Jihad Made in Germany

Picture of evil stoopid:

Bloodthirsty German Al Qaeda fanatic poses with 2ft-long knife for beheading British soldiers in Afghanistan

An Al Qaeda fanatic who trains fellow Europeans to fight in Afghanistan has given a stark warning to our troops – by posing with a 2ft-long beheading knife.

The bearded terrorist, identified as ‘Abu Askar the German’, belongs to one of Osama Bin Laden’s ‘foreign legions’ fighting alongside the Taliban.

In a new terror video posted online he vows to ‘achieve a victory for Islam’ using the huge blade, which is inscribed with an Arabic passage from the Quran. In pictures designed to scare British and American soldiers is also seen sitting with an AK47 rifle.

Terrorism expert and author Chris Dobson told The Sun: ‘The bloodthirsty threat of Abu Askar the German and his giant cleaver is plain – anyone who opposes us will lose their heads. Daily Mail has more>>

Winning hearts and minds: Germany sending 1,200 cops to Afghanistan

Berlin: Death by Social Workers

Police under siege


Vlad says:

I do not know what is more frightening. The hordes of Muslims attacking German police for no typical motive, or the German intelligentsia insisting the answer is more social workers and understanding of the ‘root causes’. Watch this and send the link far and wide. This is civil war, and worse because the side of civilization refuses to admit it, or fight back and instead, wishes to spend more resources appeasing the enemy.

I know which is the more frightening:

It’s the Leftist passive undermining of the rule of law. They root around in the trash of discarded theories. They hold conferences to invent variations on the failed, stale ideas about the “underlying causes” for violence and mayhem when the answer is as plain as the nose they use for sneering.

To hoist them by their own petard: if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. These pontifications, plus the random and ineffectual applications of social workers to a situation of violence is eerily like Obama’s notion that dialogue prevents war. Both are huge problems that will obstruct the return of public safety.

One thing the world doesn’t need more of right now is more Social Workers…

PS: One policeman is thinking of joining the army so he can go to Afghanistan- danger is the same but the pay is better…!

German banker sparks anger over ‘racist’ tirade aimed at Turks in Germany

H/T Vlad Tepes

“Turks are conquering Germany…with a strong birth rate,” Sarrazin was quoted as saying. “I would be happy if it were a question of eastern European Jews whose intelligence is 15 per cent greater than the German population.

“I do not want groups within the population that do not accept the duty of integration, and on top of that it costs a lot more money.”

Speaking of the German capital, Berlin, Sarrazin added: “A large number of Arabs and Turks in this city, the number of whom has grown owing to poor policies, have no productive function aside from selling fruit and vegetables.  Read More »

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  1. The leftists are the main problem – destroy them, remove them from the media and the islamist threat will very quickly dissipate.

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