What a lovely psycho killer! The Muslim community is shocked! Shocked…!

And as always, when Muslims go on killing sprees or are involved in terrorist attacks, the “Muslim community” and the frenzied multiculturalist f*kcwits in the media fear “backlash against Muslims” and people who are thought to be Muslim….

Even non-Muslims could be targeted, he said, noting that Sikhs who wear turbans or Hispanic-Americans can be mistaken as being of Middle Eastern descent.

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Though it was previously reported he was dead, officials reported late Thursday he was alive, wounded and in stable condition.

Staff Sgt. Marc Molano, currently based at Fort Knox, Kentucky, told CNN he was treated by Hasan for post-traumatic stress disorder while at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington earlier this year.

“Dr. Hasan provided me with nothing but the best care,” Molana said. “He was a very well-mannered, polite psychiatrist, and it’s just a shock to know that Dr. Hasan could have done this. It’s still kind of hard to believe.”

Molano described him as “far and away one of the best psychiatrists I ever dealt with.”  More from CNN where you cannot find the words “Islam” or “Muslim”  anywhere….

Fort Hood jihad shooter was disciplined for Islamic proselytizing

CAIR has been working overtime (they’re quoted in this article also), and the “Muslims fear backlash” victimhood machine is in high gear. No one, of course, is questioning whether there might be any connection between this man’s devoutly held Islam and the massacre today. After all, how could there be any such connection? Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢!

“Massacre Leaves 12 Dead At Fort Hood,” by Kevin Whitelaw for NPR, November 5 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

[…] The motive behind the shootings was not immediately clear, officials said….

Nothing can be made clear to those who do not wish to see.

A source tells NPR’s Joseph Shapiro that Hasan was put on probation early in his postgraduate work at the Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He was disciplined for proselytizing about his Muslim faith with patients and colleagues, according to the source, who worked with him at the time.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

The Pentagon, the American military, the Army, those who run Fort Hood, are guilty, in their refusal to recognize the effect of Islam on the minds of men, in their wilfull ignorance of what is contained in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, in their continual pretend-belief that only the obvious “extremists” are a danger to non-Muslims, are guilty of criminal negligence. And the government of this country, and the governments of other non-Muslim countries who refuse to take Islam seriously, refuse to halt all Muslim immigration and work to diminish the number of Muslims present in our imperilled non-Muslim societies and states, are guilty of the same criminal negligence. Everyone in authority — brief authority –in the Western world who presumes to protect and defend “the people,” has a duty to learn about Islam. Not from John Esposito. Not from the sly propagandists, Muslim and non-Muslim collaborators alike, that is the True Believers and the hirelings, or the ideological sympathizers with Islam as “anti-Western.” But, in the main, from two sources: the great Western authorities on Islam, such as Snouck Hurgronje, Joseph Schacht, Franz Rosenthal, Henri Lammens, Samuel Zwemer, St. Clair Tisdall, and a hundred others, and from the articulate apostates from Islam, such people as Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Magdi Allam. Their testimonies have been published;t they are eager to help explain the Muslim mind, the mind of those brought up in societies suffused with Islam. But those who rule over us think they have no duty to learn from these sources. They prefer to listen to the smiling, affable, so-trustworthy Muslims on their staffs, or in the pay of the government. They are easily fooled. They are too lazy to do the necessary work that only they — not their staffs, who prepare those simplify bullet-riddled Exective Summaries. Nothing but immediate, and detailed knowledge, of the texts and the tenets and the attitudes and the atmospherics of Islam, will do.

18 thoughts on “What a lovely psycho killer! The Muslim community is shocked! Shocked…!”

  1. What IS the French word for bayonet?

    Oh Vlad Tepes, come out, come out, wherever you are…Mr. Tepes, we need your services for a little while. I have prepared 20,000 spits.

  2. I would propose that we make life very difficult for CAIR – inundate these jerks with critical emails and file their mail boxes with critical letters. Simply tell then to get out of the USA – do not write any thing threatening – the fwits will sue if they can. And write to your politicians requesting the removal of muslims from police and military duty. As of now I refuse to acknowledge the authority of any muslim law representative and I will consider then as enemy. This should be interesting if I ever visit the England destroyed by Brown and his fellow traitors.

  3. “…who refuse to take Islam seriously…”
    -Have you ever took Islam seriously, or are you just finding flaws in it? Have you read, understand, and digest the whole of Quran and hadith? Even then, there are many ways to interpret the contents of Quran and hadith. It’s closely related to the Sirah (history), without knowing the history, the same verse can be interpreted in a completely different way.

    Tell me, can I use just this one line below, without knowing how to identify sarcasm, as proof of your admission that you oppose Islam because you’re ignorant and an idiot?

