Germany Deports Criminal Syrian Clan

The left throws a collective fit. The  inevitable wingeing and whining is heartwrenching.

All the usual suspects are up in arms: the “advisory commitee for integration” and the Lebanese ‘Zedernverein’ are talking about a scandal. Why Lebanese? The Syrians pretended to be Lebanese to get asylum. That’s why the Lebanese yuman rites machine gets all fired up.  A Muslim brother is always obliged to help his Muslim brother in need, specially when it comes to squeezing the jizia out of the  recalcitrant kafirs….

More in German, from PI  Essen schiebt kriminelle Syrer ab

Epic Fail: She’s gotta go!

Aygül Özkan was meant to be the hope of a new generation of politicians in Germany. In April she became the first politician with German-Turkish roots to become a minister in a state government. But her first months in office have proven to be a disaster and what could have been a public relations coup for her conservative party has backfired.  (SPIEGEL, By Anna Reimann: Critcism of first Turkish minister grows)