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I Need to Move on From My Husband

Please can you help me, I am having such a dilemma. I met and married my husband 19 years ago. We have three daughters aged 17, 15 and 7. I am a revert to Islam. My husband, although knows a lot about Islam, doesn’t pray and I have always felt quite alone in my worship.


Two years ago, my husband who was 39, went to a nightclub in Morocco and met a 17 year old prostitute, slept with her that night and then because of his guilt, married her by Fitra (I don’t really know what this means or what it consists of, all I know is that he sees it as marriage). I was here in the UK and all this was done behind my back. He came home and told me and I was devastated. Although very firey, our marriage was passionate and he had never been with any other woman since marrying me. I loved him with all my heart and to this day don’t understand why he did this. He told me he still loves me and never wants to lose me or the kids. I just couldn’t accept this. He told so many lies, sent money to her and gave me nothing, used to talk to her on the phone in front of me and tell her he loves her. I found it really hard to cope.

muz abussewomen

  • New York: Muslim women confront domestic violence, but deny Islam plays a role in it: As usual, conspicuously absent from the discussion is any acknowledgment of Islam’s role in encouraging and perpetuating spousal abuse. By lacking the will to face those texts and teachings forthrightly, Robina Niaz is only hobbling her own efforts to help other Muslim women. “Her ‘duty’ is helping Muslim women heal after abuse,” fromCNN, September 25:

We later went to Morocco as a family and he pushed me to meet this girl and her family. they are very poor and the mother is also supposedly a prostitute (only Allah knows. Once, we got into an argument in front of the girl and the family because I felt they were trying to force me to accept the marriage when I honestly felt it was all wrong. He beat me up in-front of everybody including my children. My husband and the girl then got arrested a few days later when they came out of a nightclub, for being together but not legally married in Morocco.

Anyway, he claimed he finished with her as he couldn’t stand to lose me and I decided to give him a chance. I always felt he was hiding something, and I really couldn’t forgive him although I did try so hard. About 7 weeks ago, I found out he is still with her and that he had lied to me for 2 years, he had been sending her money, sleeping with her when he went to Morocco. he has spent the last 2 ‘Eids with her, and nothing with myself and the kids. I feel disgusted at the thought of him sleeping with her and then coming to me.

It hurts me so deeply, I just can’t explain. I have been such a good wife to him. I always loved him even though he has a horrible temper and hit me sometimes. After I found out he was still with her, I asked him to leave — he is so arrogant and when I start to get angry, he started to get aggressive and frighten me. Anyway he eventually left and went to Morocco. He then told me 2 weeks ago that the girl is 5 months pregnant. This is just too much for me to cope with. What did I do wrong to deserve this kind of hurt?

Video about wife beating/German with English subtitles

WARNING: Portions of this video are graphic, and may be disturbing to sensitive viewers:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Finally the last straw is that she has been staying with my husband in the house we built together. We bought all the furniture together, and I feel they have completely violated something that was mine. He upsets me when he tells me he made a mistake and by marrying the girl he is pleasing Allah and that it is my duty to accept the situation.

I love Allah more than anything, and I feel Allah loves me. Allah always reveals everything bad that my husband has done and does to me. In Islam am I supposed to accept a horrible situation like this and be so miserable with a man who can’t even support one wife let alone 2, and he thinks just because I have a job, that he doesn’t need to support myself and the kids or am I within my rights to divorce him and move on?

I feel nothing but hate and anger towards him. I don’t want to see him or talk to him. I don’t have a problem with the kids seeing him, and for them to have a relationship with his new baby when it is born. I just don’t want to be involved in his life anymore and not think about what he is doing or have to answer to him. I so much want a divorce.

His mum and Dad are devastated, and don’t want to speak to him. They are very hurt by what he has done, and are very supportive to me. His mum is convinced the girl and her family have done black magic on my husband. My personal opinion is he is not the man he was, but if he is stupid enough to go into a night club and pick up a prostitute in a town where these kind of things happen all the time, then I have no sympathy for him.

