Frere Tariq still welcome in Oxford

Dutch National News

Tariq Ramadan, the Islamic scholar pseudo intellectual sacked by Rotterdam city council and Erasmus University, will take up the job of professor of contemporary Islam studies at Oxford University in Britain from September 1, the Telegraaf reports.

Debate between Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Tariq Ramadan – Part 1 of 3

Ramadan was fired because of his refusal to stop working for an Iranian-backed tv channel. The city and university said this could not be combined with his other roles as academic and advisor on integration.

Ramadan has been attached to Oxford as a researcher and lecturer for the past four years.
‘Freedom of expression is a fundamental right which will be respected,’ a spokesman for the British university told the paper. (Ramadan is an enemy agent. Islam-propaganda cannot be explained away as  ‘freedom of expression’ by a bunch of wakademic f*kcwits who never tell the truth about Islam (let alone printing Muhammad cartoons) What they are doing is an insult to anyones intelligence./ed)

Ramadan’s professorship is funded by the Qatar foundation for education, the Telegraaf says.

Swiss Minaret Referendum Has Nothing to Do with “Racism”

Behold the poisonous and misleading headline in this London Timesonline articleabout democracy in action in Switzerland, where a petition calling for a ban on minarets launched by the anti-Islamization Swiss People’s Party (SVP) has garnered roughly 115,000 signatures, thus triggering a national referendum.

“Racism row in Switzerland over minaret ban referendum”

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Minaret Detail

Anti Dhimmitude in Switzerland:

“If basketball is priority No. 1, international rules have to be respected,” If religion is priority No. 1, then you cannot play basketball.”

A Muslim woman has been told by Swiss basketball authorities she can’t wear a headscarf when she plays in league games.

Sura Al-Shawk, a 19-year-old Swiss citizen of Iraqi origin, is to debut in a regional women’s league when the season starts next month. Her team, STV Luzern, sought permission for her to wear the scarf.

However, the Swiss association ProBasket said Thursday it follows the rules of FIBA, the world governing body. FIBA says the sport has to be neutral, forbidding religious symbols and headcovers.

“If basketball is priority No. 1, international rules have to be respected,” ProBasket told the Swiss newspaper Neue Luzerner Zeitung. “If religion is priority No. 1, then you cannot play basketball.”

It added that STV Luzern will lose its games by default if Al-Shawk plays with her headscarf. Al-Shawk says she was surprised by the decision but has not said what she will do.

“I really can’t understand what is happening here,” she told the newspaper. “I would not have thought it possible that in a country like Switzerland a headscarf in sport would pose a problem.”

Associated Press, 20 August 2009

Miliband Delusions:

Arabs Need to Talk to the Israelis

This article by the Crown Prince of Bahrain deserves wide readership. It’s really excellent. It cuts through the argument that peace is a zero-sum game. It tackles the idea that every move is either a concession or an advance.

There is a group of Arab leaders who now view a regional approach as key to progress in the Middle East and see the ‘rush’ of moves for peace as far better than the status quo of stand-off and separation. This energy needs to find release, and that is the significance of the American drive to establish a freeze on settlements as a trigger to direct negotiations.