Mullah Krekar Threatens Norway (Again)

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‘My death will cost Norwegian society’

Spoken like a true terrorist mafioso. The difference is only that this POS already cost the Norwegian taxpayer millions in maintenance.

Yesterday Mullah Krekar held a press conference, for the foreign press in Norway. He didn’t want to speak to the Norwegian press, whom he says are his enemies, and slipped out of the room before they could catch him outside.

During the press conference he threatened anybody who might be responsible for his death.
“My death will cost Norwegian society. If, for example, Erna Solberg kicks me out of the country and is the reason that I die, then she will suffer the same fate. I don’t know by whom. Ansar al-Islam, Al-Qaida, I don’t know. Whoever,” said Krekar.

Solberg is the head of the Conservative Party.

(Reuters and al-Jazeera were there, but have yet to report about it)

For a full report on the press conference, see Views and News from Norway.

Krekar’s lawyer, Brynjar Meling, said that whoever thinks these statements are criminal, should report them to the police. Siv Jensen of the Progress Party did exactly that.

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“These are obviously threats from a man who was formerly declared a danger to state security. It’s serious that the police didn’t respond immediately,” she told Dagbladet.

“I guess it’s the government who banned the police from doing anything, the Progress Party will lodge a complaint this morning.”

Q: How serious do you think the threats are?

“It’s very serious. First, it demonstrates he has a network and contacts within terrorist organizations – and yet the man is free. So he makes threats directly against Norwegian politicians. Now the authorities have sat by silently long enough and probably the police too. The line has been crossed by far.”

PST, the Norwegian security service, is considering taking action.

“We are now considernig what to do. In relation to authority figures, we contiualsly asses the situation. Nowe we have to see if we have to recommend measures for their protection. But also if we should take any action in relation to Krekar,” spokesperson Martin Bernsen told Dagbladet.

Asked if Mulla Krekar would be arrested, Bernsen answerd that it’s an option, as is calling Krekar in for a talk, or stepping up his surveillance.

This is the second time Krekar had made serious death threats. In April he made such death threats against several Kurds living in Norway.

The Ministry of Justice admits it’s a paradox that innocent Iraqis are being forcibly deported, while Mulla Krekar gets permission to stay in Oslo.

Krekar risks a death sentence in Iraq, and therefore can’t be deported. This is the position of the Norwegian government, and in addition Norway is bound by international obligations.

“It’s naturally a paradox that we return those who didn’t do anything criminal, but not Krekar, who is accused of being a threat to state security,” Secretary of State PÃ¥l K. Lønseth told NTB.

Earlier this week, nine Iraqis were deported to Badgad, despite UN warnings.

Sources: VG 1, 2; Dagbladet 1, 2 (Norwegian)

9 thoughts on “Mullah Krekar Threatens Norway (Again)”

  1. Get rid of this idiot. And, by the way, his threats are mostly hollow. The main weapon of the islamist is the fear they impose on other who are led to believe that the islamists actually are capable of carrying their uttering to conclusion. For those “on the ball” today, the above means that our “free” press is the primary strategic weapon of the islamist. You folks want to change the system that allows these animals to flourish? Start with the media.

  2. Just another irate muslim trying to use fear and intimidation because he can feel the noose tightening around his neck.

    He’s lived the “high life” while condemning his benefactors for far too long.

    Exterminate or deport this vermin please.

  3. Isn’t this interpreter the peace activist who just returned to Norway from the IHH flotilla?

  4. Krekar is not fully updated on the current government is his adopted(…?) country, Norway.

    Since Erna Solberg is the leader of the conservatives, she does not hold post in the current labour government (sic), and never has. And, so Erna Solberg is not in a position to execute the expulsion of the mullah. She was, however, cabinet minister until 2005, being responsible for the non expulsion of Krekar at the time. Solberg stepped down from government in 2005 with the rest of the conservatives.

    Today, prime minister Jens Stoltenberg says the expulsion of Krekar will be executed “as soon as possible”. Who know when that will be?

  5. KAW wrote: Get rid of this idiot. And, by the way, his threats are mostly hollow. The main weapon of the islamist is the fear they impose on other who are led to believe that the islamists actually are capable of carrying their uttering to conclusion.

    You are right. It is all bluster and bombast – the same as Bakri’s. Throw them out, and they are snivelling about their human rights, and that poor diddums can not see his granddaughter on her birthday.

  6. How about it, Kevin 07? You roll out the meet & greet for all the others.

    He would be a good fit in Lakemba.

  7. Norway: New border police stopping asylum seekers, human trafficking

    When will the European Union allow European countries to defend themselves against the Islamic immigrant influx?

    The EU works hard to stop its member states from reinstating control of their national borders. Several countries have been working hard to find loopholes in the directives from Brussels — and Norway has found one. From a Norwegian news report:

    The Norwegian Justice minister wants more police officers to patrol along the country’s border, and claims that more border controls will reduce asylum growth further. Last year there was a reduction in the number of arrivals by 42 percent compared with the year before. Østfold Police District’s commitment to cross-border controls should be given a lot of credit for this, said Justice Minister Knut Stortberget to TV 2. … After Norway joined the Schengen Agreement, the checking of EU citizens at the borders came to an end. But the police are allowed to carry out checks near the border to enforce immigration rules. In the first half of this year the border team at Østfold Police District 344 arrested asylum seekers. Most were illegal immigrants. Border police also uncovered 24n attempts at human trafficking in the same six months.

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