Moroccan Cleric Nhari in 2005: May Allah Turn Iraq into a Nail in the Coffin of US Tyranny

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Morocco gives 6 months in jail for eating during Ramadan

In a post from a couple of days ago, there is a screen shot of a McDonald’s with a sign that says they will not serve Muslims during Ramadan. Below, is the video from which that screen shot was taken. Keep in mind, that while this is systemic in as much as the state itself imposes these charges, in Spain, France and other nations where Muslims reach a certain critical mass, sharia law to one degree or another is imposed on the Islamic community by appointed sharia police and somewhat unabashedly. In fact, many Canadian Imams have been quoted as saying they will obey Canadian law so long as it does not conflict with Islamic ones, which of course, they do in pretty much any and every meaningful way.

McDonalds sign in Morocco during Ramadan:

“To our customers. During the ramadan period, only non muslim children and adults will be served”


Moroccan pharmacies threatened over cross symbols

Magharebia (thanks to Mullah)

An internet message posted in July delivered a deadly ultimatum to pharmacy owners.

A self-proclaimed “lover of al-Qaeda and Jihad” has given Moroccan pharmacy owners one month to remove cross symbols from storefronts or else face beheading.

“In 2009, crusade France lured owners of pharmacies with financial benefits and discounts in medications in return for placing the green cross along the green crescent,” said a letter published in late July by several online forums. “We demand you remove the crosses off the façades of your pharmacies and to respect our religion,” the web threat continued.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” the unnamed writer said. “We give you and those who work with you an interval of one month to return to your true nature and nation.”

The deadline expires August 28th.  (Source)

King Hassan II & the misunderstanders of Islam

Hassan II: “A Secular Muslim is Not a Muslim”

Thanks to GoV & Vlad Tepes

In the video below, the late King Hassan II of Morocco (died 1999) asserts the absolute primacy of sharia in Islamic countries. In fact, he even denies the possibility of secular law under Islam.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a brief Dutch-language article from the ICLA website, and also the French from the video. Many thanks to Bivouac-IDfor the original French-language transcript of the video and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The French blog Bivouac-ID — comparable to the German Politically Incorrect and one of the most prominent French blogs on Islam and the dangers it entails — has a published a video of King Hassan II of Morocco in which he briefly explains why it is an illusion to think there ever can be a “secular” Islam (sometimes called a “European Islam”). In short, Islam is incompatible with Western secular rule of law. Indeed, Hassan II, King of Morocco from 1961-1999, suggests that a secular Muslim is not a Muslim simply because “a Muslim can not be secular”.

Read further…click on the link for  complete transcript

Blockade of  Melilla

“the blockade would be over if the king wanted it”


Moroccan demonstrators have suspended a blockade of Spain’s north African enclave in Melilla until the end of Ramadan.

They had been preventing goods entering the territory in protest at alleged abuses by Spanish police against Moroccans.

Agreement was reached between protesters and traders after the enclave faced a shortage of fish, fruit and vegetables.

“It’s an opportunity for the police authorities in Melilla to solve what they have to solve,” said Mounaim Chaouki, president of the National Committee for the Liberation of Ceuta and Melilla.

Rabat has always viewed the two Spanish enclaves in northern Morocco as ‘occupied towns’.   (Euronews)

Morocco: "the king is unamused by Christians who proselytise"

Of course, here on WoT we are unamused about the massive  Islamic invasion of our lands and the fierce proselytizing efforts by the soldiers of Allah, which is largely ignored by the ruling elites.

The ‘Economist’ appears to agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of the Muslim king. Check the comments section. Its  a cesspool of multicultural befuddlement: view  comments

Obama administration “notably silent” on Morocco’s treatment of Christians

Surprising? Not at all, but newsworthy nonetheless. It is but one more example in the broader pattern of disturbing conduct by the Obama administration in its drive to gain the approval of the Muslim world at seemingly any cost.

It will not make us safer. It will not make us, or anyone else, freer.

An update on this story. “Stop preaching or get out: The king is unamused by Christians who proselytise,” from The Economist, July 29 (thanks to JW):

Evangelical Christians in the poor world are rarely accused of undermining public order. All the more surprising, then, that in recent months around a hundred have been deported from Morocco for just that. The Christians, mostly from the United States and Europe, have been accused of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity, a crime punishable by imprisonment under Moroccan law, which protects the freedom to practise one’s faith but forbids any attempt to convert others.

In accordance with Sharia.

Rules against proselytising are quite common in Muslim countries but Morocco has long enjoyed a reputation as a bastion of religious tolerance in the region. Almost all the country’s 32m citizens are Sunni Muslims but churches and synagogues exist, alongside mosques, to cater for the 1% of the people who are Christian or Jewish.

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Mark Steyn in Morocco

Mark Steyn

The lesson of a Jewish cemetery

Thanks to the wonders of globalization, I’m writing this in a fairly decrepit salon de thé off the rue de la Liberté in Tangiers, enjoying a coffee and a stale croissant grilled and flattened into a panini. What could be more authentically Moroccan? For some reason, the napkins are emblazoned with “Gracias por su visita.”

Through a blizzard of flies, I can just about make out the plasma TV up in the corner on which Jimmy Carter, dubbed into Arabic, is denouncing Israel. Al Jazeera doesn’t so much cover the Zionist Entity as feast on it, hour after hour, without end. So here, at the western frontier of the Muslim world (if you don’t include Yorkshire), the only news that matters is from a tiny strip of land barely wider at its narrowest point than a rural Canadian township way down the other end of the Mediterranean.


