Archbishop slams Turkey as Pope visits Cyprus

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A Greek Cypriot leader criticized Turkey for its occupation of northern Cyprus as Pope Benedict XVI began a pilgrimage to the divided island Friday, bringing a message of peace to the region.

Pope Benedict XVI is greeted by Chrysostomos II, archibishop of Cyprus, during their meeting in front of the church of Aghia Kiriaki Chrisopolitissa in Paphos, Cyprus, on Friday. The pontiff is in Cyprus for a three-day visit. (Pier Paolo Cito/Associated Press)

Pope: Bishop’s murder will not hurt dialogue with Islam/which part of “kill the unbelievers” is it that this pope doesn’t understand?

Looks like the Catholic is becoming increasingly irrelevant…..

Addressing Benedict, the head of Cyprus’s Orthodox Church, Archbishop Chrysostomos II said “Turkey has barbarously invaded and conquered by force of arms 37 per cent of our homeland.”

Chrysostomos said Turkey “continues to carry out its obscure plans, which include the annexation of the land now under military occupation, and then a conquest of the whole of Cyprus.”

His comments came as Benedict began a sensitive three-day day visit to Cyprus, an island divided between ethnic Turks and Greeks and viewed by the Vatican as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East.

Chrysostomos also said the Turks had “ruthlessly sacked” Christian artworks, saying they were seeking to make Greek and Christian culture disappear from the north. He urged the Pope to help ensure protection of the sacred Christian monuments in a struggle against the Turks.

No response

The Pope did not respond to the archbishop’s remarks. Instead, in his comments at an archeological site where St. Paul is said to have preached in the 1st century and to have been whipped by Roman soldiers, Benedict spoke of the co-operation between Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

Asked for the Pope’s reaction to the speech, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said Benedict was aware of the archbishop’s views but had not come to Cyprus to take political positions.

The spokesman also said that while there are no plans for Benedict to visit the Turkish-occupied north he may meet with a Muslim delegation from the area before he departs for Rome on Sunday evening.

Earlier, the Pope declined to blame Turkey for the killing of a Catholic bishop in Turkey on the eve of the trip to Cyprus.

In remarks to journalists aboard the plane to Cyprus, Benedict said he was deeply saddened by the killing Thursday of Bishop Luigi Padovese, but believed the killing was non-political and would not cloud his trip.

Turkish officials have said Padovese was killed by his driver, who has been charged with murder and appears to be mentally unstable.

The Pope appeared to accept Turkey’s explanation about the killing, saying it was not “a political or religious assassination, it was something personal.”

“This has nothing to do with the themes and realities of this trip,” the Pope said. “We must not give responsibility to Turkey or the Turks.”

Still, he spoke in his arrival remarks about the “challenges that Catholics face, sometimes in trying circumstances” in the Middle East. He made only an indirect reference to Cyprus’s division, urging patience to resolve “the future of your island.”

The visit is expected to be a test of whether the Benedict has found his diplomatic feet after his linking of Islam to violence during a speech in Germany led to outrage in the Muslim world — and nearly forced the cancellation of a trip to Turkey in 2006.
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6 thoughts on “Archbishop slams Turkey as Pope visits Cyprus”

  1. Its the same problem that our political leaders have – they cannot name the enemy.

    If our leaders are even afraid to name the enemy, then they have lost us, they have surrendered us to the enemy.

    Why are these leaders in place? They should be sacked – the lot. The politicians should be tried for treason.

  2. “Muslims are our brothers”, huh? And I thought this Pope’s knowledge of church history was impeccable.

    Funny but last I checked, the god of Islam and his prophet is not the same God of Christianity.

    Another useful idiot, this Pope is. Or should I say dodo?

    Sorry, Pope, Allah and Mohammed have nothing in common with my God, the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ. You have a lot to learn, Eggs Benedict.

  3. If someone does not have the courage to name them, then we are all being conned and disregarded by our “fearless leaders”. For the love of Christ – where do we turn? When church leaders act like Eggs Benedict as you call him, and I agree – great name – and our politicians do the same – Well what the bloody hell can we do? I am becoming increasingly agitated by it all but nothing is happening. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE LISTENING?
    Today at Bankstown Shopping Centre (and I swear I am telling the truth) there were more Muslims than us. I was pushed and shoved and none of them attempted an apology – they, men and women were top of the world. It was too dangerous to speak my thoughts because we were all swamped. People who live in this area have been followed and bashed after an altercation with Muslims in the past, so we have been silenced by the terror. I weep for my country – and my hands are tired by the country I love

  4. This is a strange situation on history. Our leaders want to lead- they want the power and privilege that comes with being a PM or president. But the strange this is that they want to lead their own country to defeat. They want to lead their own people into bondage. In fact they vie with each other in ever increasing submission to Islam and Muslims, not just as individuals, but as our representatives. They are ‘submitting’ for us.

    Dr Richard North at EU Referendum blog, believes that the time is not
    far when native local citizens will rise up and slaughter the political elite.

    Lets see.

  5. * They want to lead their own people into bondage.

    Prophetically, this is exactly what they will do – lead the people into religious bondage (Mystery Babylon) and political / economic bondage to Antichrist, using the mark for buying and selling. Christians and Jews must be exterminated in order for the scheme to succeed, but it will end in failure.

  6. I am A Catholic unfortunately the Catholic Church is in a state of denial it can see the danger of Islam but does not wont to accept it adopting the three blind mice principle
    hoping it does not have to face the reality the Pope needs to watch the WW11 film the Scarlet and the Black. With Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer can still get it at CD Universe.
    D Crane

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