I feel my husband is trying to emotionally blackmail me by trying to make out that it is me who is destroying the family by not wanting to stay with him. I can’t take this dilemma anymore and i beg Allah to end it. I am trying to be patient though and I know Allah is with me. Please can you give me some advice, I need to move on emotionally and in my life.

Wife beating in Islam

On November 7 2008 Martin Beckford, in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, reported as follows: “Muslim men ‘think they have God-given right to beat wives’, claims female Muslim medic”. The doctor stated that she had seen pregnant Muslim women with huge bruises on their bellies, inflicted by their husbands.

“The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has determined that over ninety percent of Pakistani wives have been struck, beaten, or abused sexually — for offenses on the order of cooking an unsatisfactory meal. Others were punished for failing to give birth to a male child.

“Dominating their women by violence is a prerogative Muslim men cling to tenaciously.

“In Spring 2005, when the East African nation of Chad tried to institute a new family law that would outlaw wife beating, *Muslim clerics led resistance to the measure as un-Islamic* {my emphasis – dda}.

And – “In 2004, an imam in Spain, Mohammed Kamal Mustafa, was found guilty of “inciting violence on the basis of gender” for his book Women in Islam, which discussed the methods and limits of administering “physical punishment” of women.”


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  1. ‘I have been such a good wife to him. I always loved him even though he has a horrible temper and hit me sometimes. ‘

    ‘Allah loves me ‘

    If you think this way , then there’s something wrong with you .
    You’re responsible for your own misery – girls , be warned !

  2. Did you not realise that polygamy is perfectly legal in islam?

    muslim women in the west keep telling us how great islam is, how well they are treated. It is untrue.

  3. The poor girl seeks help from the mullahs. She will be advised to either accustom herself to the situation she’s in or to marry another muslim.

    I fear mostly for her 3 daughters, though. They are all past the marriageable age and could be traded in for goats, money or a visa to reside in Europe…

  4. Of course there are no Christian western anglo men who beat his wife, f*ck his daughter or worse kidnaps a girl and locks her in a backyard.

    We must assume based on this blog that Nepal must be a Muslim country because it has the highest rate of wife abuse in the world ……. ooops, it is not.

    The blog-owner will yell that this is a blog about Islam and Muslims but of course he will do comparisons but of course using comparisons to show the other point is forbidden……….

  5. Come back with proof that there is a G-d given right for “Christian western anglo men who beat his wife, f*ck his daughter or worse kidnaps a girl and locks her in a backyard.”

    Your religion sanctions it, commands it, justifies it.

    Our LAW forbids it.

    This blog is called Winds of Jihad, solker. Not Winds of Nepalese wife beating…

    The blog owner is allergic to tu quoque BS and will not tolerate it, solker.

  6. Oh, the other method the blog-owner uses is that if you try and show the point being wrong, he will then tell everyone on “his blog” that this person is condoning dometic violence when in fact the objective was just to put things into perspective and not going over-the-top.

    Domestic violence in the Arab-culture and amongst Muslim extremists is not only high, way too common and totally unacceptable – but it by far is a global epidemic that has not gone away, still exists in the West with only slight-to-modereate decreases due to “law and education”. AT the same time, the great ecomomic freedoms, advancements and “new laws” in Russia, Ukrain and Belarussia have in fact had the opposite effect with domestic violence and violence of female spouses leadeing to death has increased.

    What is needed, and never found here, is of course – perspective and the very sadly missing reality on the ground.

  7. “Your religion sanctions it, commands it, justifies it.”

    No it does not, you have neither shown it nor proved it and so we can assume that as you write it you must be sneezing constantly with your allergy over the monitor and keyboard.

  8. “The blog-owner will yell that this is a blog about Islam and Muslims but of course he will do comparisons but of course using comparisons to show the other point is forbidden……….”

  9. Nothing. Not a thing. Except, well, Qur’an 4:34:

    Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.

