Hate speech laws, Muslim invasion & "Peace" prices

US Hate crimes bill – law by the weekend?


A spokesman with the American Family Association says the hate crimes bill passed Thursday afternoon by the House could have a chilling effect on free speech and religious freedoms in the nation.

“For the first time in American history we are criminalizing thought,” Read it all

Second Thoughts on Immigration

(American Spectator)

“If Europe is getting more immigrants than its voters want,” Caldwell contends, “this is a good indication its democracy is malfunctioning.”


Every official prediction about Muslim immigrants proved false. Caldwell lays them out in detail:

Immigrants would be few in number. Since they were coming to fill short-term gaps in the labor force, most would stay in Europe only temporarily. Some might stay longer. No one assumed they would ever be eligible for welfare. That they would retain the habits and cultures of Muslim villages, clans, market-places and mosques was a thought too bizarre to entertain.

Their families and villages followed until the Muslim population swelled from tiny numbers in 1950 to as many as 17 million by 2000. There are now at least 5 million Muslims in France, 4 million in Germany, and 2 million in Great Britain. By the middle of this century, the foreign-born population could reach one-third in most European countries. Read it here>>


Andrew Bolt:

This is becoming very, very expensive:

BORDER protection authorities have intercepted yet another boatload of asylum-seekers off Australia’s northwest coast, the 31st vessel to be detected this year…On board were 52 passengers and three crew…

So far this year, 1649 passengers have arrived by boat, ferried by a total of 64 crew members.


Former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews makes a contrast with the number of boat people in the last five years of the Howard Government:

Since 2002, there were less than 250 illegal boat arrivals.

Is the Rudd Government absolutely sure it didn’t send out the wrong signal last year in softening our laws against this kind of thing? One small mercy, I guess: “only” 25 people have since drowned in trying to get here.

But the cost to taxpayers is enormous, to judge by figures released in May by the Government:

When calculated over the October-February period, the numbers show authorities spent more than $5.3 million on the 141 people who were in detention as of February 28 – or $38,000 a detainee.

That suggests the boat arrivals just this year alone have cost us around $65 million. And that’s just for starters…


Tim Blair

Five dodgy Norwegians give an encouragement prize to Barack Obama. According to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this “confirms, finally, America’s return to the hearts of the people of the world.” The whole world? And here’s the Prez himself:

“This prize reflects the kind of world we want to build … I will accept this award as a call to action … We can’t accept a world where people are denied opportunity … This award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity.”

Who knew that fewer than half-a-dozen unknown gravlaks-munchers could make him do all that stuff?

big spending negro

That Nobel Peace Prize: Bashes Bush, Handcuffs Obama

Daniel Pipes

My prediction: The absurdity of the prize decision will harm Obama politically in the United States, contrasting his role as international celebrity with his record devoid of accomplishments. Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, notes that Obama “won’t be receiving any awards from Americans for job creation, fiscal responsibility, or backing up rhetoric with concrete action.” Expert to hear much more along those lines.

Wanna complain to the Nobel idiots? Not that they’ll listen. They’re morons. But if you wanna send ‘em hatemail go for it by writing to comments@nobelprize.org

7 thoughts on “Hate speech laws, Muslim invasion & "Peace" prices”

  1. One can not criminalize thought because it would make too
    many cases for prosecution.
    it can only be criminalized if it results in criminal action.
    There is a way to go around; it is not a thought but possibilitism;
    outloud thinking of possible scenarios; just an objective summary
    hiding opinion, politicians do this all the time!

  2. This is very dangerous!!! Do not imagine for a moment that these laws do not have the potential to muzzle comment against any topic. Have a look at Nazi Germany, ArgentiÅ„a, USSR, and many muslim countries – if the USA falls to this law you can expect some very bad times ahead. And the twisted joke is that the person who is pushing this through has just been given the nobel peace prize.

  3. JC If I hate fascism is that alright with you. Because its really appeasers like you that I hate. I despise islam and sharia law, thats my right.

  4. J.C,
    Explain exactly why we are all better off with this odious piece of legislation. I suspect that you have not even thought about its implications!!!! A reply is required – my folks did not die so that idiots could destroy our basic freedoms – now start explaining.

  5. I truly feel sorry for the US.
    The judiciary system is going to be tied up for years with Islamist groups like CAIR, the Brotherhood, etc. who will jump on everything they can find as an excuse to go to court in a lawsuit.
    First the money will flow. Then the blood will flow.
    What Obama is going to create with this legislation is nothing short of another American Civil War. Pehaps he took Lincoln a little too seriously. The book in his hand Fareed Zakaria’s “The Post American World” is his plan of action. His fame will be “the second Abraham Lincoln come to save the day”, only this time he will be empowering the Muslims to gain “shari’ah in America” and he’ll be enslaving the infidels instead and setting the US Constitution clock back at least a couple hundred years.

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