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Killer Minaret Crushes 36 Moroccans

Dozens die in Morocco minaret collapse

Even Allah hates Muslims….

BBC got video H/T kaw

At least 36 people were killed in Morocco when a minaret collapsed at a mosque in the central town of Meknes, officials say.

More than 60 people were injured in the accident at the Berdieyinne mosque in Meknes’ old city during Friday prayers, according to Moroccan state television.

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Islamic cleric hits Morocco with the inevitable wine fartwa

‘Wine Fatwa’ Sparks Religious Spat in Morocco

No surprises here. When a Saudi Wahabite bought the Hyatt hotel in Cairo he immediately banned alcohol….. it comes with the territory. Supporters of the sheikh insisted that foreign visitors must respect Muslim cultural norms. Not that Muslims ever respect our cultural norms…..

Ayatollah Khomeini, 1979

“Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

H/T Islamization Watch

Written by Rachelle Kliger/Media Line

A Moroccan cleric issues a ban on wine, drawing angry responses from secularists.

A Moroccan cleric’s religious edict banning the consumption of wine has drawn angry responses from pro-democracy groups, who say religion is being hijacked for political purposes.

Critics are concerned that this ruling indicates that an extreme form of Islam is being introduced into the North African country.

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Willie Clitman's Wife Passes Wind in Morocco

Clueless, hopeless, worthless:

Clintons wife assures Mohammedans that the US will give Israel away if it can’t be sold:

M&C Marrakech, Morocco – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that Washington continued to regard the Israeli settlements policy in Palestinian areas as illegitimate.

Palestinians seethe as Clinton praises Israel, Clinton backs off

Dhimmitude from the Secretary of State. What did you expect? It isn’t as if she is Winston Churchill’s Foreign Minister.

In Morocco, Clinton offers more jizya

After all, it always makes Muslim countries such grateful and cooperative allies of the U.S., now, doesn’t it?   “Clinton offers U.S. aid to help boost Muslim ties,” from Reuters, November 3 (thanks to Weasel Zippers via JW):

Clinton spoke to the press in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, where she was attending a regional conference called Forum for the Future.

The position of US President Barack Obama on settlements ‘has not changed,’ Clinton said, explaining that ‘the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.’

The Israeli offer of restricting settlements, however, would have a ‘significant’ effect, she said.

Clinton praised Palestinian efforts to improve security in the West Bank.

She said she had advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to respond to ‘positive’ Palestinian measures in kind.

Clinton’s statement was interpreted by observers as a slight hardening of the US position on settlements, in line with the wishes of Arab countries.

The Forum for the Future brought together representatives of Middle Eastern, North African and industrialized countries.

Slick Willie wishes he’d left the White House in a coffin….

STANBUL, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said on Monday he would have preferred to leave the White House in a coffin because he loved being commander in chief, but signalled his political life was over. Totally befuddled with himself. What an A-ssshole!

Morocco is no Picnic

Where a picnic is against the law

Muslim Moroccans pray near Hassan II Tower in Rabat during the holy month of Ramadan, Oct. 5, 2007. Moroccans who planned a public picnic this year in protest of laws against eating during Ramadan were arrested by police.

Moroccan protests against the Ramadan fast provoke arrests and angry threats.

By Erik GermanGlobalPost

RABAT, Morocco — Death threats, police interrogations and a media firestorm aren’t typical upshots of a decision to enjoy an afternoon picnic.

But that’s just what happened after a circle of Moroccan activists tried meeting for an outdoor lunch during Ramadan last month.

The activists planned the meal to protest a national law that punishes those who break the Islamic holy month’s mandatory daytime fast. Their stated aim was to spur debate on religious freedom.

The resulting brouhaha has observers debating the sway fundamentalists hold in a country that  has a 98 percent Muslim majority and which, despite travel advertisements that make its society appear modern and secular, is actually quite traditional.

“Moroccan society is particularly hard on people who don’t observe Ramadan,” said Zineb El Rhazoui, 27, a Casablanca journalist who helped organize the protest. “If people see you eating in the street, they attack you. This needs to be stopped.”

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Revert in Reverse

Islam Online

suzanne   – United Kingdom

I Need to Move on From My Husband

Please can you help me, I am having such a dilemma. I met and married my husband 19 years ago. We have three daughters aged 17, 15 and 7. I am a revert to Islam. My husband, although knows a lot about Islam, doesn’t pray and I have always felt quite alone in my worship.


Two years ago, my husband who was 39, went to a nightclub in Morocco and met a 17 year old prostitute, slept with her that night and then because of his guilt, married her by Fitra (I don’t really know what this means or what it consists of, all I know is that he sees it as marriage). I was here in the UK and all this was done behind my back. He came home and told me and I was devastated. Although very firey, our marriage was passionate and he had never been with any other woman since marrying me. I loved him with all my heart and to this day don’t understand why he did this. He told me he still loves me and never wants to lose me or the kids. I just couldn’t accept this. He told so many lies, sent money to her and gave me nothing, used to talk to her on the phone in front of me and tell her he loves her. I found it really hard to cope.

muz abussewomen

  • New York: Muslim women confront domestic violence, but deny Islam plays a role in it: As usual, conspicuously absent from the discussion is any acknowledgment of Islam’s role in encouraging and perpetuating spousal abuse. By lacking the will to face those texts and teachings forthrightly, Robina Niaz is only hobbling her own efforts to help other Muslim women. “Her ‘duty’ is helping Muslim women heal after abuse,” fromCNN, September 25:

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