    In mainstream Islamic practice, the Qur’an is Allah’s own words, eternal, and direct — not simply inspired in its human transmitters who were influenced by their particular time and place. In the case of 4:34, this fact spells disaster for women’s rights in letter and in spirit: The text itself tells men to beat their wives. The fact that it is the third in multiple steps does not mitigate the fact that, after a man believes he has jumped through the appropriate hoops, the Qur’an says to hit your wife.

    Wife-beating in Islam
    Saudi judge: how to beat your wife correctly
    Hijab More Important Than Murder
    Yusuf Rubs It…
    Wafa Sultan: “The Subjugation of Women Reduces Them to a Level Lower Than Beasts”
    Islam in Indonesia: a work in progress
    Auckland Muslim Women: Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide…
    Shem’s Cartoons: Scourge Them!
    Australia: Islamic cleric invents most original defense against accusers: “out of context…”
    Australia: It’s ok to hit your wife, says Melbourne Islamic cleric
    Wife beating: the speciality of the Musulmaniacs
    Malaysia: Wife beaten for not finding new wife


  10. Sorry, I thought this was the 21st century, if you wish to argue as you always do that only the radicals are the real Muslims then we can argue other strange points about your motives……

    There is also the subject of the message, the history and the meaning, but then again we are talking to the person who yet again only believes that wahhabists, salafists and chaoudry are real Muslims and the rest of us must be heretics.

    Shall I start copy and pasting orthodox Jewish text and rules/regulations about marraige, no because you will cut and paste it and like above scream that this is a blog about Muslims and Islam, yet you will quote how great the west is as a comparison but not allow them.

    Frankly speaking your a hypocrit with a very big double standard. Plus your a Kahanist.

    1. Solkie:

      “I thought this was the 21st century..”

      It is, solker, it is. Its just you who hasn’t arrived yet…

      ” we are talking to the person who yet again only believes that wahhabists, salafists and chaoudry are real Muslims and the rest of us must be heretics.”

      Its not what I believe, solker, its what they believe. Its what they believe and what they do. And it bothers me that you don’t take it up with them…

  11. Want me tlike you to list from all the news sources the murders and beatings, domestic violence stats in Europe, US and Australia? Nepal – highest rate of dometic violence by more than 9 per cent to the next country……. oh, this is about Muslims but we cannot compare.

  12. hi solkhar,
    I would genuinely like to hear your opinion on Qur’an 4:34..

    Are there men in Saudi Arabia who would bash their wives because it is sanctioned in the Qu’ran ? would these men be arrested and imprisoned if the wife needed to be hospitalised from her injuries ?
    My concern is that in the West a wife/woman basher is looked upon as the lowest form of scum however from what I understand in Islamic culture it is not deemed to be a serious crime..
    your thoughts ?

  13. Athiest, there are men all over the world who will interpret and make the maximum benefit or to sanction their behaviour.

    There are four very distinct factors when it come to domestic violence globally. I have a little experience in the subject because I am a supporting member and financially help the Moroccan “Do not touch me Child” society ( L’Association Touche pas à mon enfant, Maroc) that deals with the child abuse element.

    The first is that bashing of wifes (and children) is a global problem not distinct between cultures and religions. As we have seen, the global leader is in fact Nepal an officially Hindu State.

    The second is the “excuse factor” which the blog-owner will sanction that certain Surahs say you can. The excuse factor in wife abuses again globally is that “she deserved it”, “she made me angry”, “everyone does it”, “the scriptures and religious books says so” and “so what”. Certainly extremists Muslims will say all the above. We have to go back to the why does the Nepalese do if if they are not Muslims and why does the Hindu part of India make up for more wife beatings, child-marriages and child infanticide than the entire world put together. This is not a blast or condemnation of Hinduism, I am not like the blog-owner trying to assume what I do not know though I certainly will say that be sure it is a cultural/hisorical fact that it happens and the system is not geared to defeat it at present.

    As for the Surah, reemmbering that I am not a radical, extremist or ultra-conservative. My interpretation, which is the one taken by most Muslim governments is that 1) the Surah represents what happened at the time and the reaction that Mohammed had and his instructions to those people at that time. Remembering that women were simply sold, used and thrown out, he immediately gave them more value at the time than was possible and in those clear instrucitons in other Surah’s made ready society to “re-introduce them” back into having a value that was lost. The other point is that in the Abrahamic world, women were treated as bad throughout.

