Oz Muslim Leader: "The Police are the Terrorists"

Since the dreaded “backlash” never came, Australia’s Muslims play the usual games:

Tiny minority of extremists update:

Andrew Bolt asks:

Yes, again a tiny minority, but how unrepresentative?

HATE-filled messages on a Muslim website claim an alleged plot to attack an Australian army base would have been justified. And Somali community leaders have branded police as terrorists in the wake of this week’s anti-terror swoop.

Abdurahman Osman, a leader of Melbourne’s 15,000 strong Somali community, said police acted unreasonably.

“What do you call waking people up at four in the morning with guns?” he said. “It is the police themselves that are the terrorists…

CLEARANCEMr Osman’s outburst came as a prominent Muslim website featured a photograph of Australian soldiers in uniform with the caption: “Real Australian terrorists.”

Well, I guess we have to learn from the dhimmified Brits how to conduct “Muslim friendly police raids”


More Update: Osman is president of the Somali Community. Why did the Victorian Multicultural Commission last year give $2500to an organisation whose president calls our police “terrorists”?

Indeed, what benefit to taxpayers – and to community harmony and integration – has been achieved with this spending:

The Victorian Multicultural Commission has provided 105 grants totalling $222,710 to Somali community organisations since 1999. The grants range from $14 000 for an orientation program for newly arrived refugees to many smaller grants for projects including festivals, office equipment, publications, community leadership training and professional development programs.

No Backlash makes Muslims more Belligerent:

In Wednesday’s court hearings, two of the accused men refused to stand for the magistrate, claiming they’d stand only for their god. In a courtroom packed with family, friends and supporters, several women refused to stand as ordered, too, and one man wore a soccer top with “mujahid”—or holy warrior – emblazoned on the back.

Reporters were abused as “dickheads” and “faggots”, and several of the accused men’s supporters defied orders to turn off their mobile phones in court. One waved a newspaper at Yacqub Khayre to show him his picture.

At a private meeting at Coburg Town Hall between police and Somali and Lebanese “leaders” (are we now so divided?) the mood was reportedly only marginally less belligerent.

The president of the Somali Community in Australia, Abdurahman Osman, despite criticising fundamentalism, accused the police of “hiding something” and said he doubted the need to arrest “these children”, warning that feelings in his community were “very bad”.

Others attacked the media and said – probably with reason, sadly – they feared a backlash.

(Sounds more like a threat/ed)

Even Berhan Ahmed, chairman of the African Think Tank and Victorian of the Year, saw in the raids a failing in Australian society.

Yes, he wrote in The Age, terrorism was bad, and most Muslims here rejected it. But look at the causes.

And most of the causes he then listed were not ones buried in Islamic, Lebanese or Somali culture, but in Western failures.

For instance, Ahmed blamed “the present economic climate” for making “some young people . . . marginalised and disaffected” – as if Muslim radicalism broke out only last year.

Melbourne terror charges: Overland calls for calm

“They are peaceful people and we need to work hard to continue to include them in our Australian community.”

They want to kill us and we need to work had to include them in our community? Is this guy for real? Round them up and ship them back to Somalia, for f*kcs sake!

Sherrill Nixon/The Age

August 6, 2009

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has appealed for calm following the foiling of an alleged terrorist plot amid reports that the state’s Somali and Islamic communities have become the target of a public backlash.

Mr Overland said the public should keep the situation in perspective or risk alienating more young men who may turn to extreme religious beliefs.

As police wrap up their search of properties across Melbourne in the hunt for evidence of the terrorist plot, Mr Overland said the five men charged with terrorism offences following a series of raids on Tuesday were entitled to a presumption of innocence.

But he said studies in Australia and overseas into why a small minority of young migrant men were attracted to a radical form of Islam showed the best way to counter this alienation was to ensure they were made welcome in the broader community.

“That’s why it’s important we keep this in perspective and not overreact,” Mr Overland told Radio 3AW.

“[We must] not get to a point where we blame the Somali community or we blame the broader Islamic community because that actually works against what we’re trying to achieve here, which is to de-radicalise that small number of men who want to go down that path.

“It’s not unknown for young men to go through a stage where they’re quite wild and they do some dumb things and they make some very poor decisions. What we’re seeing here in a way is an extreme form of that.

“We just need everyone to stay calm and work together and just keep Victoria the safe and cohesive community it is … the broader Islamic community, the broader Somali community, are not terrorists, they do not support terrorism.

“They are peaceful people and we need to work hard to continue to include them in our Australian community.”

Mr Overland said the police would continue to meet with Somali and Islamic leaders to monitor public reaction to the terrorism charges, following a meeting yesterday in which senior religious and community figures expressed fears of a backlash.

The five men charged with terrorism offences have been remanded in custody and will return to court in October.

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  1. “What do you call waking people up at four in the morning with guns?” he said. “It is the police themselves that are the terrorists…

    Sorry – of course , guests should telephone before they come and arrive with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates .

  2. “What do you call waking people up at four in the morning with guns?” he said.

    Preventive measures. Though I have to say, such measures would never be on the statutes if Muslims had not been allowed to settle in Western countries.

    And as for the excuse it is economic hardships that is causing Muslims to turn to terrorism, this is BS. If Muslims feel that economic hard times are bad in the West, they can always go back to Islamistan.

  3. Why the need to look for excuses for them…?? I am sure that in the past and now , many Australians were very poor…they did not see blowing up their neighbours as a solution to poverty. The connection between poverty and the urge to commit mass murder is absolutely spurious. There is no connection.
    What do other immigrants groups do when they find themselves poor in a new country? They all work three jobs or start legal businesses..work really long hours in factories and food outlets to create a better life for their descendants..Their children work really hard at school to get good jobs to be able to fit into their new society.There are thousands of these successful immigrant stories.
    The people who should be held accountable are the people who let these totally unsuitable people into Australia.

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