Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

Child Thrown into Boiling Curry Pot During Family Dispute…

“A good curry can never be hot enough” takes on another meaning here…

UK: Muslim Mother of Six wants her Children to blow up for Jihad

Houria Chahed Chentouf

A mother of six who concealed bomb-making manuals on a computer memory stick hidden inside her burka as she flew into Britain has been given a two-year jail sentence.

Houria Chahed Chentouf, 41, a Moroccan-born Dutch woman, had developed an obsession with jihad, or holy war, amassing a huge library on how to become an effective terrorist, Manchester Crown Court was told. Times Online/ Daily Mail

8th Grade Christian Girl Kidnap-ped, Converted, ‘Married’…

Aisha lives on… Muhammad, the profit of Islam married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine…

10-Year-Old Girl Attacked with Acid, Gang-Raped, Killed…

Uncovered meat, obviously….

Irfan Slits Children’s Throats after Wife Asks for Divorce…

No, not the Irfan you are thinking of.  Irfan Ahmed, a driver hailing from Toba Tek Singh, located 120 km from Lahore, killed his two sons and two daughters yesterday.

One thought on “Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace”

  1. To protect each country’s cultural, societal, political, historical and linguistic interests and survival, every country in the western world should have limitations on its foreign population (like no more than 10%), birth restriction for immigrants (2 children per couple).
    on religious freedom (saudi’s will never allow any other religion in
    their country thus; no rights for muslims in any western country),
    no social adjustments to foreigners, all the religious sermons in
    any religious institution should be in (one of the) the national language(s) of the country where it is given. undermining of the host country
    legal, societal, cultural and historical system should be punishable
    with expulsion to country of origin, political activity restrictions,
    Get ride of the current democracy system and introduce a semi-demo-
    cratic-techno system to avoid gliding into dictatorship.
    If not, all things will be destroyed in the future; art, books, movies, music, buildings, politics, statues and everything will be replaced by
    islamic motonomy, moreover history will be re-written; everything
    ever invented will come originally from the first golden age of islam.
    Perhaps rigorous but that’s the way the world is turning; one can still
    choose which kind of dictatorship one prefers but in the end several
    ones will be imposed, as stated before my choice would be the Yhwh
    theocracy of the millennium.

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