    The last thing is the subject again about radicals, traditions, culture and tribalism. Tribalism is endemic amonst much of the Muslim Arab world and that of South Asia and is such a strong element that basically people assume (either on purpose or by ignorance) that their tribal habits are in fact Islamic. Similar to ignorant or arrogant westerners often assume that what they see is being done by a Muslim means that it is Islamic. Both create serious problems. What is ironic is for example Wahhabist radicals like Bin Laden claim they are purists setting back to the fact that what at the time of Mohammed is perfect but then they are taking the culture and tribalism of that time along with it, which is not purist at all and then they condemn the taliban for being tribal when they are doing in fact the same.

    The Arab world is chauvenist to the core, but it should not be forgotten that so is the Slavic world, the Latino World, the Japanese World. Yes the radicals are claiming God told them to, but tell me then why the Nepalis are the world’s worst wife abuses, the Indians are the world’s worst wife and daughter killers and so on.

    1. Regrettably, we frequently experience politically correct harsh responses to criticism of Islam by those who admonish liberated Muslims or Arabs. They often use clichés such as, “There are violent stories in all religions texts,” or “How can we bulk all Muslims into one group?” Or, “Among Christians and Jews there are also zealots who have done horrible things to others.” All of these excuses are made without considering critical Islamic doctrines which play detrimental role in Islam’s march towards Western decline. More here

      Women had more rights in Arabia before sharia

      Nonie Darwish: In Arabia women had more rights before Islam

  14. Again quoted two people with an agenda and never an independant source. Laughable, you may as well quote Spencer and Fitzgerald.

    I should do the blog-owner style and edit his posting to point out words like the constant “he is speaking taqiyya”, etc but I do not stoop so low, tried it once on another thread and felt dirty.

    1. Solker troll,

      “Again quoted two people with an agenda and never an independant source “-

      We support Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish because they are ex-moslems, they left the cult and they tell the truth. What is for you an “independent source?” Somebody who is clueless? Your mufti? You?

      The apostates of Islam make you go apeshit, you hate them because they tell the truth. You can’t stand it! But your obsession with Spencer and Fitzgerald is really getting boring….

  15. ” I am not a radical, extremist or ultra-conservative, but…”

    “the Surah represents what happened at the time and the reaction that Mohammed had and his instructions to those people at that time..”

    But the Koran is the guidebook for Mohammedans for all time and any place, and they live according to it, solker. You’re not allowed to ‘interpret’ the Koran, you kuffar, you are to emulate your profit uswa hasana, al insan al kamil!

    “women were simply sold, used and thrown out”- really? So what has changed?

    ” radicals, traditions, culture and tribalism”-

    blah blah, anything but the root cause: ISLAAM!

    “ignorant or arrogant westerners” –

    don’t have your problems, solker. Because we moved on. You’re stuck!

    “Slavic world, the Latino World, the Japanese World, Nepalis are the world’s worst wife abuses, the Indians are the world’s worst wife and daughter killers”-

    I think I’m going to start another blog just for you. I have a name already:

    “Winds of solkers rants…”

  16. thanks for your reply Solkhar,

    not sure if I can accept your arguments though… You stated previously that just by saying you are an atheist is some “backward” Islamic nations that you risk the death penalty. With respect, are there any Islamic nations that are not backwards ? Turkey comes to mind as the most progressive of all the Islamic nations on earth but having vistited there myself I would say that it is about a century behind Western Europe .( with regards to health, education, standard of living etc etc ).. Malaysia is somewhat progessive but only because of the influence of the large Chinese and Indian populations that exist there. Take the Chinese and Indians away and you have another potential Afghanistan.

    Considering how backwards these nations are , can one really expect a female victim of domestic violence to report the crime to the police? I mean, in Iran you can be hung just for saying ” I don’t believe in Allah ” .

