UK prison da'awa produces "highly-motivated but poorly trained individuals"

Da’awa means proselytizing. And the chances are good: the imams have a captive clientele. Converting inmates to Islam works like a charm. This has been  an alarming development for  a long time.

“Perhaps some 800 potentially violent radicals, not previously guilty of terrorism charges, will be back in society over the coming five to ten years-“

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Nothing to worry: all we need is more halal burgers, prayer rugs, Islamic clerics, toilets and foot-baths that point towards Mecca. Add to this a free supply of Korans, fresh and untouched  by filthy kafir hands, and everything will be just swell. Right?

There have been tens of thousands of jihadist attacks, dating back to the time of Muhammad. These “highly-motivated but poorly trained individuals” have always been a very effective method of Mohammedan warfare, from the ancient ‘hashishin’ (better known as assassin) to todays suicide bombers.  But the increasing numbers of lone jihadists who suffer from ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome‘  can’t  be a threat to us, because they are not members of al Qaeda, so their obvious Islamic motives are denied by our learned elites, who would tell you  anything to go back to sleep.

Large-scale co-ordinated attacks are being replaced by highly-motivated but poorly trained individuals operating with the expectation that eventually one will succeed, a report in the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) journal found.

The UK has more to fear than any other western country from home-grown terrorists and the conditions are all there for a series of attacks to begin at any time, the report for the defence and security think-tank said.

Its authors, Rusi director Michael Clarke and research fellow Valentina Soria, said estimates showed one in ten of the 8,000 Muslim prisoners in high-security institutions in England and Wales were “successfully targeted” by radical jihadists.

“Perhaps some 800 potentially violent radicals, not previously guilty of terrorism charges, will be back in society over the coming five to ten years,” they wrote.

Coupled with a foreign policy that “serves to focus alienation and resentment”, the phenomenon of home-grown terrorism in the UK is growing, they said.

“The natural reaction to improved counter-terrorist operations is for jihadist attacks to evolve towards more individual efforts.”

They added that “a powerful al-Qaeda media campaign” would make them “appear as dramatic and threatening as earlier attacks”.

“If lone bombers and assassins are being sent out to try their luck… the key variable will be the effect these lone or spontaneous attempts have on the motivation of others to join the jihad,” they said.

“Lone killers will always exist and some of them will succeed. The key question is whether their acts remain that of individuals or become part of a structural phenomenon.”

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