Look who listens to advice from the MCB

Britain’s most powerful lawyers

Just in case you’re wondering who is behind this social engineering of the justice system, don’t look any further than the usual suspects: Jack Straw & Company will ensure that Islamic terrorists will be released as soon as possible, because keeping them in jail “could inflame the situation”…

Beyond belief! And here was I thinking that the justice system was there to punish crime,and therefore to reduce it, whilst our judiciary think punishment increases the likelihood of crime. Get me out of here!



Other (bad) news:

6 thoughts on “Look who listens to advice from the MCB”

  1. The jihadists, I mean the “nice Islamic guys” must be laughing the freaking asses off at how weak the western judicial system is.
    They’ll be saying “we’ll be begging for shari’ah law by the time they’re through with us”.
    I can’ t believe this myself. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Look at that dhimmi Jack Straw. What a pussy! I wonder which of the “nice Islamic guys” sent the death threats to him or his family? Maybe it’s just a romantic love affair with Islamism?
    Funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course the US has their dhimmi-wit too in Obama. An his justice system is just as nice to the “boys from Islamabad”. It’s so damned refreshing to realize that our soldiers are losing their lives fighting these assholes on foreign hostile soil, losing their comrades, for what? So they can fight the same assholes that they captured last year because a dhimmi wit from home office let him out of jail? Stewart ought to be shot before a firing squad for cowardice and traitorism. The BNP is looking better all the time. If these jerks keep doing what they’re doing that’s the way it’s going to be. And you know what? The UK will be the stronger for it!
    Let’s get rid of the Islamic fascists once and for all. That includes the dhimmis in power.

  2. WOW ?? WTF at this rate the people are going to go apeshit ! craven cowards and traitors!

  3. Also, in the above posts is a note that the brave muslim woman who terminated some islamist thugs is being threatened by these islamist morons again – for simply resisting. So, lets see if you moderate muslims have the courage to follow this lady’s stand. IT IS YOUR CALL!!!!!

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