We need America. We don't need a "post-American world!"

Who voted for the ‘parasite in chief?’

Compliments of the DailyMail/H-T Weasel

The (planned) return of the little green bastards/ diehard commie – asshole & America hater Van Jones to run for presidency?

UK derailment watch from ZIP:


If you carry a British flag, the UK press brands you “far right” and a “fascist”….

Far-right supporters confront pro-Palestinian protestersGuardian (9/13)

Street fights erupt as Muslims try to defend North London mosque– Times Online (9/12)

Sixty men in 9/11 city centre street brawls– This is South Wales (9/11)

If you want to see what’s considered an “anti-fascist” in the UK these days, click here…

Dhimmitude on stilts with a cherry on top: UK makes another secret concession to Libya

*Jan 15 - 00:03*

Glenn Beck is the enemy:

Left-Wing Freaked About Huge 9.12 Crowd – Goes After Glenn Beck…He’s Racist, A Communist, Gunning To Start Violence, Wanting To Harm President . . .

“Racist” is standard fare for the morally bankrupt wankers who have hijacked America. When the commies call Glenn Beck a “communist” -what do you make of that?

The deluded left in cahoots with Uighur Muslims…?

Anything to shut you up:

Fox News’ Glenn Beck’s right-wing rants go way too far, critics charge

The Epic Battle Good vs Evil on the Streets on London Today

Wilders Attacks Obama 🙂

Mohound Ahmadinejad Bitch Slaps Obama: Nuke Program WON’T Be Up For Discussion In Negotiations . . .