    My argument is that the statistics you talk about cannot possibly be correct. A bit of googling and you will find frightening statistics about domestic violence in the islamic world. In fact I found one website that claims 40pc of all Turkish women have experienced some form of domestic violence and that 90pc of these cases are not even reported to the police.

    You will find that in the West up to 50pc of all domestic violence crimes do get reported and my guess is this is the same in Nepal otherwise there is no other possible explanation as to why the statistic don’t show Islamic nations as having the highest rates of domestic violence.

    I am sorry to quote Wafa Sultan, but I am afraid what we are talking about here is a clash of civilisations. The West had its reformation 5 centuries ago. The Islamic world started its reformation Sep 11, 2001 thanks to OBL. Things can only improve from here on but it is going to be a long road before the Islamic world catches up …

  17. Hi, Solkar.
    You mistake – as an atheist I am happy to compare religions, witch burnings, wife beating laws (stick may not be thicker than you thumb etc.)
    I actually lived in England at a time when women still needed a man’s signature on her Tax Return, Not so long ago either!
    We fought for legal equality, we marched and protested and used the power of our recently won vote – and voila – we no longer need a man’s permission to work. It may not be perfect bbut we have LEGAL REDRESS for misogynistic acts.
    What does this mean to you, as a practising muslim? Well, it means we are wary of loosing our hard won independence. Should any religion other than muslim/islam suggest we “submit” to religious laws again, we tell them to GTH. However, everytime we reply to the threat of shari’ah with a GTH, you all shout RACIST!
    It is not so much that we dislike *only* islam, we object to ALL religious laws – because, unlike the British Legal System, it is hard to force an absent diety to change the rules.
    When we don’t believe in the existance of the diety – we fight the imams – self ordained arbiters of our rights. See?

  18. there are millions of Wafa Sultans, Ayan Hrisi Alis and Nonie Darwish all throughout the Islamic World…

    As technology and communications improve more and more of them will surface..

  19. Athiest and gsw,

    Your points are understandable but I will point out that not all Muslims cry out “racist” when aspects of the Muslim world are criticised. I have no problem at all in identifying all the horrible acts that Muslims do, Muslim countries are like and especially the ideals and horrors of radical and militant islamists (lower case meritted only).

    Recent reports on Sky, CBS and France 24 have been showing the new reprots that are comming out from Nepal, Colombia and Namibia which was three countries that missed having statistics put on them on domestic violence with the first bringing out horrendous results.

    The result is the point I am making. The violence against women is not a religous one except, and agreed, by those that make it so. By saying that note that it is the human element.

    As was correctly pointed out, it was not long ago that at tax return in the UK required the husband’s signature, there are many who still remember when women were given the vote in Switzerland and so on. Mild subjects but shows development. I would argue that there is development in the Muslim world at the same pace as other developing nations and would even accept that for many of them – slower because of the hold that radial islamists have. No argument on that pont.

    The point that I will argue though and not stop at, which of course puts me into immediate conflict with the blog-owner is that it is not Islam or the Qur’an that is responsible, but simply “man”. It has been the case every time. I am and freely admit to having no knowledge of Hinduism but I will say with pretty strong confidence that the aweful conditions of women and particular female infants (domestic violence, rape, infanticide, child brides etc) have nothing to do with Hindu scriptures but the “interpretations” by radicals and simply the historic brutality of “man”.

    A last comment to both of you, I understand the need to secularise law, and I support it totally. I remind you that the majority of Muslim countries do NOT have Sharia’a Law. But, as a man of faith, I will argue that what is considered right, wrong and the moral/legal standards of a country is almost always based on the “faith and morals” that was developed via religion and religous belief.

  20. “We support Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish because they are ex-moslems”

    You support them because they are book sellers that suit your argument and because you are unable to leave the very small triangle of a handful of promoters of your agenda and thus fail to belong to the anything other than the fringe and to be shunned by academics and government circles of which you need if you wish to have any validity or credibilty.

