim reconquista of the Iberian peninsula, but a circle was closed, and Islam was, once again, a matter of Western Europe.

In his “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe,” Christopher Caldwell, a meticulous journalist who writes for The New York Times Magazine and other publications, gives this subject its most sustained and thoughtful treatment to date. The question of Islam in Europe has occasioned calls of alarm about “Eurabia,” as well as works of evasion and apology by those who insist Islam is making its peace with European norms. Caldwell’s account is subtle, but quite honest and forthright in its reading of this history. “Islam is a magnificent religion that has also been, at times over the centuries, a glorious and generous culture. But, all cant to the contrary, it is in no sense Europe’s religion and it is in no sense Europe’s culture,” he writes.

It hadn’t taken long for Islam to make its new claim on Europe. Caldwell’s numbers give away the problem: “In the middle of the 20th century,” he tells us, “there were virtually no Muslims in Western Europe.” Now there are more than 15 million, including 5 million in France, 4 million in Germany and 2 million in Britain.

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"Poor Peoples Travel Agent" Aids & Abets Islamic Invasion of Australia

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 09 


Ian Rintoul denies it, but there is at least the possibility that this refugee advocate helps to lure illegal boat people here, only to blame government when the predictable drownings occur: 

REFUGEE advocate Ian Rintoul denies having any contact with people-smugglers, whom he describes as “poor people’s travel agents”.

And he blames Australia’s border protection policies for the probable loss of 20 or more lives from a boatload of refugees that went missing in Indonesian waters last Wednesday.

The Australian last week revealed that Mr Rintoul was in regular mobile phone contact with a passenger on the sinking vessel, who told him the engine had failed.

Only a ”possibility” that he’s responsible?

I’d say it’s a certainty. He was obviously aware that this boat was comning he should be charged as an accessory.  If people die, accessory to murder. All care and no responsibility… “As refugee activists such as myself become known and trusted, some asylum-seekers may come to us before they approach the authorities.”

I think Mr Rintoul needs to be put under a microscope.

Palestine, Kosovo, and the Third Islamic Invasion

The Great Jihad Never Stopped!

Just in from Louis Stouch

….The campaign to Islamize Palestine and Kosovo, which has been undertaken by Muslim interests, supported by a West that is steeped in ambivalent approaches and ambiguous formulae, has come to its crucial defining stage. Will the West rethink its position, reconsider who are its friends and foes, align with the former (Serbia and Israel) and stand firmly against the latter, and turn to construct a solid wall of the Western civilized world against the new wave of barbarians who are determined to vanquish it and reduce it to dhimmitude? Palestine and Kosovo must be seen in the context of the third invasion of Islam into Europe. The first invasion in the 8th Century had taken Europe by assault from the southwest, colonized the Iberian Peninsula and attempted to take over Gallic France, until the Muslim forces were defeated and their advance arrested by Charles Martel in 732. The Spanish reconquista, which took centuries to reclaim that land, was not completed before the 15th Century, at the very same time that the second invasion of the Ottomans, this time from the southeast, attacked the Balkans and made headway to the gates of Vienna. But that invasion too was finally repulsed with the breaking of the siege of Vienna in 1683, and subsequently by the fall of the Ottomans after World War I.

No money for burned out Christian churches

* Adding insult to injury: Bosnian Serbs ordered to pay $41.8 million to rebuild mosques

Hence today, the retrieval of the lands once Islamic (Andalusia, Palestine, the Balkans and Kashmir) becomes an urgent, pressing matter of the highest priority from the Islamic point of view. Attacking India or the European Union by Islam outright is too risky. Therefore attention is centered on the easier targets of Palestine and the Balkans, with Andalusia, Sicily and Kashmir in the second stage. For the rest of Europe a new tactic of soft invasion, by immigration and demographic explosion, has already yielded impressive results: within one generation, 30 million Muslims have taken a foothold in Europe. The active help they receive from the West in the Balkans is an Allah-sent bonus that they had never dreamt of. The declaration of Kosovo’s “independence” in early 2008, which was recognized by the US and some of the Europeans, has been the most dramatic manifestation of this Western capitulation in the face of Islamic aggression in the heart of Europe.

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