Why Turkey can NEVER be part of the EU

Gates of Vienna

A Turkish agit prop speaks from a position of power and considers Turkey’s full membership in the EU beyond any doubt, as a privileged partnership is out of the question.


He  starts with outrageous and preposterous claims such as these:

  • Turkish contributions to European culture and way of life, such as Mozart’s Turkish March, the opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio”, and coffee; Turkey has geared its policies towards the West for the past centuries
  • The EU is in need of Turkey’s young and well-educated and trained manpower.
  • Turkey is crucial for European energy resources.
  • Turkey as a full member raises the political strength of the EU.
  • Turkey is pushing democratization.

Reality Check:

Bringing the Turkish constitution into line with EU principles would entail the destruction of both pillars of the Turkish constitution and would thus put an end to Atatürk’s Turkey. In addition, it can be seen in all clarity that the EU will either accept a de facto military dictatorship or an Islamic state within its ranks provided the “negotiations” with the EU continue to proceed at the same pace. In any case, the EU will remain the pawn of Turkish politics.

Turkeys ploughs its way into the European Union. It bullies concessions and does not show any willingness to fulfill accession criteria. It follows its well-established negotiation tactics: wooing — being offended — threatening.

It wants a Turkish Europe, as clearly expressed by the Turkish prime minister, during his recent appearance in Cologne.

Reason becomes nonsense, benefits turn into menace.

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The many decades during which the systematic attempt, through legislation, by Ataturk to remove Islam in Turkey from the political sphere and to limit its power to fashion society, over time managed to allow the formation of a class of Turks who, in their mental outlook are not as distant as from Western man as are, say, Arabs or Pakistanis.

They do, unsurprisingly, continue to identify themselves as Muslims, sometimes out of civilisational defensiveness or filial piety. To abandon Islam might seem like abandoning a pious grandmother, or viewing the islamization of the former Byzantine Empire as a historic mistake, and many cannot bring themselves to do that. This secular class consists, in the main, of businessmen who have dealings with the West (the Sabanci family comes to mind), writers (Orhan Pamuk, about to deliver the Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard), journalists, professors, rectors of universities, art gallery owners, musicians who play Western music.

3 thoughts on “Why Turkey can NEVER be part of the EU”

  1. Mozart’s Turkish March – proof of turkey’s influence on western culture .
    But Mozart wrote some music with a turkish title , he wasn’t turkish .
    ‘Turkey’ did nothing .

  2. GoV gets it right for all the wrong reasons.

    The government is still part of a disapearing generation that looks to Europe as being the saviour to all of Turkey’s woes and identity problems, not realising that it was Attaturk that made the identity crisis in the first place.

    A growing number taht are akin to becoming a majority find no value in becoming a part of Europe. The growing middle-class from the now generation do not see economic value and the bulk of the population in rural Turkey find no cultural or social benefit, they certainly do not consider themselves European and also not Middle-Eastern. Turkic is an identity and being Muslim a defining value that puts any link or aspiration to be European out of the door for them.

    Apart from European nations that do not want Turkey as a member, this growing number whom question this desire to look West is, for my part, a death-note to the idea.

    What is critical for Turkey right now is to drop this notion, get rid of this division of “old Attaturk ways” and the “new Turkic beginning” and simply form a realistic national identity which is strong. They need to stop outsiders dictating things, be it the “outside” perception of being part of the West or the “outside” influences from radical Muslim groups that wish to creat a foothold into that society, which has for the last century avoided radical Islam.

    (This poster was a member of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara for a two year period and head of the Turkey desk)

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