    1. Of course I don’t support Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish because “they are book sellers”- what a childish and ridiculous argument, solker. Unworthy of a diplomat, unworthy of a food critic and even unworthy of a lowly snitch for the Moroccan gov’t. It is in fact us who shun the corrupt sell-outs and wakademics who are in the Arab pockets, the Esposito-Armstrong whores, and instead of what you call “fringe” we are the nobility, the exclusive circle of truth seekers, courageous defenders of western culture and civilization, who are determined to uphold (and fight for) the freedom our forefathers fought and died.

      And we are being heard, solker. Our people might be preoccupied, but they are not that stoopid. Our message is getting out. People do understand that there is something deeply flawed with a religious system that includes genital mutilation, mysoginy, polygamy, pedophilia, slavery, rape and wife beating, along with the killing of homosexuals and the stoning of adulterous women.

      No, the tide is turning in Europe and in America. Thanks to people like us, solker. And there’s nothing you can do about it…

      Btw solker: I left a message for you on the Israel thread yesterday. Would you like to discuss the Arab Muslim claim on Jerusalem and the temple mount?

  21. Spin it, Solkhar!

    “shunned by academics and government circles of which you need if you wish to have any validity or credibilty”

    I suspect that most of the commenters (and blog-owner) don’t particularly
    care if academics & government circles shun us – if we were part of their
    inner circle we wouldn’t need sites like WoJ.

    Who are you, Solkhar, and who do you serve?

  22. How do you put it? Something about smearing people? No, the better one, blah, blah blah. You sound like that lone figure standing in the street corner of a big city with a placard saying something like “the end of the world is coming” but in this case just some hate-cr*p.

  23. There is not one word of hate in my writing above, you smear fink solker!

    Anyhow, back to the same old circular concept:

    “The violence against women is not a religous one except, and agreed, by those that make it so. By saying that note that it is the human element.”

    “Human element”, solker snitch? No. It is for you a god given command and there are regular classes from Saudi Arabia to Cairo where the mullahs teach how, when and with what to beat women correctly. Its commanded and sanctioned by your profit, solker. That’s why it will never change unless you change it and rip the page out of the koran!

  24. 30 plus years a Muslim, no Imam taught me that, except your Imam Spencer and Cardinal Fitzgerald.

    No, mankind has abused all three of our Abrahamic Religions blog-owner, if you like it or not.

  25. Solker, do I have to spoon feed it to you like a baby?

    How many youtube videos do you want where you can watch these sessions? Its all on the net. Besides, 30 years ago we didn’t have fast internet. The wonders of the internet: wife beating Islamically correct per youtube, you don’t know whatcha been missing!

  26. We can find anything on youtube, just like Wiki – all with a grain of salt.

    We can also find anyone who will say anything and if you always look at the same radical grouping you will in the end get the same answers thus credibilty requires a varied look at sources and not just Spencer, Fitzgerald, Gellar as such.

    I would rather be a bit more intelligent than that. All you will show me is Arab or other tribal cultural habits that are sickening but not Qur’anic.

    Suggest you first remove the spoon before you feed anything to others.

  27. Anything from looneytunes or disney world?

    This is rather like, you spouting Spencer as a source, so then when asked if you have anything else you say Fitzgerald, then when asked if you have something from a different source unrelated you give Gellar. Then as the debate goes further you are asked to give independant verrification and you say Spencer. Told that it is not independant but used, you say , sure … here is Fitzgerald!


    1. Solker meltdown:

      “you spouting Spencer as a source, so then when asked if you have anything else you say Fitzgerald, then when …”

      But I don’t, solker. I can’t do what Spencer doesn’t do.

      Spencer quotes only from authentic sources and puts it in context. That’s why he is reliable and you know he is right, and that’s exactly the reason why nobody could ever refute him. It must be infuriating having to defend the indefensible and to be a permanent loser, I understand that. But by attacking Spencer you are also attacking YOUR OWN SCRIPTURES.

      Its a bit like blaming us for Islamic terrorism because we expose and prove the connection to Islamic teachings.

      Excuse the analogy, but you’re a bit like a dog chasing your own tail….