    “Yes, we know that only idiots oppose Islam and sensible people submit, but you know we are ignorant and we prefer to remain that way”

    Of course not, because almost every adult knows that’s sarcasm just by reading that one line. Unfortunately, it is not the same with Islam. A clear understanding of Islam is needed to interpret it’s teachings completely and correctly. But only a very small percentage of the world’s population really understand Islam. Even some Muslims do not understand fully, but claim that they do, resulting in posts that try to explain, but in your view, makes no sense, filled with lies, and covered in Islamic shrouds.

    Please, if you can just try to learn Islam with an open mind, from the right sources, not from other anti-Islam sites, not even off the internet. It’ll be best if you can talk to open-minded, muslim Islamic teachers. But as I’ve stated, some knows little but claim they completely understand Islam.

    1. Alhamdullillah, a true scholar and interpreter of Islam who is “one of the very small percentage of the worlds population who really understands Islam!”

      Where have you been all my life and what brings you here?

      Stick around, M.N., we need an interpreter like you. Are you a mufti? Are you famous?

  4. Sarcasm does not affect people as much as the one saying it had hoped.
    And you completely fail to be open-minded. Go on, keep on your ‘unskillful’ attacks on Islam. Use materials from the media, instead of your own. Quote incomplete Surahs as thats the only way to make it sounds bad. Refute every post that support Islam, without even reading thoroughly. It won’t work, mark my words. 5 years from now, you won’t have any more supporters than you have now.

    I’m sorry but I won’t help add traffic to your site.

  5. Are you open minded?

    Will you be using your own material when you join the discussion?

    Why won’t you “help add traffic to this site?”

    If Islam is the truth, why don’t you prove it? Should be easy for you….

  6. M.N,I think nobody on Earth is enough Intelligent to understand pisslam,it is too much Hermetic…Why not get rid of that Ideology because nobody understand anything of it……I think it’s good sense,not You ! We could change to something else….

  7. If nobody can understand M.N, it’s probably because it is totally incomprehensible to all…Why bother with that M.N…. For me it means that is totally insane and irrational, not you?

  8. I don’t know if you can understand my point of View M.N probably not,it’s a point of view of a modest Pig Farmer but I invite you to my pig farm for more discussion, soon i hope.

  9. Pierre..good to know you are still keeping on..
    Why would anyone want to understand islam?
    I have only read our main NZ papers on the net..no mention of this horror in two of them..two smallish articles in the Auckland paper..one naively questioning his motive. I am not surprised..our papers are heavily censored and most people are so naive.

  10. Hello ! Theresaj happy to see you,as a good friend of me says who would integrate with Them ? Nobody for Sure.

  11. I have notice that almost all muslim who try to defend his criminal religion tries to defend it by challenging everybody to read their satanic quran. They can not cite anything from the quran, because all the quran can tell are kill the kafir, rape non-muslim, torture the infidels, marry your brother’s young daughter. ha ha ha. You can call me an islamophobia, but feel safe, my GOD will get angry with me if i harm one ignorant muslim, unless of course in self-defense. Remember, before islamophobia is non-islamophobia where muslim demons murdered, raped, kidnaped, tortured, robbed non-muslims in the name of their moon-god allah.

  12. * Quote incomplete Surahs

    Quote surahs surahs
    Allah’s for you, not me
    Islam’s BS you see
    Quote surahs surahs

  13. Where some persons rape, rob, kill and mutilate their victims, idiots ask are they on drugs, when a soldier massacre his defenseless fellow soldiers, idiots ask “is he a lunatic?” No idiots, they are just plain muslims.

  14. MN,
    Islam is by definition flawed. It is incomplete: many different interpretations of a single concept exist. Most of these interpretations are violent, and I have no interest in getting an idiotic islamic scholar to teach what I can easily deduce. If one things is true it is that islam seeks to control all aspects of life: muslims submit completely to a set of rules that are poorly defined but never questioned within the umma. This is a hallmark of stupidity. You yourself have offered nothing to show that islam is worthy of respect or even study. You offer glimpses of a grand vision that does not exist , or rather one that exists in the following sense: I write an equation on the board and claim that it explains everything in the universe – the claim can not be proved of disproved unless the equation can be proved true of false. Until one can show the validity of the equation then the claim that all is explained is simply a statement of faith, albeit in an unusual form. If you choose to believe in the Quran it is YOUR choice but you cannot prove that its ramblings are true – it is a matter of faith – and within this reference frame each individual has by definition an equal right to her or his own truth – ie there are no imposed systems on the frame. Within this reference frame the followers of islam must be condemned because they seek to supplant the infinity of possible solutions with their truth which by definition is a falsehood for all others. This is undertaken on the guidance of Quran thus islam becomes a monster that it is and always has been – destroying ideas and concepts in order that it might guarantee its survival (and – on a personal note it really has little to offer). Within biological systems a good analogy would be a virus.

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