South Africa: apologies not enough; Islamic cleric calls for free speech restrictions over Motoons

Gates of Vienna:

South African paper caves, grovels, bends over:

“We have learnt an enormous amount since the publication of the cartoon about the depth of reverence in which Muslims hold the Prophet.”

“Muslim outrage is often simplistically misconstrued as a lack of humour and over- sensitivity….”

What the Mufti is saying is that even if you are not a Muslim you must adhere to the teachings of Islam.

South Africa: Islamic cleric calls for free speech restrictions over Motoons

Mufti: “Let Us Draw The Line For You Infidels!”

“Zapiro: Drawing the Line: Zubair Bayat,” from Dispatch Online, May 29:

[…] Two things are wrong with Zapiro’s cartoon. Firstly, any attempt to depict him in illustration is an attempt to depict the sacrosanct, which is not allowed. Secondly, the nature of cartoons is to satirise and trivialise. This is clearly not acceptable in the case of a personality who is held in the highest esteem by over a billion people globally.In this particular cartoon, the insinuation is that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is in need of psychiatric help, an idea which prejudiced and hostile Orientalists have always attempted to project in their works. This dimension of the cartoon adds insult to injury and serves to rub the proverbial salt deeper into the wound. Read it all on Jihad Watch

Real Bravery From the  Courageous Left:

The Social Democratic Youth make the Pope into a pedophile.


Thanks to KGS from the Tundra Tabloids

Here is the reasoning why these Finnish Swedes, and socialists in general, treat Muslims one way, and the rest of us in another way. It’s all about demographics and nothing to do with wrong or right, or even equality for that matter. The socialists here in Europe have institutionalized the systematic treatment of its citizens and residents in an unequal way.

Oh just wait until this minority reaches critical mass you bunch of bozos, then you’ll witness the paradigm in reversal, with Islam maintaining its self perceived right to be protected against  any kind of criticism, all thanks to their socialist enablers. That’s their legacy (the socialists and pseudo conservatives) to future generations.   Swedish Democratic Youth (SDP) mock the Pope

Fjordman’s latest essay has been posted at Democracy Reform.

Far too many are addicted to Socialism and government handouts, both in Greece, the cradle of democracy in the ancient world, and in Britain, the cradle of parliamentary democracy in the modern world. Maybe the best thing Britain can hope for now, if it is going to survive as a nation for native Brits, is an Oliver Cromwell type of person. Democracy of universal suffrage has so far proved itself inadequate at containing the ongoing Third World invasion of the West.  Read further…

Taliban mujahideen in Lahore, Pakistan attacked a mosque belonging to the Ahmadi sect, which is considered heretical by the rest of Islam. The attackers killed at least 17 people, and held about 1,000 worshippers hostage, demanding the release of government-held prisoners.

In other news, a model sharia court has opened in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, a bill to legalize all forms of incest has been proposed in Croatia.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post @ the Gates of Vienna.

Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has unveiled his plan to pull his country out of its fiscal crisis: he wants to tax the rich.

(Nobody but the rich are paying taxes anyway. Terrorizing those who work for a living is a tried and failed Socialist concept. Eventually, they will run out of other peoples money/ed)

Meanwhile, Islamic experts in Indonesia have issued a fatwa forbidding the employment of transsexuals in women’s hair salons.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post

One thought on “South Africa: apologies not enough; Islamic cleric calls for free speech restrictions over Motoons”

  1. Who fucking cares what an Islamic Cleric says anymore.

    We can express whatever it is we want to express and if they don’t like it they can shove their heads between their legs with a stick of C4 in their mouths and blow themselves to paradise.
    I am so tired of their petty dictates.
    If they don’t like it too bad! Get used to it because it’s called FREEDOM and that’s just the way it has to be if we are all going to get along in this world.
    So, STFU, already!

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