      But here it is again, just for you solker:

      Koran 4:34 tells men to beat their disobedient wives after first warning them and then sending them to sleep in separate beds. This is, of course, an extremely controversial verse, so it is worth noting how several translators render the key word here, وَاضْرِبُوهُنَّ, waidriboohunna.

      Pickthall: “and scourge them”
      Yusuf Ali: “(And last) beat them (lightly)”
      Al-Hilali/Khan: “(and last) beat them (lightly, if it is useful)”
      Shakir: “and beat them”
      Sher Ali: “and chastise them”
      Khalifa: “then you may (as a last alternative) beat them”
      Arberry: “and beat them”
      Rodwell: “and scourge them”
      Sale: “and chastise them”
      Asad: “then beat them”

      So tell me, solker: is there room for interpretation?

      Get out of the cult, solker, its better for your sanity!

  28. Deny what, your interpretion – definitly! Why do you think your agenda-based interpretation needs to be followed, you an Imam? I do not tell you how to follow your religion, I express my opinions about my belief, the basic known truths and followings but I do not try and interpret your religion and then tell you that you must follow it. That would be rather sick, rather like the evangalist/fundamentalist troll on the site.

    Oh, that is right, Spencer told you.

    1. Solker:

      “Why do you think your agenda-based interpretation needs to be followed, you an Imam?”

      Better than your imam, solker. Far better. Because I am not ‘interpreting’- I take my Koran literally… like you should, you kafir!

      Btw: Spencer told me nothing. He does his own thing, so do I. We have the same interests and when we get together we have a good laugh at people like you…

      But hey, what’s this:

      “My husband and the girl then got arrested a few days later when they came out of a nightclub, for being together but not legally married in Morocco.”

      You get arrested in Morocco for not being legally married, solker? What kind of ridiculous totalitarian snooper land has Morocco become?

      Tell me, please, out of interest: was that always like that or is that part of this increasing Islamization that we’re witnessing from Indonesia to Nigeria and from Turkey to wherever….

  29. * No, mankind has abused all three of our Abrahamic Religions blog-owner, if you like it or not.

    But Solkhar, don’t you claim that Old & New Testaments have been
    “altered”, but that koran is the unchanged word of “allah”?

    If the koran is not “tampered with”, how can the religion based on it
    be “abused”?

    Please explain.

  30. Reading the above story from this lady with the Moroccan husband actually tells me two things – one that the lady is correct and noble and the husband is a real a-hole, that she is halal and he is not. Second is that, justifiably “My husband and the girl then got arrested a few days later when they came out of a nightclub, for being together but not legally married in Morocco.”

    This is rather a good example of what is right and wrong.

  31. Adults with imaginary friends are stupid. Jews, Buddhists(Deification), Christians, Muslims.. anyone.

    Oh by the way, love the religious arguments here. Its awesome to see people trying to prove things with religion.. no you cant

  32. Bingo, the blog-owner thinks he knows Islam better than anyone, especially Imams and actual Muslims. But then he also thinks he knows Judiasim better than other Jews whom agree that Islam is an Abrahamic Religion and recognise the rights to and the existance of a future Palestinian State.

    This, is the arrogance of the blog-owner and that is why he will remain a mostly ignored member of the lunatic hate-fringe like Spencer and Fitizgerald.

  33. * But then he also thinks he knows Judiasim better than other Jews whom agree that Islam is an Abrahamic Religion …

    Really, Solkhar? What would God think of such Jews, given that He
    spoke these words …

    “I am the LORD your God, which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me. ” – (Exodus 20:2 & 3)

    You are still pushing the line that the islamic cuckoo religion is of
    God, and is “Abrahamic”, but you reject the integrity of both the
    Torah & the New Testament, and claim that they have been doctored
    and can only be interpreted via the koran. Your god is a usurper and
    a fraud.

  34. Hey solhkar
    Do you know when a muzzy lies? their lips are moving. The time of you muzzies in the West is coming to a head, push is coming to shove, when it does there will be no distigushing between good or bad muzzies. The Balkans and the Crusades are going to be on steroids and allah isn’t going to be there to help you. So go to the muzzy paradise of your choice.

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