Islamic Psycho-Killer Malik Hassan

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Sheik Yer’mami

Malik Hassan Malik is a fan of:

Celebrities / Public Figures Organizations Stores Music
My Dad!!
My Mother
King, Martin Luther, Jr
اشرف الخلق محمد صلى الله علية وسلم
اَلقُرْآنٌ الكَرِيمٌ
99 Names of Allah
forgive me allah

From the LAX, El Al-counter killings, the Empire State building shootings, the shootings at the Jewish center in Seattle, and the North Carolina SUV killings, because the perpetrator is acting alone, the immediate assumption is that the act is NOT terrorism.

Why is this? Can’t an individual engage in a solo act of terror?


There was a phone interview with his cousin,Nader Hasan on
Fox news.The shooter is not a convert to Islam.He was born a Muslim.