Fooled again


The Muslim community in Rheinfelden/Germany got approval to build a mosque with a minaret on condition that no loudspeakers be attached and that no amplified call to prayer would annoy  nearby residents. As soon as the building was completed, the muezzin started to wail and howl over 3 powerful loudspeakers and annoyed the hell out of the neighborhood. Now, because of the upcoming referendum in nearby Switzerland (a citizens initiative has already collected over 120.000 signatures against mosques and minarets) some think the muslims gave away the game to soon….

So, according to the latest news from Jihad Watch Germany,  the soldiers of Allah removed the loudspeakers (for now) since it was “childish and  thoughtless”. Lets see what they say after the Swiss had their referendum.

1009-nobelpreisMeanwhile, Muselmaniacs and their useful idiots in Switzerland go apeshit over the above posters. Some of the Cantons have refused to allow them for the usual hysterics about racism and xenophobia, while others have gladly distributed them throughout.

Here is the story in German:

Im deutschen Rheinfelden sorgen drei Lautsprecher an einem Minarett für viel Lärm – vor allem unter der Bevölkerung. Das «fahrlässige Vorgehen» spiele den Anti-Minarett-Gegnern in der Schweiz in die Hände, glaubt der Vorsitzende des christlich-islamischen Vereins in Rheinfelden.


4 thoughts on “Fooled again”

  1. To the muslims in Rheinfelden – you obey OUR laws, or you LEAVE – YOUR CHOICE. You have lied – become honest or face the consequences.

  2. Tell that to the German Muslims in Hamm,
    They are to the point that they are willing to kill you.
    The mosque, resulted in the property prices fall & the mosque ends up buying everything.

  3. tjwork,
    Yes, old trick – but it will only work for a limited time. People here are really quite annoyed with these idiots. If they hurt anyone the full might of Germany will fall on them – and they know it.

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